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Found 19 results

  1. Ash1176

    First saltwater build

    Hi, I’m new here, coming from the freshwater side of things. 1st post on nano-reef but I’ve been creeping behind the scenes for a while, soaking it all in, research, research, so much more research. But I’m finally here, got my first salt water tank set up and cycling! Guess what ? It’s a super original tank... no it’s Fluval Evo 13.5, would have rather started with something like a 40 breeder but space and money are tight for that scale, it’s definitely size down but the ease of the Evo is what appealed to me. I know there’s literally 100+ of these threads, but I kinda kicked myself for not starting one when I set up my freshwater tank. So here it is: - AI prime HD -stock pump -VCA Random flow generator -hydor Koralia 240 powerhead -cobalt neo therm 50w heater -inkbird temp controller ITS-308S -XP Aqua duetto ATO -diy eggcrate basket for chamber 1 running filter floss, and a bag of seachem matrix Got about 12lb of the CaribSea life rock and 10lbs of their Fiji sand. the plan is to have a clownfish, a watchman goby and maybe down the line a third fish (purple firefish) and some cuc (trochus, nassirius, cerith, and emerald crab, might add a skunk cleaner or red shrimp but keeping it to two fish) and obviously add some coral down the line, can’t wait to add more colour and movement to this tank! Let me know what you think.
  2. Gernader

    75G SPS/Mixed Reef

    Hey guys! I am finally starting my build thread on my 7 month old reef tank lol. So, I got a 75 gallon tank with stand and sump in total of 105 gallons... Setup: Tank: 75g standard Sump: Eshopps R-300 sump (30 gallon) Sand: 30 pounds of caribsea dry aragonite sand Rock: 25-30 pounds of live rock and 50-60 pound of marco reef saver rocks Skimmer: Tunze 9410 DOC Return Pump: Jebao DCT-8000 ATO: Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO Reservoir: IM 5 Gallon Hydrofill Lighting: 3 of ViparSpectras 165W running at 95% blues, 10% whites for 10 hours a day. Refugium Light: Tunze EcoChic 8831 running for 10 hours at nighttime. Filtration: 1 of 7” filter sock and 1 of 4” filter sock Biological Filtration: Live rocks and ceramic bioballs Heater: Eheim Jager 300W Temp Controller: Inkbird iTC-308 WIFI Flow: 2 MP40wQDs (total gph: at least 6,600 gph) Lid: 2 of DIY mesh lids Salt: Regular IO Livestock: (need some recommendations!) 1 Ocellaris Clownfish 1 Frostbite Clownfish 3 Lyretail Anthias 1 Ruby Longfin Fairy Wrasse 1 Captive Bred Banggai Cardinal 1 small Yellow Tang 1 Firefish 1 Fire Shrimp Over 110 snails: Nassarius, ceriths, trochus, nerites, Mexican turbo, bubblebee snails 1 Emerald crab Sherman Rose Bubble Tip Anemone Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone 7 Rock Flower Anemones Corals: Holy Grail Micromussa OG UFO Micromussa Red Goniopora Sunkist Mushroom Green Pacific Ricordea Mushrooms Yellow/Green Ricordea Mushroom Green Star Polyps Space Invader Pectinia WWC Purple Monsters zoas OG Mummy Chalice Green Hammer Gold Hammer Green and Purple Hammer Alveopora TSA Bam Bam zoas Green Hairy Mushroom Nightmares zoas Green/red Blastomussa Red Velvet Blastomussa WWC Sweet Tooth zoas WWC Space Queens zoas Rasta zoas Hooligans zoas SBB Hephaestus zoas CB White Zombies zoas CB Rainbow Infusion zoas ASD Hyper Jubilee zoas Queen Strats zoas Pink Diamonds zoas Cornbred El Corazon zoas WWC Tasers zoas WWC Laffy Taffy zoas Rainbow Yoda zoas Beauty and the Beast zoas RR Kraken zoas WWC Illuminati zoas Utter Peace zoas Hydra Lady Dragon Eyes zoas Sunny D zoas Magician zoas WWC Orange/Blue Acan WWC Red Acan SPS: Peng's Heart of the Ocean Acropora RRU Angry Birds JF Homewrecker Walt Disney CC Walt Disney Jr TGC Cherry Bomb TSA Twisted Sister TSA The Fuzz TSA Dan Akroyd TSA Fruity Pebbles TSA Purple Rain WWC Budgie Smuggler WWC Pink Panther CC Voodoo Majick BC Adam Bomb BC Reef Ready Grape Juice CB Golden JD CB Flaming Unicorn RR Kandari RC Poison Envy Sanjay's Party Time Table ARC Goldfinger ARC Magic Dragon TSA Cali Tort Tierra Del Fuego TRC Rocket Science TRC Haley’s Comet Greg Hiller’s Aqua Delight Garf Bonsai Highlighter Humilis Beach Bum Monti Blue and Teal Millie Montipora Digitata Feel free to ask questions or comments about anything and I would also like some recommendations for livestock. Pics: Daylight Blues
  3. yavaar19

    Need help with torch corals!

    Hey guys!...I need some help with experienced reefers...the 2 torch that I have all have their tentacles retracted and it’s been like that for over a week now....for the past month, everything I add in a torch, for the first few days their tentacles extends very well but after a few days it stays retracted and never fully extend and I can’t figure out why...any help would be appreciated....I have tried reducing the light intensity and all but still can’t fix the problem... Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 50 Phosphate: 0.02 PH: 8 Alkalinity: 8 Calcium: 450 Mag: 1440 Temperature: 78.4
  4. Reefer-begginer

    Which to get

    So i want to add a new coral to my 36g tank, but I'm torn between getting a black/green torch, a sun coral tubastrea, another micromussa acanthophylia ( micromussa lordhawwis ), or a pink finger coral. Whats the benefits and/or disadvantages of getting any of these corals as well as wanting to get some polychaetes for my 125g and unsure if thats good for a butterfly/angel tank?
  5. justkeepitalive

    Torch coral barnacle?

    I just saw this hole in my torch I’ve had for a few weeks. Inside the hole looks like a barnacle. Anyone have any idea? I can’t find anything like it on google. The hole is a perfect circle like it was done with a drill.
  6. I'm pretty new to all of this. I had freshwater tanks for a while, many years ago, but didn't really understand the hobby and I didn't take the time to learn. I've always wanted a salt water tank, but stayed away because I was afraid of the the time and money commitment. A friend of mine owns a pet store. For years he's been trying to get me into the hobby because I'm always hanging out at his shop looking at his saltwater stuff. In December he finally got me. He gave me a Coralife 29 biocube. Oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for. It's been just under 6 months and it has been a hell of roller coaster, both good and bad. There's a lot to recap in just 6 months, but I'll start with where I am now. Then I'll recap everything I can recall going through/doing along the way to this point. Hopefully others can make use of all of the things that have and have not worked well for me. Attached is what my tank looks like as of April 8, 2018. Hardware: Coralife biocube 29 Stock hood/lighting: CF daylight, Actinic Blue, Blue LED bar x2 Stock Pump Upgraded ultra quiet hood fans Hydor 425 & 240 powerheads EHEIM Jager 150W heater Filtration: stock bioballs, carbon filter cartidge, Chemipure Elite Blue biobag 2 digital electric outlet timers to control lights Livestock: 2-Picaso Clowns 1-Yellow Wrasse 1-Purple goby firefish 1-Redstripe cleaner shrimp 1-Sand sifting starfish 6-crabs (3-red, 3-blue) 2-Nessarius snails 3-Turbo snails 2-Trochus snails 4-Astrea snails 1-Zebra snail 1-Bumblebee snail Corals: Duncan Frogspawn Hammer Kenya tree Zoanthids Blue star polyps Hollywood stunner
  7. CoralCapture

    FS - $50 Indo Torches

    I have beautiful purple tentacle, green tipped indo torches! And yes, they’re from the indo. I have many heads available!
  8. Saltwatertank7

    HELP! Possible coral bleaching?

    So I recently picked up a torch and a favia for my 12.5 gallon tank. After a while I noticed the torch lose color very quickly, and begin to not extend much at all, and now I’m starting to notice the favia lose its green color on the top, but it still hasn’t it on the sides which are shaded from the light, is this fixable? All of my other vitals are doing well, but as you can see below, these two seem to be struggling.
  9. I added a Torch coral several weeks ago. As soon as it started opening up and extending, both of my Picasso clowns start trying to make it their home. It was a decent sized frag with three heads when i got it, but it was still a frag and much too small to handle just the smaller clown, let alone both. As it got bigger and extended more, they really started hanging out around it full time. Since it wasn't big enough to swim through, they would swim under and around it, trying to hide. Then they started pushing out the sand around it, trying to burrow lower under it. It's on a basic frag plug so of course the thing starts leaning and moving around because these two idiots are like two full grown cats fighting over the same kids shoebox. After a week or two of straightening it regularly I decided to make it more stable. I removed the plug stem and glued the base to a piece of ceramic tile that gave it a much wider base. The torch is doing really well now with the new stability. What i've noticed the past week or so, is that both clowns have scrapes/discolorations all over. No bleeding, nothing looks severe, but they definitely have minor injuries. Watching their behavior I can only surmise that the rubbing, nudging, and swimming through the torch they are doing is actually causing abrasions from the skeleton and frag plug. I don't think it is burn marks from getting stung because it doesn't really match the type of injury others have described with sting/burn marks. In the included picture you can see spots in the white areas that are slightly darker. Those colorations weren't there before they started messing with the torch. They're too dumb to stop doing it, so should I be doing something different to help the situation? Anyone else experience this? How did it turn out in the long run?
  10. KNelson

    What torch is this?

    I've had this torch for 5.5 months. I love it, but it has to go. It has already split into 2 heads and the tentacles are 2x as long as when I got it (was assured they wouldn't get longer). I'd like to know what kind it is so I can try to get a little bit of my money back. Orange-ish tentacles, lighter tips, bright green mouths. No matter where I put it, it finds a way to go against the current and sting my duncan and alve. Soon it will be in range of my acan. I need the real estate. My pretty: This is the crap I'm dealing with right now:
  11. mpugh

    Too much flow??

    Hey guys, so i treated myself to my first coral today, it’s a torch coral. So I acclimated him and dipped him and what not and then placed him in my tank. Do you think this is to much flow? He was receded when I pit him in the tank, then started to come out to see what was going on. He has now receded even more, this is probably due to one the other inhabitants getting a bit too close! He did seem to be happy just swaying in the current, but I could be wrong and he may need to be moved. Any feedback would be great ?
  12. TheReefingWolf

    ReefingWolf's 25G Fusion Lagoon

    Thought I would start a thread on my tank. Its been running for about a year and a half now. I've recently sold off most of my stock because I've decided i just want to do a Euphyllia dominant tank. This thread will be where I post update photos as well as brief updates on the status of the tank for my future reference. (Happy for you to follow along ) FUSION LAGOON 25G Ghost skimmer (Desktop) Smart ATO Micro 120W Black Box LED 1x Jebao WP-10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25 LBS of Live sand (Fine Grain) 30ish LBS of Live rock ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chemi Pure Elite Purigen Wet Skimming at the moment -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Looking for frags preferably when it comes to the Frogspawn and Torch coral. When it comes to coloration I’m not to keen on green.
  14. weston.bechtold

    Torches losing color:(

    Hello all! I am asking for help concerning my torch corals loss of color. I have 3 branching torch corals next to each other that caught my eye at the LFS. But it seems as though the corals looked much more vibrant at the LFS and then once placed in my tank, they lose their vibrancy and start to take on a blander and more fleshy skin color. I am testing everyday for CA ALK MG as well as the ammonia nitrite nitrate ph and everything is close to perfect. I have maintained these stable water parameters so I don't believe this is the cause. I am using a kessil A80 tuna blue over this 2.6 gallon fluval spec 3 aquarium. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING????? Any comments are appreciated! Thankyou!
  15. weston.bechtold

    Will LPS sting LPS

    Hello all, Im striving to have a pico tank full of lps euphyllia and one small zoo colony. I am wondering if I will be able to pack torches hammers and frogspawn closely together without a coral warfare going on. If not, can I put the same corals together? For example hammer next to hammer, or torch next to torch? Any comments are appreciated!!:)
  16. I came home tonight and my Euphyllia Torch was very retracted and spitting out what looks like long strands of dark brown algae. The mouth on one of the heads looks like it has melted away and the space where the small mouth used to be is about the size of a quarter. The strands are long and look like algae. The coral looked really good and healthy only 5 hours ago. There is nothing around the base, and it doesnt look bubbly/jelly like but like long strands of dark algae. Is this brown jelly disease? If so, what do I do? What are the odds it survives? What other corals could it spread to? (I have Xenia, Zoas, Duncan, Leptastrea, Montipora Setosa, Riccordea, cyphastrea) Pictures Attached: the bottom one is the head where the mouth looks like it has melted away. THe long dark strand is what I am talking about, it has spit out a couple of these in the 20 min since Ive gotten home Other tank notes: Ammonia =0, Nitrites= 0, Nitrates= 0. I added the monti setosa 2 days ago. I did a 30% Water change 2 days ago, fed the 2 clownfish and the corals red sea reef energy earlier today. I have an outbreak of red slime algae in the tank but it has been down on the sandbed not near the euphyllia.
  17. 1967type1

    Large torch coral

  18. Lugmos12

    Torch coral growth

    My torch coral has tentacles growing out of tentacles...is this normal? this is the same torch that i accidentally chipped a bit of its flesh/skeleton off while fragging it.
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