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  1. Hello all! I have a mantis shrimp that came in with some live rock from KP Aquatics. I've removed it from my 13.5g evo into it's own AIO pico tank. I'm thinking of setting it up as a small caribbean biotope tank, with some RFAs, maybe a gorgonian or two and macroalgae, with some pvc in the sand for the mantis. I want to ID the mantis first so I can make sure that the setup is correct for it to be healthy and comfortable. Here are some pictures and videos I was able to get when I was moving it between tanks. It's around 3" in size.
  2. As per the title I had these creatures pop over night last night. Not sure what they are, but they seem to be moving around some.
  3. Found this off of a nature video on YouTube, curious to hear if anyone knows what it could be. I'm talking specifically about the green sponge like structures. Might be really cool to have in a reef tank! The images are from this youtube video: https://youtu.be/nMAzchVWTis
  4. Hi Everyone Can anyone ID this - strange looking thing which I haven’t seen before. It’s very slow moving at present. Thanks 🙏🏽
  5. Kpatel28

    Zoa Identification Please

    Hello all, Wasn't sure if I should post this in corals or identification so I'm taking a shot here. Bought my first frag of zoas from the LFS yesterday for $20.00. The employee couldn't tell me the species, so seeing if anyone here can help. Also...what are those orang bulbs that are with my zoas?? I'm hoping that they will open up more here in the next few days! TIA, KP
  6. Hi, I've kept saltwater tanks and fish for a while and now am beginning to get into reef tanks. I purchased my first bit today but am not sure exactly what it is. Is it a bubble-tip anemone? (It's in the middle of the photo and it came attached to a small pink/purple/green rock. Each of its 'tentacles' are no bigger than about 0.5cm long. Also I tested all its water parameters that it came in the bag with to compare it to my tank water and it was all almost identical except the pH in the bag was 8.8 and mine in the tank was 8.2, is this too different and should I increase my one? I've read different things online and not sure what is correct. Also the green weed/plant in the photo on the bottom left had grew on its own, I don't think it is a type of coral but a seaweed. The picture is here: https://ibb.co/sR2Y9Ms thank you.
  7. veiledfox

    Invader: Worm? Shrimp?

    Today I discovered something from the gates of hell. I was moving some decor around in my 30 gallon tank, which houses a pair of clowns, a pair of seahorses, and a pair of crabs. I noticed some tiny things swimming around after I moved the decor. I was hoping they would've been a baby seahorses... but instead I got the misfortune of whatever this is. This one was the only one that was big enough for me to catch. At first I though it was possibly a shrimp or something that hitch hiked it's way in. Now I'm thinking it might be a worm of some sort. It's all curled up in the images I've attached cause I think I injured it while I was ~fishing~ it out. It's definitely not a baby crab. It has an elongated figure. Could this be a bristleworm? I apologize for the low quality photos, this thing is seriously tiny and it was hard to get a good shot of it.
  8. Hey hey, just received some live rock and trying to identify this little dude. Is he a mantis shrimp? And if so, do you think he will kill all the freakin gorilla crabs if I allow him to live?? Thanks in Advance!
  9. Shaace

    Isopods ID

    Hello all, need your experts help to identify the isopods species that is on my garden. Isopods is found in south east asia (tropical country), size wise: 1/8" to 3/8" (3mms to 8mms), looks wise is gray/blueish from far, some are oranges, one or two is white. I am thinking this could be blue powder isopods? Or dwarf grey isopods? Or could be others? Sorry, i cant seems to upload the image link. :( https://ibb.co/jrR6Pkw https://ibb.co/DpcNFBs https://ibb.co/YpnXWpH Thank you all
  10. JRC

    Coral ID help

    Can anyone help ID these coral. I got them in a frag pack at a trade show and can't for the life of me figure out what they are. Coral #1 Coral #2
  11. Sea la vie

    Sea slug identification

    I need help identifying what I believe was a sea slug. I was waist deep in the water at Hilton Head Beach, South Carolina (eastern Atlantic). A wave came and I suddenly felt a horrible stinging/biting sensation on the top of my knee. This beach is notorious for sea nettle jelly fish stings and I had been stung twice already during the trip. This sensation felt entirely different and was much more painful. The pain was so intense I was screaming and flailing around. I tried swiping whatever it was off, but it was almost like it had latched on. My friend came over and I was screaming that whatever it was, was stuck on me. I looked at my knee and I saw a tiny almost transparent creature that looked much like a sea slug. He aggressively pushed it off with his thumb and the pain continued for hours after. There was a red ring where it had either suctioned on or bit me that lasted hours as well. To this day, I have no idea what it was. It was such a bizarre encounter. Any clue what this could have been?
  12. Hey there fellow reefers! Don't judge me if I'm not doing this right as this is my first post ever on these forums cuz I don't know what else to do, or where to go to ask with the whole COVID everywhere is closed and a giant hassle. Anyways... My 90G tank has been running for 8 months now it's been cycled I've seeded it with copepods. I currently have 4 snails just cruising around cleaning the walls. There is 80lbs of CaribiSea agraalive sand and one lone rock. In the display I have a sump with filter sock and right after my bubble catcher in my return pump section (I know it's quite small cuz I have an external pump running not my doing came with the set up and was to anxious to wait till I had a new sumo to run it) so I just fires it up. It's done cycling. I'm not to new at reefing I have a 1.5 yr 60 gallon up stairs doing great fish and all but it's running a canister filter so the whole sumo thing is new to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  13. Anybody know what species of hermit crab this is? It's eyes, antennae and claws match with electric blue hermits but its legs are red and white instead of blue and black. Any idea what it is?
  14. I can't figure out what this is, I have never added this to my tank or heard of it.
  15. Reefer-begginer

    Proper ID

    hey all, so a few days ago I bought a red scolymia, and was curious if this is a actual scoly and not a trachyphylia that looks like a scoly, as i have seen trachys that look exactly like this, but with more of a open "core" http://imgur.com/gallery/UveSmEG Also regarding that, where should I place it if It is a trachy or scoly?
  16. FinsRFriends

    What type of worm is this?

    I have a saltwater ecosphere and have been unable to find identification resources for this little guy. Any ideas?
  17. Starfishie99

    need some help! corals?

    got these two corals and i need some help figuring out what they are one is soft almost like an anemone the green one is harder thats really all i can say about them
  18. Hi, this is my first time posting here and I am wandering what sort if worm this is ( sorry the photo is bad) and whether it's bad or not and if so, the best way to get rid of it. I got up this morning and saw it. When I turned the aquarium light on, it seemed to try and slink back. This is my first marine set-up although I've had cold and tropical fresh water fish for years. Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  19. Azure Phoenix Reefing

    Unknown Critter hiked his way into the DT

    Hello fellow reefers, here I am again, this time with an unknown critter that hiked it's way into the display tank. I figure it came with either the Leptastrea or Torch coral I recently added. My first guess would be it is a baby serpentstar of some kind, however I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Apologies for the quality and blue color. Again, it was almost light out when I first noticed it and I had to zoom in quite a bit to have it in view.
  20. GetPsyched2124

    ID these Zoas?

    does anybody have any idea what the name/kind of zoanthids these are? thse are the best pics I could find searching through my camera roll from a couple months ago. I bought them from my LFS and they didn't have any specified name. I know in the third pic there's some radioactive dragon eyes mixed in there with another one, maybe two types, of zoas. and a rough guess that those are spiderman zoas in the second? I have no clue what zoas those are in the first pic. any help would be appreciated
  21. merickson45

    Coral ID

    Hi all! I'm completely new to the hobby, and after doing a bunch of research I just got my first reef tank from a local shop. They gave me a bunch of rock, and a few corals came along for the ride. Below is an image of one I'm having trouble identifying. Does anyone know what this is? Let me know if better quality pictures are needed. Thanks! Michael
  22. Hey. I've tried and cannot work out what this is. It has what looks like the underside of a mushroom (like multiple fins) main body and a banded tentacle. I have touched with probe and is is soft but doesn't react. This is in my new 15 litre pico reef. The liverock came from LFS and was well cured. I have a colony of zoas and some GSP. I have no recent water parameters. Photos r best I can get. Thanks Eamonn
  23. They came on my live rock. Are they problematic? If not, how do I keep them alive? Are they going to die as my tank cycles? Thanks!!
  24. Does anyone know what this is. It just showed up and it’s right after I was an idiot and didn’t dip a new coral. Should I be concerned?
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