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Golden Damsel


Waikiki Aquarium

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i like the guy. maybe people will buy this guy instead of stuffing yellow tangs into nanos

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Thanks guys. Golden damsels are definitely one of my favorites, tons of personality, and the finnage is uncommon. Hard to find solid yellow ones, but when it's the Waikiki Aquarium, I guess they get what they want :)

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yeah i had one with tons of personality to.....to bad his personality was to maim and kill everything in my tank. but that is what i get for putting a damsel in first. (borderline retarded)

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well, it IS a damsel, so yes, it can be aggressive.


They had it in an enormous tank with tangs, angels, anthias, other damsels and clownfish with seemingly no territorial issues...at least for the hour or so that I stared at the tank.


The keys are having suitable tankmates that can hold their own and putting damsels in the tank last.

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How did the clownfish photo win over yours? The picture had to be of a Damselfish. I just don't get it. Your photo is amazing! I've never seen a yellow damsel - he is so beautiful!!! You really should have won!!

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oh thanks tiffany! looks like he got a bunch of idiot college friends to vote for him, but no biggie.


his karma will catch up to him :)


Thanks again :)

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meh...i lost to a cheater (multiple IP addies as confirmed by mods).


edit: and thats why mashellmandiver got banned

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