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Blue Green Chromis Damsel

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Beautiful colored fish and reflect the light well.

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Thanks. I think. *wonders what LQTM stands for* :/



nvm - Google knows everything. Thx. I love photography too and art.

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nice cross hatch filter!!!


I love ps, especially the filters!!!

i like the look of the film grain, or the plastic wrap to make it look like i actually used it on the fish/animal!!!

good pic!

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yeah sry. I should elaborate. LQTM is like LOL but LOL is laughung out loud.

And since no normal human being in the world does this allday in front of there computer (no offense to you dahlia) i just say LQTM = laughing quietley to my self. now you know AND KNOWLAGE IS POWER!

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LOL.. oh I mean LQTMDAM.

(laughing quietly to myself drinking a margarita? even better!)

It is true what you say though. Amazing how we even take acronyms for granted huh? Thanks for clarification.


Dahlia - thanks for the comment. PS is a great program and you can do just about anything with it. Even with those blurry shots that most would delete/disgard, a good PSer could make a diamond out of it. :)

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LQTMDAMWTWSONR = laughing quietly to my self drinking a margarita while totaly web surfing on nano-reef! HA HA !!VICTORY!!

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