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Ocho's Tankmate, Blondie!


Ocho the Octopus had one tankmate.....Blondie the Damsel. I always thought Blondie hung out a little too close to Ocho but the Octopus had no interest in Blondie whatsoever. Example: I'd feed Ocho a crab or shrimp and Blondie would get all up in there and try to steal tiny bits of meat. Ocho would just swat Blondie away with an arm. Any other creature I dropped in the tank met it's demise in seconds....but Ocho never attempted to hunt or attack this brave little Damsel. It seemed as though they really didn't mind each others company. Once Ocho finally died about a year later, sadly, Blondie didn't survive the mini cycle when I added liverock to convert the Octo tank to the reef that this tank is today. Blondie was the "sacrificial" fish that I used to start the cycle years ago on that Octopus tank....

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do you don't have it anymore?

what kind was he?

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I had Ocho for 10 months before he passed away. That's pretty good since I bought him nearly full grown. They average about a year for an normal lifespan. Ocho was for the most part, a nocturnal Octopus. As for what kind he was....wasn't sure. After doing some extensive research, I found out I had an unidentified Octopus. The only other known photos are from Dr. Roy from UC Berkeley While diving at night on the Island of Moorea off Cooks Bay collecting Stomatopod larvae. His only sightings were of paralarva during the month of October and never saw an adult except for the paralarva that he reared to adulthood. His pictures were published in Norman's Cephalopods: A World Guide, on page 255. He said "Until now, my photos were the only record of it." So I guess I had just stumbled upon a fairly rare species. I know this is supposed to be about the little Damsels, but if you want to see a bunch more of Ocho, here is his thread:






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