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Accidental video before 6yrs old matured reef tank crash

Coral reefs

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Coral reefs

Here is accidental video of my 6years old matured reef tank I use to love my tank mates especially my sps but unfortunately most of the thing died ,my nutrient level went way down even after dosing sodium nitrate 200ml nitrate use to be undetected changed many test kit thought it might be faulty but always same reading and one day my reef tank crashed thank to creator I was able to save my fishes and some of my corals....😥😥😥Screenshot_2022_0620_222827.thumb.png.c74ee93d22390689708442b075d87e44.pngScreenshot_2022_0620_222919.thumb.png.7e8d148709d3ae5ab438421878c4fd75.png

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On 7/5/2022 at 10:27 PM, Coral reefs said:

my nutrient level went way down even after dosing sodium nitrate 200ml

Adding nitrate alone can be dangerous in this situation – for your corals at least.  It's somewhat likely that you should have added Phosphates first, or maybe even instead of Nitrates. 


I have quite a few articles on my blog that talk about nutrients and corals....but this one is probably the best single article to check out as it comes with the best visuals.  Notice the differences between corals in high vs low N and/or P environments, and which ones are obviously more healthy.  This mostly speaks to the importance of phosphate, but implies also what I was mentioning about Nitrates:

This great picture from that article might tell as much of the story as you need:


(Legend:  N=Nitrate P=Phosphate H=High L=Low)


These next articles are all reading/no pics, but they talk more about the nitrogen/nitrate aspect of the equation:


There are probably a few more articles that address the nitrogen aspect of coral nutrition if you dig through the Coral or Nutrients sections.  The headlines aren't always the most suggestive though.....fair warning.  🙂 


(I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "crash" so perhaps you mean something besides coral problems.  Definitely sorry it happened – looks like you had some pretty nice growth!!)

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