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Found 37 results

  1. If_Only

    Stocking a 40 Breeder

    Long story short I was gonna a IM 25g lagoon because of the AIO and the Dimensions, I always liked 40breeders but I don't have the space for a sump but I don't want a ton of hang on equipment. Then finally I found a product called "Fiji AIO box" which you just slide into the tank and boom! its a AIO. So I'm going with a 40 breeder reef. Equipment and stocking are below. Equipment -Tunze 9001 -Chemipure blue -Seachem Matrix -Poly filter pad -Ehiem Jager 150w heater -Micro ATO -Eflux 600 powerhead -Current USA marine orbit (Will upgrade if I ever want to try harder corals) -60 LBS of LR -40 LBS of Arag-alive Corals -Zoas -Toadstool Leather -Finger Leather -GSP (separate rock) -Blasto -Hammer -Frogspawn -Maybe a torch Fish & Inverts -1 Flame Angel -1 Yellow Corris Wrasse -Pair of OCC. Clowns -1 Watchmen & shrimp pair - 3-4 trochus snails - 3-4 Narrsarius snails -1 Cleaner shrimp -1 Tuxedo urchin Is this a good list? Is there anything you would change or take out? Any thoughts much appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone! I just ordered a sun coral and a white scroll algae from ebay, so I thought it would be a good time to start officially journaling my progress with my NPS tank. Here are the current and planned specs; Filtration; Aquaclear 20 (100 GPH) with activated carbon, Sun sun internal filter (650 GPH) no media, planned Aquafuge2 small refugium (2.6 gallon, unsure about GPH, filled with macroalgae and live sand). Nutrient export: Macroalgae, 2 x 40% water changes weekly Light: ABI Par 38 tuna blue bulb, 23 watts (generic reef pro light on refugium...it adds 120 par at 14 inches below the water level) Macroalgae (tank): Caulerpa sp (something feathery), White scroll algae Corals (Tank): Sun coral, black sun coral, Red tree gorgonian (in a cave to prevent algae overgrowth), Leptogorgonia purple sea fan Other inverts: Hermit crabs, snails, Bam bam (the pistol shrimp), elephant ear sponge (in a cave to prevent algae overgrowth), fan worm? Fish: Little Dude (the royal gramma), maybe some sort of cardinalfish? Refugium life; Caulerpa prolifera, Gracilaria sp, copepods, rotifers? Feeding regime: Going to start with seachem phytoplankton and zooplankton twice a day for the filter feeders, and frozen food daily for the sun corals and fish. Will eventually replace the phytoplankton with live phytoplankton mix, and the zooplankton with reef roids. Will also broadcast some live phyto into the tank water before bed. And here's a picture of the tank! And here are pictures of my plans. The first one is for the main tank, the second one is for the refugium; Hope you enjoy following along! Don't hesitate to give your thoughts on my tank ? PS...this will probably take a few months to get fully set up...the refugium and the live phytoplankton are expensive to initially procure (though they are high quality and last a while). I will post pictures at least once a week.
  3. Hello Everyone, As I was reading through some of my suggested news feeds this afternoon, I found a truly interesting article on NatGeo which talked about the Stunning Creatures that are found under the thick white blanket of ice in the Arctic. Here are some pics from it - METRIDIUM SENILE - Sea Anemone Another version of the same species - You can find that article here - https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/2018/09/white-sea-arctic-underwater-marine-life/ Cheers!
  4. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    hi guys about 10 years ago i had a 65 gallon reef that i loved! since moving to nyc i haven't set one up until now. which began as a very basic 10 gallon tank. a month in she started leaking which forced me to upgrade to something a little bigger but much nicer. so heres what i have. tank -IM nuvo 14 gallon heater-cobalt 100w lighting -current orbit marine led (light works great for the price and what i have for now) -finnex light (for refugium) filtration -purigen -chemipure -phosnet i also have the algae barn nano refugium kit. -finnex hob refugium i have about 17lbs of live rock i got from my LFS (pacific aquarium) 5lbs of live sand flow -sicce .5 silent pump (stock pump was too loud) nano koralia weekly water changes (about 2 gallons) the old tank is pictured first. i liked the rock work much more in the first tank. all together the tank is about 3 months old.
  5. Hey guys quick question - Can you dose Part A, B and Mag with this product ?!? Seems as if this reefer got amazing growth with the stuff - and that purple cap wow! Replenish Trace Elements http://brightwellaquatics.com/products/replenish.php Rare Purple Monti Cap grown using Replenish http://reefbuilders.com/2018/06/06/how-to-grow-the-most-intense-purple-rim-monti-cap/
  6. On the world ocean day, help to raise the profile of the ocean and inspire more involvement by purchasing Aqua-cultured livestock that has no impact on the amazing ocean. So, celebrate your love towards ocean by grabbing an exclusive deal until this Friday afternoon! Visit our Website: https://saltyunderground.com/
  7. ihglifelol

    which corals eat rotifers

    I got a small culture of rotifers i feed to my acans at night, however, the rotifer colony got huge, i dont want it to expand soo much or wait some rotifers, i want to buy some coralt that will eat the rotifers limiting my supply, any ideas
  8. coryscritch

    Clownfish dogging/nipping at corals

    Hi guys. So I have two clowns in my tank. A black ice and a da Vinci. Recently I noticed the da vinci (which is the smaller of the two) kind of digging and nipping at corals in my tank. I have acans,candys, and a scoly. He hits all three up. Anybody have this problem? He also nips at the rocks too. He’s starting to piss me off! What should I do?
  9. ADVmarine333

    Coral ID Please

    Picked up this coral today. Not sure what it’s name is. Please help if you can!!
  10. Segalplayer

    Coral recessing

    Hey guys not sure what’s up but some of my corals look like they’ve been getting munched on (at the base of my Duncan’s for example), and acans receeding and lost one. I have no fish on my tank. I have 3 nassarius snails, 2 reg snails. The only thing moving about are copepods. There are a bunch of them in the tank as nothing eats em. In the tank is Purple tipped frogspawn, Acans, rock nem, Aussie Duncan, Duncan’s, 3 baby scolys, baby clam and a mushroom I just picked up (noticed The base of corals before adding the mushroom). I dip everything in Coral Rx multiple times. I am going to put both affected corals in some seachem revive tonight for about 10-15 min. Then put the scolys, shroom in a diff container and use rx on em (newer). sat another dipping? When I do my Dipping rn I will be taking out some sand bcs I eventually want to go bare bottom so I can see anything unusual. Stats: 78 F, 1.025, 8.5 dKH, 400-420 Ca, 1350-1400 Mg, P04 0.03-0.1. Dose daily and feed 1-2x per week never had any problems with anything. Super confused. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hey guys i just got an 18inch current orbit led light and has a bunch of cool settings sunrise/sunset / night / day/time need help what’s best light quality to run like how much percent white blue green red and what would be a good on and off period just general full setup help if anyone got experaince please
  12. With my 29 Gallon Biocube running for about two months, and stocked with most (if not all) of the fish I will ever have, I would now like to know what my best options for corals are. I currently have 3 Zoa Frags and a Xenia in there, all of which seem to be doing well. My question is, what would be a good start to add right now. Along with the basic power compacts, the previous owner also installed 5 Coralife LED Light bars, and zip tied a Finnex LED Strip to the lid (half actinic, half white). What should I start putting in to bring decent coverage across the rock, and what can I add in the future? Thank you!
  13. With my 29 Gallon Biocube running for about two months, and stocked with most (if not all) of the fish I will ever have, I would now like to know what my best options for corals are. I currently have 3 Zoa Frags and a Xenia in there, all of which seem to be doing well. My question is, what would be a good start to add right now. Along with the basic power compacts, the previous owner also installed 5 Coralife LED Light bars, and zip tied a Finnex LED Strip to the lid (half actinic, half white). What should I start putting in to bring decent coverage across the rock, and what can I add in the future? Thank you!
  14. until
    The time has come for us all to set our smart phones for the best day in reefing around! The 2018 INDMAS Annual Frag Swap is just around the corner and scheduled for March 17th, 2018. And we are in a new location for the St. Patrick frag action just 18 miles from downtown Indy...in Danville! If you think last year was action packed…you don’t want to miss the NEW, larger venue. This year we have added a speaker before the event, will have 2 food trucks, and have plans for even cooler raffles! Our vendors and hobbyists will have tons of corals for you to shop for from 12pm to 4pm. Wear something green and get a door prize...while supplies last! More information will be posted shortly regarding tables for vendors and hobbyists that have booked, a frag swap FAQ, and more! This INDMAS Frag Swap will be a great event to bring the whole family out to enjoy. Tentative Schedule for the day is as follows: 10am: Pre-registration for Speaker & Event 10:30am – 11:30am: Speaker Presentation 11:30am: Early entry into Swap for Speaker Attendees 12pm to 4pm: 2018 INDMAS Frag Swap Set your calendars, and start the list of corals you must have for 2018! Reeftrader is up now for this event and is ready for you to start pre-selling those corals! Check it out and start listing them today! http://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/73/listings To keep up with all of the latest information on the 2018 INDMAS Frag Swap...check out our rolling thread here: http://indmas.org/main/index.php?/forums/topic/17398-2018-indmas-annual-frag-swap-new-location/ We hope to see all of you there this year, and don't forget that new members who join INDMAS at the door receive a FREE coral! We will even have the education room set up to show you care for your new animal, and how to dip the coral to prevent any unwanted pests. You won't want to miss St. Patricks Day in Danville this year at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds on March 17th, 2018!!
  15. So while my rocks are curing, I figure I should do some livestock planning. After much research, I already figured out what fish I'm going to get. But I would love to get some input on selection of corals. I really want a BTA for my ocellaris clowns but otherwise I'm open to suggestions. Also wanted pulsing xenias but apparently they grow like weeds (same for GSPs?) and will invade the space of other corals? So I gotta figure this out. What would be a good variety that can fit a nuvo 20 for a beginner reefer? TIA for the suggestions! (Attached a pic of my aquascape in case it helps with ideas...not much surface area for corals unfortunately but I perhaps less is more manageable then)
  16. Hello, I had a circulation pump, which stopped working a few days ago. I'm thinking to buying a return pump, because it's more cheaper! For my aquarium with soft corals how many gallon per hour would be better? Maybe 130 gph? Bye
  17. frogspawn coral dying I don’t know what to do a just added a Wavemaker but there a green spot on the skeleton that it seems to be growing more and more my tank been up for more then 8 month.
  18. Conner smith

    New corals for 20 g nano!

    New corals for my nano 20 gallon long! red montipora hollywood stunner chalice seasons greetings montipora zoanthids acans
  19. NewNano5g

    Pest on new Zoas?

    I got my first coral yesterday Fiji Zoas. I noticed there are these black and white kind of strings attached to the piece the corals came on (bottom right). The Zoas that it touches kind of seem to be closing. What are those? Do I need to remove them? Any tips appreciated - first saltwater tank.
  20. benstatic

    Online Vendors

    Hi All, I am looking at buying a first ever coral - pretty psyched btw... Tank is ~2 weeks old, I have a 20 gal long. ammonia / nitrite = 0. Nitrates < 5%. Lighting - I am running a nanobox duo over this on a gooseneck 9" I think I have ~60% blue, 45% white, 30% others running daytime right now. Flow - two koralia 425s You can sort of see the diatoms sitting on the sand bed now, I bought two dudes at the LFS yesterday to help me mop up the diatoms - a blue leg hermit and an astrea snail. I also did a partial water change (about 10%). I expect to do 5-10% water changes 1 or 2 times a week - depending on how lazy I get. no plans on dosing yet, but will be monitoring CA and Alk levels. I want to get a coral - maybe I am rushing along, but damn they are cool.. The LFS has a few - they don't look great, and the prices are not great either. I will probably buy something there eventually, but am looking for online alternatives so I can broaden my options in types and colors. First - is this the right place to get vendor recommendations? (Dont' want to put anyone on blast), and if so - who would you recommend? Second - can you guys give me some LPS / Softy recommendations?
  21. What's up guys, So after lurking and browsing so many tanks of the month and amazing set ups here, I will follow the expert suggestions to keep a tank journal. This hobby has been completely fascinating and addicting, and way more roller coaster than I thought it would be. It gets intensely fun at times and can make you worry other times lol (sounds like gambling). I used to have a Red Sea Reefer and then slacked off due to life getting too busy but decided to jump back in 2 months ago at a more nano level. This tank has been really enjoyable and is my first true desk nano. Hope to get lots of feedback and tips from the wonderful community here! Equipment: Tank: Nuvo 10 Circulation: Sicce 0.5 Media: InTank media basket running only floss and and chemipure elite at the moment Skimmer: None Light: Kessil A80 Tuna Blue ATO: Tunze 3155 Salt: Coralife (might switch to Red Sea) Livestock: 2x Ocellaris clowns 2 Trochus snails 1 Fire Shrimp 1 Wall Hammer 1 Bicolor purple and green branching hammer 1 Purple tip frogspawn 1 Blasto 1 Rasta zoa 1 Spiderman Acan 1 Zoa colony ( what color names are these for the green and red colony??) I scooped up some Black Friday deals this past week and got some real steals. This will just be an LPS and Zoa tank. What I noticed strange about this hobby is that a few days ago my hammer wasn't doing to well and I wasn't sure what I needed to do. I ran some test kits and then decided I would dose kalkwasser and calcium/alkalinity. It seems like I have low alk problems so I bought the Red Sea ABC foundation elements, and dosed kalk in my ATO. The hammer is now opening up much more and it seems like they are happy again =). Its a very up and down journey when you see a coral not do well, I guess its still the newbie in me haha. But I'm actually amazed at the technology and what we are able to keep nowadays compared to when I was a kid, a nano reef was barely possible. Enjoy the pics! All taken with iPhone 6.
  22. Hello, I have a half-moon 10 gallon Nano reef. The tanks has been running for about 3 months now. I have an API drop test kit for saltwater and all my readings are steady safe. Nitrates hover around 20 ppm. Livestock: i have a black ocelaris clown, an engineer goby, a seahorse (hippo. Erectus), yellow (spotted) mandarin dragonet, a fire peppermint shrimp, 1 horned snail, feather duster, and a margarita snail. corals: a fairly large fungia, green torch coral, 7-polyp green zoas, ~30 polyp red zoas, a quarter sized plate coral filtration: Aqueon quietflow 10 (up to 20 gal.) and Cora life biocube protein skimmer attached to the back panel. The thermometer is set to ~73-74 F. A circulation pump pushing 100 gal/hr lighting: Hipargero Touch Control 30w CREE Nano LED Help I am seeking: all my fish are eating like champs and look healthy. Seahorse eats like a horse without much competition as I send the clown on the food chase and feed the seahorse very directly with a turkey Baster. Luckily for me, my mandarin enjoys frozen mysis and brine shrimp which compliment her constant grazing around the tank for copepods. My trouble pertains to my corals. The torch coral seems to be thriving without problems. My zoas and fungia however have issues opening up. I have been trying real hard to find the right balance of light and 2 part plankton feed but it’s been very difficult. The light I have is adjustable with 5 dimmer settings. I have been keeping it at the lowest setting for no more than 7 hours at a time seeing as anymore causes traces of a diatom bloom happening. I have attached pictures of my tank and would love some advice on how to go about getting my reef to thrive and not just survive. Thanks for your time! Its night time and I turned on the lights briefly for attaching pictures, the torch coral is usually very open and flamboyant.
  23. When we search up reef tanks, we see tanks packed with corals, with no rock being visible. How is it that they achieve this? I don't plan to have a tank like theirs as of now, but am curious as to how they accomplish that. Frequent water changes? Individual feedings? A toxin remover?
  24. JoeMan02

    red digi polyps retracted

    SPS Issues strike again! Any idea what this could be? The polyps on my digitata are retracted and have been all day. Im worried about it, but that could just be because one of my acros just died from tissue necrosis. Water tests fine, I cant test my alk because i ran out of tests. i moved it to less light. It was pretty high up in the tank but my lighting isnt SUPER powerful. HELP!
  25. Dswankbiz

    Reef jar

    So I have came down to everything but the lighting. I plan to have a 2.5 gallon cookie reef jar that I will have live rock and some softer corals and so on... what should I use for lighting? Where can I get the lighting fixture (stretchable pole that the bulb will be screwed into)?? And bulb? I am more confused about the dam bulb than anything else. I know nothing about lighting someone pls educate me lol Maybe a bulb I can pick up at a pet store? Local hardware store??