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Found 3 results

  1. Here is accidental video of my 6years old matured reef tank I use to love my tank mates especially my sps but unfortunately most of the thing died ,my nutrient level went way down even after dosing sodium nitrate 200ml nitrate use to be undetected changed many test kit thought it might be faulty but always same reading and one day my reef tank crashed thank to creator I was able to save my fishes and some of my corals....😥😥😥
  2. Welcome to my tank journal! I've been out of the hobby for a few years, life got in the way with living overseas and moving around quite a lot. Now that i'm staying put I've really caught the bug again! The purpose of this tank is a low maintenance, easy to care for pico tank that isn't going to bust the budget. I work away from home so time enjoying the tank is of the upmost importance. Initial set-up 10/11/2020 Latest FTS 14/03/21 : Tank and current equipment: Display: Refurbished bowl from opshop Lighting: Unbranded 12 watt Par38 (e27 fitting Bulb) with cheap desktop stand - Purchased on Ebay or Similar available on Amazon Heater: Marina beta (preset heater) - Similar available on amazon Circulation: Tetra Whisper 60 Air pump - Purchased on Ebay Top Off: Gravity fed bottle ATO - Purchased on Amazon Lid: generic acrylic lid (needs to be modified) Controller: INK bird ITC-306T temperature controller - Purchased on Amazon Salt: Natural salt water collected locally from shoreline Build Cost: AU $118 - (US $87.12 as of 29/11/20) Parameters: Temp: 25-26°C (~77-78°F) Salinity: 1.025 Lighting cycle: 6.5 hours on (2:30pm ~ 9pm) - analogue timer Current Stock: Soft corals: LPS: Macro Algae: Inverts: FTS Library: Maintenance Routine: Bi-weekly: - Scrape glass with nano magnet glass cleaner - check/refill ATO with distilled water Weekly: - 70% water changes 1-2 times weekly with natural salt water collected locally from shoreline - Top up ATO if required - Rinse airstone, wipe airline with paper towel - Wipe top of bowl with paper towel (skimmer scum build-up) - Rinse off acrylic lid - wipe external glass of salt creep/scum with warm water/white vinegar (50/50 mix) Wish list/Future Upgrades: - Lighting - AI Prime 16HD, Dymax spaceX LED, Asta 20 - Chiller/better temperature control - In tank ATO - Bottle looks a bit messy (Maybe more lines will too :P) - Black air lines (Aesthetic) - Limewood airstone - finer bubbles = lesser splash?, better skimming effect? - Dosing - as coral load increases - Controller? - (Reef-pi maybe) - Better Camera..... - Bigger tank ;) Thanks for visiting!
  3. Hello all, I recently became fascinated with aquarium (not sure where this came from as I know no one with a fish tank). After about 1.5 months of watching youtube videos and researching I've decided to jump in to nano reef aquariums. The tank I decided on is the Biocube 32- I just like the way it looks. I read up on the nitrogen cycle, the basics of filtration systems, lights, circulators, water testing and changing, fish and coral species, had the guy at the LFS visually explain what a sump is... etc. I think I'm as ready as I'm going to be without actually physically owning an aquarium yet My plan is to pick up the Biocube this week. I watched the SmileyDakota youtube series where a newbie sets up a 14G biocube and was inspired by her tank. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlPqTZ6ne7w My goal is to start with clownfish and add some other low-key/ low maintenance fish with lots of coral eventually. I know this hobby is very expensive. I want to take things SLOW so as not to fail. I am initially going to buy the tank, live sand, live rock, salt water (possibly pre-mixed, not sure yet). I have read about SO many different filtration setups for this tank, and it seems that no one uses the Bioballs, and everyone's setup is (sometimes vastly) different. My original plan was to buy a foam filter, Seachem Matrix Carbon, heater/thermometer, refractometer and a circulator. I have a saltwater test kit already. Now for my questions: 1) How do I know what flow rate purchase for a circulator? I can't seem to find a straight answer on google. I was thinking this size might be adequate? https://www.amazon.com/Hydor-Koralia-Nano-Aquarium-Circulation/dp/B0036S70ZG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505874893&sr=8-1&keywords=hydor+koralia+425 2) Do I need a protein skimmer in this size tank if I plan to do water changes often? If yes, do I need one now or can I wait until I have actual livestock in my tank? I will upgrade things as is necessary, but for the very start of my 1st ever tank I want to be conservative. If you have some tips on what I need for a basic filtration system other than what I listed please let me know. If you suggest items to purchase, please write a very brief description on what the item is and why it is necessary- that is how new I am! I've been trying to google search everything I read, but some of the mods people do to the pumps and filters still confuse the heck out of me. Lastly, thank you for reading my long post! I will update my progress as I set up my tank Ashley
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