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Coral Vue Hydros


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Just starting out my new Waterbox 10 Cube.   


10 lbs Direct Live Oolite Sand

10 lbs Dry Rock MarcoRocks 

Floss Pad

Black corse sponge (came with Waterbox)

Original AI Prime Light with Flex Arm 

Eheim thermocontrol e75 

sicce nano return pump 

Autoaqua smart ATO lite 

Aquaticlife Twist 4 stage 


Seachem Ammonia Alert 

Chemipure (original)

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt 

SeaChem Stability 

SeaChem Prime (only as needed) 

Purple Helix Coralline Algae ARC Reef 






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Photo from Jan. 14th, 2022.  


Went shopping the first week of January.  

Added an orange ricordea mushroom, a great looking purple tip frogspawn, and two Caramel Clowns.  


Had issues with the Nero 3, had returned it twice and finally got one.  It does have a break in period that it just sounds loud and awful.  Finally broke it in though.  

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I'm doing a tank clean tonight and try to get some photos up in a few days.  


So far, all is good.   Anemone double in size and split this week.   The Frogspawn is huge and lots of buds on it, should be ready to frag a branch for the larger tank #largertankfever we're getting downstairs.   Got a Peach Tip Torch thats doubling in size from when I got it as well.    Just doing weekly water changes, running ChemiBlue, and adding a little Alk from B-Ionic (testing doesn't show need for CAL yet).    Here is a photo from early March. 


Forgot I added a wheeler goby and pistol pair since last post as well.  You can see the Goby in the "cave" below.  



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Updated Photo.  Holding on to the frogspawn in the front for the next tank.   You can see a bit of the split bta just to the right of the front one (prob move both to the larger tank when ready since they have been on the move lately.   I recently added an Acan Bowerbanki, purple/blue on the lower right of tank.   Torch just keeps getting longer each day.  There's a halloween hermit in there somewhere now too.   Eventually, I need to clean up the powerhead lol.  




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