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TiniTanks pico aquarium


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8 hours ago, Pdiddy said:

These are amazing! What’s your website, I’d love to check out what else you have. 


Unfortunately the site is down. He had to take a break but will be back when things with the virus cool off.

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30 minutes ago, Rehype said:


Unfortunately the site is down. He had to take a break but will be back when things with the virus cool off.

Bummer.  I was really excited to check these out.  How much were they being sold for?  These would be awesome for a classroom teacher desk!

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We have 2 tanks in our house, a 36 gal that belongs to my wife and a 2 gal Pico cookie jar which is all mine. Given that I love pico tanks, to me this is amazing! How much would you sell this set up for cuz I'd throw money right at you bud. Sexy a$$ builds right here.

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If I remember right, the 4gal tanks were $400 and change. IMO, it's a fair price- you get everything you need. Tank, light, auto topoff, stand, all the fun stuff. I love the footprint on mine, the app to adjust the light, the stand to hide all the cords in- it all goes down to 1 cord you plug into the wall, you don't have to have a cord for everything. 

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On 8/24/2019 at 11:58 AM, mschreff1144 said:

Thanks! Yes this is one of the first prototypes that is on our kitchen counter. About 5 months in with this one, Nigel the baby clown has moved out lol on to our display tank. This one has a sump but our newest version and most popular is AIO. It has an integrated ato system with reservoir in the cabinet, integrated power bar in the stand and dual overflow and return lines. Everything including the LED is hand built and designed out of our spare bedroom. Check us out at Tinitanks on Instagram. We were at Reefapalooza last weekend and they were a huge hit, sold out both days and stayed up all night Saturday night making more lol. I still get pumped when I package one up and ship it.


Thanks for looking.


How much for one?

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Bummer, they were really cool looking… saw them at their booth back at the time and I was so tempted to get one. 

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