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TiniTanks pico aquarium


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Just wanted to share my Tinitanks pico aquarium. Developed these tanks a few months back and I haven’t done any build threads or journals on my personal ones. They are 2 gallons and all hand built myself. Thanks for looking! More details to come.




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Thanks! Yes this is one of the first prototypes that is on our kitchen counter. About 5 months in with this one, Nigel the baby clown has moved out lol on to our display tank. This one has a sump but our newest version and most popular is AIO. It has an integrated ato system with reservoir in the cabinet, integrated power bar in the stand and dual overflow and return lines. Everything including the LED is hand built and designed out of our spare bedroom. Check us out at Tinitanks on Instagram. We were at Reefapalooza last weekend and they were a huge hit, sold out both days and stayed up all night Saturday night making more lol. I still get pumped when I package one up and ship it.


Thanks for looking.


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Matt, if you would be so kind, please post a picture of the tank on stand with a common household item positioned near the setup, so that we might gain a perspective of the relative size of everything pictured. Thank you. Ps. Checked out your esty listing. Very interesting! 

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Finally had the chance to put up my new office tank! I went all out for this one, the light is WiFi controllable and the flow in this setup is sps ready. So excited to get this thing rolling!






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Little update on my office tank. Going good, got some new corals coming this week. Also, been working hard on some new products. Adding a 4.5 gallon aio setup to our product line and a new WiFi led and arm mount for our tanks!





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This guy is extra salty

I bet that 3D printed armature took a day or two


why didn’t you use p95 black as your brace?

I want to see more details of this SPS light 💡 

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This guy is extra salty
On 9/17/2019 at 12:39 PM, Wonderboy said:

You're really starting to make me want one of these... 😆

For a second I read build lol

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Print time is about 3-4 hrs for the arm mount. My tools are limited so printing was the cleanest thing I could do. One day I hope to have a laser cutter lol.

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