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The MiniBow 5 Project (Pics)


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Ok other than the 2.5 Project Im also doing a MB5 project... (I dun exactly know why, call me crazy) I will also document the process with pics. but this one won't have as much mods as the 2.5, Im trying to stay close to the stock look. Enjoy.


ok here is the MB5



Here are the spots I have to shave down with a boxcutter to make the lights fit. (2 20W Coralife Incadescent PC Bulb)



Here is the 1.5" hole I drilled on both side of the hood to fit the lights.



Heres about what the hood looks like after light installed. ( kinnda ghetto, yea I know:) )



Any suggestions?

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yea thery were, but I think Im gunna revise the light plan, and try to jam them inside the hood. I'll post pics if I can pull it off.

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Originally posted by samwoo2go:

I have to cut out that part because I want to use a Penguin Mini Biowheel




Why are you adding a bio wheel.

are you not gonna have LR

other than that it looks great

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I will be adding LRs, im adding a biowheel because its a great ammonia and nitrite eliminator, and it works faster than LR. I will also be adding some macrolgae so nitrate won't be a problem. this way, the tank will be more stable.

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I think in the long road the biowheel is bad. But should be ok to help with cycle.

I just think I remember reading that somewhere. So, take it as you wish.

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I had a Penguin Mini Biowheel for about 2 months and it was fine, then borwnish film algea started to form on EVERYTHING rocks, glass, sand, filter...everthing. took it out and BLING* B) all better now :D

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yes I do, I just finished the Stock hood mod, and I was able to Jam 2 20W Coralife 50/50 PC in there (barely) and this is what it looks like.


I put some plexiglass sheets (that I got for free from Radioshack)between the bulbs, and the exposed metal parts of the fixture to the water surface.



Will be adding LR in about an hour or so.

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ok aqua scape finished, let me know what you think. feel free to give me any advices to improve the aqua scape. :) Thanks


ok the 2 arch pieces will be removed later when I add corals, and the top "level" will house small frogspawn, bubble, and hammer frags, one of the corner will be a leather, center will be a brain, and mushrooms, zoes, polyps, feather dusters will be everywhere else.


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Lookin good.

Im workin on a Nano(getting all parts

but still deciding on 7 or 10 gall)

Where can you get the lights/

At radio shack?

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ok all water parameter are fine (used cure rock, sand, and water from my 40g FOWLR)


First live stock additions.

  • 1 Skunk cleaner shrimp
  • 1 Fire Shrimp
  • 1 Camel Shrimp (reef safe?)
  • 2 Cerith Snails (too many?)
  • 5 Nassarius Snails (too many?)


Im most worried about the Camel Shrimp. I've read that they sometimes nip at "soft leather corals". But I thought, What The Heck, if it doesn't work out, I'll just turn it into a Shark Tank ;)



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nice shrimp tank, looking good!


"Keep with caution in a reef aquarium; will nip at colonial anemones, disc anemones & soft leather corals. "


but keep an eye on that camel!

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ok the PCs are beginning to melt the top of my hood (where there are holes for vent. I am going to cut a hole out of that part and add a fan to it.


My questions are:

  1. Will the heat melt a moving plastic fan? (the Fan and Lights will be on the same timer)
  2. Which is more efficient cooling? Blowing air in on top of the lights or sucking air out from top of the lights? (if different at all)
  3. Which will cause less evaporation? (if different at all)
  4. Any other ideas?



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Camels are really cool looking shrimp. Too bad they're such punks.


Samwoo2go, I see those Coralife 50/50 bulbs everywhere so I think they are not hard to find but where did you get the 2 sockets for them?

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Originally posted by samwoo2go

Thats what I thought too


How about the plastic fan melting issue?


I dont know about the fan? ???

I would just try it and see what happens.

BTW where did you get the fan?:)

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