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the procrastination tank. engaged!


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after being out of the hobby for almost two years, my boyfriend got really tired of me dragging his ass to aquariums and bought me a tank.



CURRENT FTS (12/12/13)





TOP-DOWN 12/12/13







nuvo 16G in white

maxspect razor 16K


i have a JBJ ATO but i can't get it to work...





ricordea garden c/o colin @ aquascapers

assorted vice zoas


PS tan gorg

prism favia

candy apple torch

magenta stylophora

green montipora cap with pink polyps

branching purple montipora with red polyps

pot of gold favia

9+heads duncans




neon dottyback (dottie)

banggai cardinal (scout)

mated pair skunk/scarlet cleaner shrimp (OC and dee)

tuxedo urchin (bowser)

assorted CUC (including a porcelain crab, somewhere)




SG: 1.025

ph: 8.1 steady

dkh: 9

mag: 1300

ca: 400

nitrate: 0.5 ppm

phosphate: undetectable




fish/critters fed dried carnivore diet plus mysis every other day




daily top-offs with RO/DI (manual)

testing once weekly

dose aquavitro reef fuel 2x weekly

dose aquavitro calcium and magnesium daily

w/c every week(ish), 4G (25%) with aquavitro salinity

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The lights will be perfect. They have one of those tanks as a small display tank at my LFS and they have leathers/rics/zoas etc. As for wet or dry rock. I'd use wet live rock. We used mostly dry rock for our 40 gallon with about 10 lbs of live and the coraline growth isn't the same. I'm not sure how long it would take to seed 20 lbs of dry rock, but I'm betting a good while. We waited a year before adding much of anything to our tank. For a while it was just some rocks in some water with a clean up crew lol. We were also on a strict budget though so that's mostly why. ;)


Also, I like the idea of the harlequins. I love them and have always wanted to do a small tank (like the Finnex M9) with black sand, ricordeas only, some macroalgaes and a pair of harlequins. Anyway, good luck! Following along :D

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Deleted User 4

I've used both dry and live rocks in the past experiences. I would say go with dry rocks. Ever since I made the switch, I don't think I would ever go back to owning live rocks.

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i've heard there's such thing as aquacultured LR nowadays. anybody used any or have a supplier you'd recommend?


also, opaquelace, i like the harleys idea too. i'll have to see if i can sell the bf.

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Never heard of aquacultured rocks, but that sounds like a good idea. Although, one would think they would be more expensive considering what goes into seeding rocks.


You could always do mostly dry rock with a few pounds of live and seed your own. My tank didn't have much of a cycle to speak of with mostly dead rock and just a little live. Also no horrible critters to speak of.

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alright, so here's the latest update on this setup.



possum or sixline wrasse

sexy shrimps

YWG/pistol pair

ricordea garden

zooanthid garden

porcelain crabs



~20lbs of pacific LR

chaeto and LR rubble in the mini-sump


chemi-pure elite in both return chambers

phos-ban in both return chambers



seachem test kits

seachem reef salt (no hard corals in this tank but there will be inverts and i hate dosing)

JBJ auto top-off

standard LED's (10K 8w x2)

standard returns (211 gph)

will add an MP10 when i can afford it (or probably when i can't but oh well)


inverts have always been my thing, so that's primarily what this tank will focus on. i'm looking to get at least 6 sexies and 2 porcelain crabs. i was debating between the YWG and a pearly jawfish but this is a fairly shallow tank and i personally think really deep sandbeds can cause problems based on experiences i've had.


the bf and i are discussing living arrangements so once we get that decided the rock will be ordered and this will be up and running. i know not to move tanks so i need to make sure that it'll stay put for a while (wherever it winds up).

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i've heard there's such thing as aquacultured LR nowadays. anybody used any or have a supplier you'd recommend?


Search for "Real Reef" rock. I believe Pacific East Aquaculture sells it. I've heard of Florida aquacultured rock,never seen it around though.

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Search for "Real Reef" rock. I believe Pacific East Aquaculture sells it. I've heard of Florida aquacultured rock,never seen it around though.

Sealifeinc.net sells aquacultured rock cured, uncured, or base rock. The uncured rock is gorgeous and comes with bunches of fun critters. There are quite a few people who have used sealife for their live rock purchases. Gena I believe is one of them (The 28 gallon itch).

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The possum or the six line. I've seen the tanakas I had go after sexies.



bah. well someone name me a good active swimmer that's not aggressive, not ugly, and will fit in a 16.

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Yea, but they can hide sometimes. I have 2 that are out only about 1/2 the day if that....or if they think they're getting fed. I hate to be cliche and all, but a naked clown fish would do real well. I found mine to be very active and gentle. I don't know how they do with sexies though, so you might have to check up on that.

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a bit of an update on this project is due...


have all of my supplies for starting up, the boyfriend closed on his house this past friday and the tank will be set up there, as that will soon be my residence as well and i'd like to avoid a tank move if at all possible.


stocking plans have altered a bit after seeing some inspirational videos.


YWG/pistol pair

black clown (maybe a pair but i'd like the opportunity to add another fish down the road and i think this tank would be maxed out at 3)


sexy shrimps for the ric garden (hoping for 5, i like their choreographed butt-wigglings)

assorted snails for cleaning

i LOVE urchins but would wait on getting one until some algae showed up


currently meandering the internet for a RO/DI system as nobody in eastern CT seems to understand why dechlorinated tap water isn't fine... :unsure:

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i had looked into them, and i've kept them before whilst working at an LFS. i thought them a bit large for this tank though?

Hmmm? I still think it would be OK, but maybe someone else might chime in.......are there any midas blenny police out there?


I have one in a 34 gal.

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well, after a boatload of painting and shuffling and recycling of liquor store boxes....







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Yay! Did your boyfriend end up putting the sheet rock up himself or no? Excited to see this tank set up, and to see what the renovated house looks like. I have paneling in my house too, but it is over tongue and groove wood walls. We just painted over it for now (the den and dining room are actually plastered over) but hopefully putting up sheet rock is in our future too.

Also, I saw you said black clownfish...have you seen the midnight clowns? They're naked clowns, but black. So awesome.



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Deleted User 4

Bout 75 per clown give or take 25 Possum would work Midas won't Light won't be good for seagrass but fine for softies


Still pretty expensive....lolol.

Regular black clowns are half or less of that price.

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