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mike c

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So here's the beginning of my 40 breeder journey. I'm upgrading from 28 JBJ cube, which has been a fun starter tank, but it's time to step up. It's gonna take a while to fully set this 40 up, but therein lies the fun of a new system! I won't bore you with a stocking list, cause we all know that changes every time you step into a fish store. So far I've got the tank, (2) MP10w's, and the DIY stand (which is still last stages of completion). You can find the build link in my sig. So here goes, the official start of the Forty-Bee.




3/8" glass, black back panel

Center trapezoid overflow, drilled 1 1/2"

(2) 3/4" returns









I cut and smoothed down some egg crate, to fit the inside of the tank, so the rock work has a surface to grip. Havn't decided weather or not I'm going to use it, but I'll have it ready in case I do.




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Sump and skimmer! The sump is used, and just needs a little wipe down. The skimmer is a brand new SWC 120. Bought them off a good friend while down in Long Beach last night (SCRK meeting at AOA).





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Not much new on the build. Still focusing on the stand. Once the stand is complete, I'll move the tank to it's location, and start looking at plumbing. So meanwhile, I cleaned up, and am now leak testing the sump.





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Looks good Mike! If you need help/ideas for plumbing let me know.

Will do.


Speaking of...I picked up a few things from Aquaflo (local plumbing shop). Also bought 10' of both 3/4" and 1 1/2" schedule 40 PVC.



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This going to turn out amazing. Keep us updated!!!

Thanks Kayleen! I'll definitely keep this thread up to date, and full of pics!

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After testing out the sump I was going to use, I came to the conclusion that it just wasn't built to the standards that I expect. With just the slightest pull of the walls, it creaks ands cracks, and wants to pull apart from the baffles. So I went and bought a 20 tall, to attempt a DIY sump. I've only got 25" of width under the stand, so a 20L is too wide at 30".






I also picked up some more plumbing supplies, and put together a Durso style overflow. This ended up being too big and didn't fit in the overflow. I may cut down the Tee, and the 90, to try and get it to fit.




So with the removal of the 90° street slip elbow, I'll have to settle with using the open end of the Tee as the intake. If it ends up being too loud, I'll look into maybe a straight pipe with some kind of muffler (if I can't modify the Tee and 90).


Also, since space is limited, and monies are low, I decided to go with a Rio 26HF submersible return pump.



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I used a hacksaw to cut a 1/2" off the 90°, and a 1/2" off the Tee that it slips into. I gained enough room to fit the Durso into the overflow box!!!




I replaced the schedule 40 cap with a schedule 80. Purely for aesthetic reasons. I didn't have a cover made for the overflow box, so the dark grey schedule 80 doesn't stand out like the white schedule 40.

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Here's a dry mock up of some plumbing I did. Any advice, ideas, changes I can make to make this more efficient? I wanted to stay away from any Tee joints in the plumbing, but there's no real way around it, without using a boat load of 45's. And no one in the area has any Wye joints!!!


The bottom of the Tee, will be a strong flex hose to the return pump. The left side of the Tee (with the 45 thats pointed down), will go to the chiller, then up to the return on the left.


This is just a mock up, with pieces of PVC that were laying around. I may and will lengthen/shorten some of these pieces. I just want you to get and idea of where I'm going....any advice?


P.S. This is my first plumbed tank.



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Its not the prettiest way to keep the baffles in place, but it worked. Going to let it sit for a few days, then test it out. I had Ace cut some glass to size of the baffles, and picked up the silicone from my LFS. Simple sump.



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Nice movie spacers. That's what I ended up doing since trying to tape them in place proved frustrating.

Lol, I actually got the idea from your thread!


Here's how it came out...







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That looks excellent! I may have missed it, is that a 20H?

Yeah it's a 20h. I only had 25" of width under the stand, so the 20L wouldn't fit at 30". The only other option was a 15, so I opted for the 20h.

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