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Enigma70x7's REEF


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My DIY Light/Heater controller is getting closer to being finished. I currently have the VFD, seasonal lighting/dimming, and moon phase simulation finished. All I need now is to get a couple LM35's so I can finish the heater controlls and then slap the whole thing into a nice and neat case of some sort.


A big THANKS! :bowdown: goes out to NightAtTheOpera for the great moon phase code!




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My flower nem started spawning this evening :o . You can see the eggs inside of the tentacles in these pics.








Video to come.

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That nem looks amazing :o

thanks, its pretty much my favorite thing in the tank.



Heres a vid of the spawning. Because of the crap quality you cant really see much, but towards the end you can see eggs being released.




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Yep, it's a Court Jester Goby. He's a little skinny at the moment but after just one day is already fattening up.


The Anemone spawned again yesterday evening..


This time someone was there to there to catch the eggs.



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I'm having serious nutrient issue with my tank and have decided to give the Prodibio products a shot. I plan on taking update pictures every 15 days to document the tank as things progress.



Dose 1










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Week two of dosing Prodibio and my water is super clear and the algae is turning yellow/white so I'm thinking its on its way out.



Lazy crap pics just to document the Prodibio dosing.






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That anemone of yours is gorgeous! Plus I love the porcelain crab it is hosting too. Such a neat relationship.

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