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Who's Up For a Macroalgae Trade?


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I've had several people express an interest in Macroalgae Trades lately, so I thought I'd go ahead and get a thread going for it.

I think the best way to handle this would be for those of us who have Macro's to trade to simply post what we have available, and post pics if at all possible.

It also probably wouldn't hurt to post what Macro's you are interested in getting in trade, if you have any preferences.


Most Macroalgaes seem to handle Priority Shipping fine, but a few are more delicate shippers.

I checked ReefCleaners site for info on this and have compiled a list below.

All credit for this info goes to johnmaloney.

Anyone who has shipping info on Macro's I haven't listed, feel free to share it; I can modify the list as needed.

Use common sense when shipping.

If at all possible, it's probably better to use an insulated shipping container, esp. if the weather from your location or the location you are shipping to will be extreme.

You can go to Weather.com and use a zip code to check on weather conditions.

It's probably better NOT to use Ziploc bags to ship in, they tend to leak.

I'll include my Shipping Guide for Corals at the end of this; use or modify it as you see best.


Good communication between trading partners is important.

Unless I say so outright, I am not endorsing anyone who participates in this venture, use your own judgement and trade responsibly.


If you can think of anything important I haven't mentioned here, feel free to share, I can always modify this post.



-Botrycladia/Red Grape

-Fire Fern

-Cactus Caulerpa

-Flame Algae


-Manatee Grass

-Mermaid's Fan

-Oar Grass

-Pencil Cap

-Shaving Brush






-Fern Caulerpa

-Mermaid's Shotglass




There's more than one way to ship, but this is what works for me.


-I like to use 6x6 or 7x7 boxes. I get mine from Wal-Mart, they're pretty cheap.

-Line the box with some type of insulating material. A lot of people use simple styrofoam, which can be found in any store that carries craft supplies. I actually prefer to use an insulating foam that can be found in the Building Supply dept. of any hardware store. It really helps to try to get a tight fit with whatever type of insulating liner you use.

This is a pic of the insulation I use. The white piece w/print is the back of the insulation, the small silver slivers are pieces showing the front surface of the insulation:



-Just inside the insulation, I like to put a large plastic bag. This is to prevent Post Office freakouts and damp boxes in the event that some water leaks out of the frag bags. I use plastic shopping bags.

-According to Post Office regulations, it is okay to ship liquids as long as there is enough absorbent material in the package to absorb anything that leaks. Therefore, I use either newspaper or paper towels as packing material around the bags.

-For bags, I like to use 6" x 20" 2 mil bags from kensfish.com. Here's a link:



If you're bagging zoas, you can put 2-3 frags in one bag as long as you wrap each frag in a paper towel to protect them from jostling each other. This will also keep them damp if water leaks out of the bag. I ONLY use paper towels w/zoas.

For other corals, one frag to a bag is probably best.

They don't need to have a whole bagful of water, just enough to keep them covered during shipment.

I like to double bag my frags, and fasten each bag individually with a rubber band.

-Place bag in box, fill remainder of space w/newspaper or paper towel, and close larger outer bag over the whole w/tape.


This is a bag with 3 paper-towel wrapped zoa frags in it:



This is what your package should look like before closing and taping the outer bag over the contents:



-For heat packs, I like to use 40 hr. heat packs from kensfish.com, see above link.

Wrap heat pack in newspaper or paper towel, place on top of outer bag, place top piece of insulating foam, then close box, tape well, address and ship!


Heat Packs, opened and unopened:



This is what your package should look like w/the outer bag closed and the newspaper wrapped heat pack placed on top:



With the weather getting warmer, heat packs aren't always necessary. If you're not sure whether one is needed, go to www.weather.com and use both your zip code and the recipients zip code to look up weather forecasts.

If you're shipping Priority and the weather is cold where you are but warm where the recipient is, use a 20 hr. heat pack just to warm it for the beginning of the journey.


LMK if you have any questions

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hope fully there will be enough of us that we can brake thhiings down to alocal/regional groups with a supply of each macro floting around. this would minamize shipping.


personaly would like some of this stuff( the blue one).


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Can we still ask for macro if we dont have anything to trade yet and just pay them?

Looking for all types of macro especially colorful ones

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After all the interest, I'm surprised there hasn't been more response on this thread.

I'm hoping to have some Macro's available for trade in the next week or two, but I'm not quite set up for it yet.

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I just got some of the Red Branchy, Halimeda, and Halymenia in from mnherper today.

Mebbe I'll be able to get some pics up later after I do some maintenance and rearranging on the tank.

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Please do! I really want to see what that halymenia looks like in other peoples' tanks. That stuff looks gorgeous. And as for whoever was looking for octodes, good luck. I've been trying to get my hands on the stuff for months. Hit me up if anyone has some!


Thanks for starting this thread Weetabix!

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hey weetie, I have some codium that grows like a weed! ;)



but seriously, nothing to trade here. I am a big fan of mnherper's halimeda, though. nice form.

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hey weetie, I have some codium that grows like a weed! ;)



but seriously, nothing to trade here. I am a big fan of mnherper's halimeda, though. nice form.


It's finally growing for you, YAY!!

I'd been meaning to ask you about that.

The new Macros are looking good so far.

Took some pics but haven't uploaded anything yet.

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This is a really awesome thread. I've always wanted to get ahold of some nice macros, and make the fuge more presentable.


Maybe you should list some local laws. I've heard a few times california has a law against macros.


I'm going to the keys here shortly. Hopefully I can bring back a few macros to trade with people. I only have chaeto. I live near the water too, but wouldn't dare mess with anything around here(tampa). Water is too dirty.

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I have a macro in my DT....I've been told it's a sargassum variety. It came in on my live rock, and it's anchored there. It's a green - gold color, and I've seen the clowns nibble on it when I'm sipping on a glass of wine and they're waiting for dinner.


Willing to share if anyone's interested. Another pic or two if you follow the link in my signature.




Image didn't come through.....link below.



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I love trades :) I've got frags of these for good trades, word of warning for some reason they seem to brown out like crazy during shipping. Or it may have been that I didn't really ship them as well as I should have. Like, at all. Sorry Weetie, my bad on those!






I've got frags of this one for slightly less picky trades, like I need a tiny heater for my 10 gallon, etc...






This one for free since it looks nice but is a nuisance algae.




And this one, but only for a mated/established pair of flaming prawn gobies.



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I like the blue and red ones for the "slightly less picky trades".

I don't think I have anything else for you though.

And don't worry Miguel, the Macro's are doing okay.

They haven't colored back up yet, but that may be due to other factors.

The first Ruffly Lettuce type one actually looks like it may have grown, and the funny thing is that even though it hasn't gotten the blue back yet, I actually like the way it looks.

It's kind of a pinkish/reddish/brown right now.

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can i buy some macro org please


Do you have any macros to trade? I'm still waiting on some new lights so mine looks kind of gross right now...

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