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  1. Weetabix7

    Lula Mae's "Jarden" of Enjoyment--dinos :(

    I like the way this is looking!!
  2. Weetabix7

    Display Fuge Macroalgae Collecting

    You got some nice ones, you're off to a good start!!
  3. Weetabix7

    The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Basic New Pics

    My Clownfish is sleeping in my Anemone, it's a Christmas Hook-up Miracle!!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
  4. Weetabix7

    The blasto obsession

    Nice!!! The Cloves I got from you are doing great and growing like crazy. In fact, they just started growing up the front glass, lol.
  5. Weetabix7

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    I'm working in Retail now and since this is the busiest shopping season of the year, my work schedule has been pretty full, hasn't left me much downtime. I'm still around though!! If I had entered this contest, a Coffeepot Pico is one of the things I had considered doing, and I know you'll do a much better job of it than I would have with my schedule, so thanks for giving me an opportunity to watch it!!
  6. Weetabix7

    Fishfreak's C.C. Coffee Pot Pico: Quick update!!!

    I LOVE what you are doing with this & love that you did a coffeepot pico!! I've always wanted to do one of those.
  7. So happy to see the majorly cool stuff happening in your tank, and the GSP looking so good!!! What powdered food are you using? I really like Reef Chili from BulkReefSupply.
  8. Weetabix7

    Should I try two orchid dottybacks in a RSR 170?

    Yep, exactly this.
  9. Weetabix7

    The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Basic New Pics

    In looking around, I also noticed a couple of these baby Aiptasia. Looks like some bigger ones may be spawning, I obviously need to deal with that ASAP. This one is growing on the side of the container that was the first compartment of my Waterfall Pico. I just picked up the whole compartment and plopped it down in the smaller left side of this 40B tank.
  10. Weetabix7

    The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Basic New Pics

    Thanks guys!!! I got a few pics uploaded, nothing earth-shattering, but it'll give you a small window on this tank. Blue Hypnea making a comeback, along with free-floating Chaeto strands and various other Macro growing wild in the background: This next pic is an older one from about a month and a half ago. It's dark and not the best quality because all the lights were off, and I was trying to sneak up on Dirigible and get a pic of his funny sleeping position without spooking him or waking him up. Sorry for the photo quality, but the subject matter is funny. In this one he is sleeping with his belly up against the algae magnet and the front glass. I noticed these little trails that look kinda like worm trails to me in the Mud substrate this morning. I like seeing these cross-sections where I can see evidence of life below-ground, reminds me of those old-fashioned Ant Farms. It looks like there may also be a bristleworm napping just at the top of the sand and to the left of the plant base.
  11. Weetabix7

    Musings From the Couch

    Thanks, I will!! That wire like Macro is very hard to get rid of, I would be surprised if a soft toothbrush was adequate to the task. I would suggest either killing it with 35% peroxide or using a dremel with a diamond cutoff blade to slice into the rock just beneath the Macro and remove the patch of rock it's growing on.
  12. Weetabix7

    The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Basic New Pics

    I'm alive, and so is the tank!!! Much of my spare time got taken up with a new job, and since the job is in retail it's taking up even more time as we move into the Holiday Season. I've been lurking on here when I get a few spare moments but have been holding off posting til I had some pics uploaded, but, well..... pics won't be happening for a bit. I have been doing all of the basic stuff to keep this tank maintained tho, and while some things have changed and nothing fancy has happened, it's doing just fine. Dirigible the Puffer is still around and has grown from a baby into a teenager. Since he's now a teenager, he obviously needed a new room and so I came home one day to discover that he took matters into his own hands and jumped the divider over to the other side of the tank. He and my Clownfish get along famously. They hang out together and sleep together. Dirigible has always had the amusing habit of sleeping with his belly right up into some hard crevice, nose pointing skyward. The other night I found him sleeping in the right rear corner of the tank, with the Clown sleeping right over him, doing that sleepy Clown wallow that they do. Some Macros have died off and some have grown. My Blue Hypnea completely died off twice but is currently making a comeback growing on one of the powerheads. I unintentionally raised the tank Alk to 11 by dosing 2 part without testing and have been doing water changes to bring it back down. It was at 10 the other night, I'm still working on it. All of the Macro helps to keep things stable, and I haven't had any pest algae show up other than a few bubbles of Bubble Algae. I did discover a small aiptasia colony (about 5) on the back of my rockwork so I need to address that. Other than that, still chugging along, and as soon as time allows I will dive back in and do more with my Dream Tank!!
  13. I like it, very happy to see this coming together for you!!!