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  1. Weetie's Zen Learning Experiment, Random Stuff

    I just made some golf ball sized Cladophora cuttings for a Mud 'n Bugs 'n Macro listing that I hope to have up later tonight, I can link it here for you once it's up.
  2. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Update!!

    Oh, I'm thrilled that your tank is doing better!!! It's funny you would say this cause I am right in the midst of working on a "Mud 'n Bugs 'n Macro" listing that I hope to have up this evening or later tonight. I just finished making some golf ball sized Cladophora cuttings. I won't have any way of guaranteeing micro brittles in it, but I can tell you that they like to stay in that Cladophora. Will offer baby Stomatellas and other stuff too. Were you talking about the green grapey stuff? Cause that's also doable. So happy things are better with you!!!
  3. Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Electrocuted tank-more losses

    Things DO look better, this makes me !!!!!! Hope things go well at the dentist and you come home to even more improvements.
  4. Yes, very much agreed.
  5. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Update!!

    Here's a pic of a Breeder Box that I keep on the left side of the tank for little Macro scraps to grow out, maybe something like this could work for you @Thunder Goose. It moves around some, but I try to keep it just under the overflow so that it gets regular water flow into it. My Stomatellas love to get in there, probably cause I need to clean the algae off the walls of it.
  6. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- Update!!

    Hey guys, sorry I dropped outta sight for a few days!! Much of my time and energy over the last few days has gone into getting my boys ready for school. It's a big transitional school year for our family cause I have one starting Middle School and one starting High School. I'm back now!! Thanks very much to everyone for the compliments, glad I still have people who are enjoying this Tank Journal. I'm glad also that the post about flatworms was helpful for some. I feel like there is a tendency by many Reefers to panic at the sight of what they see as potential pests and kinda eliminate stuff they're unsure about, across the board. I've dealt with my share of pests and I understand, believe me, I really do...... but not all of the little critters that hitchhike in are bad. Thanks!! It's a possibility that Lolly got them. I wonder if it would possible for you to set aside a semi-protected area in your tank for stuff like that to proliferate. I have considered setting up a corner with Ulva Macro in some bird netting as a pod breeding corner in the tank. Maybe something along those line, but prettier, would work for you.
  7. That's a cool idea!!
  8. Fishfreak's foxy BC29: Electrocuted tank-more losses

    Just breathe, you have really good instincts, you are doing the right things.
  9. Barton's 5g Pico Survived my Vacay..pics 08/06

    Looking forward to pics of that, I love unique Euphyllia corals!!! I like that new Gorgonian as well, looking forward to seeing what you do with the cube.
  10. best macro's for a beginner?

    Blue Hypnea is a lighter blue and you could watch for that. There's a Blue Scroll algae but it's harder to find and I would honestly be surprised if you found it in Canada, given what I've seen and heard about Macro availability up there.
  11. Not slimy but satisfying, eh? Silly hermit!! Those Palys are pretty tough though and since you rescued them quickly they should be fine. I've never noticed any buzzing, although if it's quiet I might not hear it. If it isn't really quiet I would though. Does it do it constantly?
  12. Kerber13's 14 Gallon Peninsula

    I think that arch will look really good once it starts getting covered with corals.
  13. I completely agree!!! I like the look of the C. Barbata with the Gorgonians and hope the Dragon's Breath finally decides to cooperate with you. Have you thought about getting something with a unique shape to get the GSP to grow over? That might be fun to play with.
  14. I agree that they tend to like lower light, so that's possible. Can you put it in a shaded spot? I'm surprised the Tuna Blue bulb made the algae explode!! Is that why you've got some hair algae? My tuna blue bulb is starting to feel too blue to me lately, I think because I have the contrast of the lighting over the 40B to look at, and it's got more of a Daylight look and less blue. I saw the Portiera, glad it's cooperating for you. And Hooraaaay for a baby Stomatella!!! I need to do the mud 'n bugs things soon so you can get some more baby Stomies if you want.
  15. best macro's for a beginner?

    Botryocladia, Graciliara and Dragon's Breath are all good reds to start with. Codium is a good green one, and if you do Caulerpa I would suggest Caulerpa Prolifera or Cactus Caulerpa.