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  1. You're welcome!! They're a really great site, very trustworthy and have regular good quality livestock. I think you can get those shrimp to host in Maxi Mini Anemones, which are another good thing to keep in Pico tanks. I believe I had both in my Pico that is linked in my Sig, and I got the Shrimp from them. VERY cool shrimp.
  2. Here's a cool little inhabitant for a Pico: http://www.kpaquatics.com/product/anemone-shrimp-spotted-cleaner/
  3. For instant cycling, check out the conversation here, you might find it helpful: As for the tank, why would you want to take out the media area that is already in it? It seems logical that it could be adapted to a nano reef. Lighting will likely be your biggest expense. I think you can do this on your $150 budget if you don't go too crazy with the lighting. I have a blue led strip you could mod into a hood for this tank, but you'd need a little more than that, I'd think.
  4. I wouldn't mind some a that salad....
  5. I wondered what kind of pests came off in the dip as well. If it was Zoa eating Nudi's, you will also need to examine for eggs and remove those by hand. They are usually on the underside of things and are tiny little eggs in a spiral pattern.
  6. I've always wanted a Fox Coral!! And Blasto Merletti have always been one of my favorites. Well, pretty much any Blasto's, lol. My first Blasto's were Merletti though, and you know how it is with your first love.
  7. Hooray, I've always thought Pom-Pom Crabs were cool, congratulations on the new addition!!! As far as the temp, I wouldn't worry too much. I learned from shipping frags 'n stuff that Reef livestock adjusts much better to lower temps than high ones. Seems to stress them out less.
  8. Really excited to see where this takes you!! I LOVE unique projects like this, especially when done by someone who knows their stuff. I always end up learning something.
  9. Pics have been added to my sale thread, check it out!! I love how all my old friends are unexpectedly showing up and jumping on the Bus, welcome!! I look forward to your tank thread!!
  10. Pics added!!! I got rid of a lot when I moved to SC from TN, so I only had a few Reef Related dry goods to list. However, I like to find creative solutions and I really wanted to find a way to make this Zen Learning Experiment tank happen, which is what led to some of the more unique packages in the second half of the listing. I've been running my own Spa Health & Wellness business from my home, and I thought, "Hey, why not make use of some things I already have on hand?!".
  11. Testing to make sure I remember how to post pics here. This is one of my favorite pics of my old 4g Pico. The sweaty-headed boy is 14 now and taller than me. Well that makes 2 of us, I'm back after a long absence as well!! Welcome to the Magical Zen Aquarium Bus!! Aaargh, I can't believe you won't be my neighbor now!!
  12. Dear Pirate Queen: update please? Also, I'M BACK!!!!!
  13. Those Blasto's are one of my favorite corals, and they're actually easy to frag!! You use a dremel with a diamond cutting wheel and just cut between the stalks. I really like the coral selection in this tank.
  14. That is very similar to the single perch light I have used over the 4g tank in my sig. (see sig for link). I think it should be fine for that, although the color isn't ideal. Is there a different bulb that is more reef specific with a color temp more in the blue range that you could get and swap out? I honestly don't know if they make one for that fixture, but they did for mine, so it's worth checking out on Marine Depot or Fosters & Smith.
  15. Hooraaaay, more people on the Bus, welcome!!! Today's goals include getting pics added to the For Sale thread I'm using to raise funds for this experiment and getting water from the LFS for a WC plus a couple extra gallons for a potential move into a larger tankspace. I'm not super impressed with my LFS here. They have decent frags sometimes, but unimpressive staff and the health of their livestock isn't always the greatest. I'll be in Columbia, SC this weekend and hope to visit an aquarium store there that I've heard good things about.