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  1. Tetra 3g cube & Marineland Portrait 5g ????

    Plants actually like some nitrates, the level of nitrates you have in the 3g Tetra is about where they like it. Not sure what to think as far as the snails, I may be able to send a couple more. How is the Grape Caulerpa looking? For shipping, you can use the same packaging that I shipped to you in, all you would need is some bags. For bags, go to the LFS and ask if you can buy a few of their bags, I've done that before. You saw how little water is needed in what I sent to you.
  2. Minimal Peninsula 14

    I really like this.
  3. WV Reefer's 75 Gallon Big and Dirty

    Yowch, that's alotta hermits on a frag!!! Why so many on there?? I like the Plate Coral.
  4. Dawn's seahorse garden II

    I think you have done an absolutely amazing job on this tank. I think it really is beautiful, both aesthetically and in how well it meets the needs of the Seahorses. Outstanding.
  5. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- New Fishy!!

    You don't think all the baby Stomatellas in there are enough for him?
  6. The MacGyver Slinky Dream Tank- New Fishy!!

    Sounds much like my new Puffer Fishy, except I think he's finally gotten over his shyness!! He's been out and about and zooming all over, and for the first time today he tackled some prepared food with great gusto!! Until today he had been ignoring all frozen food I'd been putting in and I didn't worry too much cause the frozen food brought out things like bristleworms and pods that I know he was eating. But when I added frozen Mysis today, he was totally dive-bombing it, made me very happy.
  7. Can't wait to see a FTS with these!!!
  8. MD Interviews Dave Fason of NanoBox

    Very cool!! Hey @DaveFason, what has been the biggest hurdle you've had to overcome in all of this?
  9. Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new fishie!

    Ohmigosh, I love all the new stuff!!! All of it, love the corals you got and the markings on the new fishy, and I'm super excited to see what you do with a 15L!!!! That's a cool tank size.
  10. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl

    Wow. That's interesting. My little Waterfall almost crashed cause of 100% WC's with RSCP. However, yours very obviously looks healthy and I really see no reason to mess with what is obviously working.
  11. SeaFurn's Reef Bowl

    Wow, this looks GREAT!! What salt are you using for water changes? As long as it isn't one with a naturally high Alk, the swings won't be as bad.
  12. I know this has been a lot of frustrating work, but your sharing what you did and the results is helpful. Very glad to see positive results from this for you.
  13. burtbollinger's Red Sea Reefer 170

    Looks nice!!
  14. My journey to serenity

    Lol at rave party!!! I noticed a featherduster that started growing in the return on my Waterfall tank, have no idea how that happened. Cool tho, huh?
  15. My journey to serenity

    Really??? I love them!! You know how to ship? PM me if so, I'll lose track of your comments on this thread, still busy with work. We could trade, too. Oh noooo, I'm so sorry!!