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  1. Aiptasia, they're a pest that will take over your tank. Kill them now before they spread.
  2. It can be done. There's an old thread on here by member SeeDemTails who did that.
  3. Here's a pic of the Graciliara Hayi and Botryocladia next to each other in the tank. I freely admit to not being the best photographer ever, so keep that in mind, lol!!
  4. I admit, that surprises me too. It looks like things are doing pretty well in your Jar right now. That's cool that the MTS made it!!!
  5. That's a bummer, I love Money Cowries, as well as some of the more unique inverts.
  6. SO exciting, and what pretty new arrivals!!! I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of the Octospawn when you get a chance, they're one of my favorite corals.
  7. That's pretty hilarious, PLEASE update with his response when he realizes!!!!!
  8. Oh Wow, that would be SO cool, especially in a Reef Bowl that already defies the conventional ideas of how a Reef can and should be run!!!!
  9. Yup, Silence of the Lambs, a movie I am very familiar with and have seen several times. My first date with my husband was watching Silence of the Lambs at a Dollar Theatre. We've been married 23 years now, and he gave me a signed copy of the book the movie was based on for one of our more recent anniversaries.
  10. I was afraid of that, RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!
  11. Love that pic of Rico on the Monti and Buffalo Bill's new "look". Tho I must say, I hope Bill doesn't take his inspiration from the character in the movie.
  12. Yeah, they do that. You can make a handy protective dome to put over while it's eating. Take either a bottle from bottled water or an empty 2 liter soda bottle, and cut it in half. You can put the top half of the bottle over the Coral while it's eating to prevent food from being stolen from it. You can use the bottom half of the bottle in the same way if you make a few, small holes in it.
  13. Try putting it either right next to the GSP, directly to the right of it (they shouldn't bug each other), or on the left, behind the GSP and kinda halfway up the rock structure that the Hammer is at the top of.