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  1. Really not sure what that is. Is it trying to procreate?
  2. Hooray, so cool to see this get started!!
  3. I think maybe hydroids.
  4. Doin' the Reef Tumble!!
  5. In my Sunroom/Office.
  6. There's a trick to shipping it, I've done it successfully. It absolutely MUST be shipped overnight. Attach the frag plug or whatever the Xenia is mounted on to a small piece of styro so that the styro is BENEATH the frag plug. I think I used rubberbands for this. Then put the Xenia in the water so that the coral itself is dangling upside down with the styro floating on the water surface. And of course the box/shipping container needs to be insulated.
  7. I think 5g is too small for this.
  8. I am so in love with this. All of it.
  9. Give it some time, they're pretty tough.
  10. Ooh, pretty Nems!!
  11. Excellent!! Start a tank thread on here when you get a chance so we can share the journey with you.
  12. YW. It's a sign that you're feeding them well, so congrats, lol. And yeah, just let it take it's course, it's a healthy sign, no additional fiber needed for their diet.
  13. It's pooping when it does that.
  14. I lol'ed.