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  1. Canadian hermits are more polite.
  2. I like where you're going with this. Do please keep us updated on how this goes.
  3. That's cool!!
  4. Thanks!! It's definitely a Stomatella, it's one of the recent crop of babies that I've been hatching. I tried from a bunch of angles, but the camera kept wanting to focus on the words and not the snail so that was the best one I could get in the moment. I love the coloring/patterning on it too!! I think that's the first time I've seen that on a Stoma. All the parents I put in were either the dark greyish coloring or the light grey, so it's interesting to think about what mix of genes led to this baby.
  5. Oh dang, SO wish it were possible for me to get this right now. LED lighting is the only type of lighting I don't have over the Experimental Macro tank I just started. One of these days I'll talk to you about getting something like this when the wallet allows. Love all of the cool ideas you come up with and the quality and innovation you've brought to LED lighting.
  6. It is, it's jumbled in with the Red Macros on the left. Hey, thanks, that's one of the nicest things I've been told recently. My brain works in interesting ways.
  7. Messy pics as promised. Remember, this isn't fine-tuned, it's just in there. Messy FTS. Left side is under 10k Metal Halide and natural sunlight, right side is T5HO with just Blue+ bulbs on in this pic. Tank will be run on reverse light cycles. P1060992 by Lisa Langston-Smith, on Flickr Shot of left side: P1060990 by Lisa Langston-Smith, on Flickr Shot of right side: P1060993 by Lisa Langston-Smith, on Flickr Bad pic of Stomatella baby, couldn't get camera to focus well: P1060995 by Lisa Langston-Smith, on Flickr
  8. Omg, so glad you found it!!! This little tank has been the most awesome Pico ever, let me know if you decide to do it, I can give you a couple tips.
  9. Everything is in there!!! Well, I'm about a gallon short, but will finish that up today, otherwise all livestock is in there and tank is officially wet!! Have a couple messy pics to post soon, first I need to Coffee, stayed up too late last night.
  10. Hooray, can't wait to get the Cladophora!!! It'll make the perfect habitat for Microfauna, which I really want to have a ton of in this Experimental Macro tank!!
  11. Honestly not sure, but try Mysis. You don't want it too much higher though.
  12. Try switching back to a reverse cycle and see how that goes.
  13. Is it too blue-ish or dim looking? Also, try putting the blue bulbs in every other position, as in alternate them. Or switch the position of the blue & purple bulbs. You'd be surprised how much of a difference that can make.
  14. Please be more specific and speak more clearly about what kind of setup you are planning so that we know how to advise you.
  15. I agree that this sounds good.