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  1. Oh no!!! Changing most of the water should definitely help, and so should using carbon, so if you have some fresh carbon you can use that would be good. If the rics aren't terrible and you have lugol's iodine, a lugol's dip might help. 1 cup tankwater, 1-2 drops lugol's, 3 minutes or so. If you have Prime or a bacteria supplement it might help to add that to control any ammonia in the water.
  2. Hmmm. I dunno then. Sorry I couldn't be more help!!
  3. Might not hurt to pull the rock forward just a bit so it's not right up against the back, but other than that it's looking good!
  4. That is just beautiful. From my own experience with Phoenix 14k MH and Zoas, I don't think the issue is not enough pop from the light. Where are the Zoas at in the tank? What kind of light were they under when you got them? Your husband did a great job.
  5. Oh my goodness, SO COOL!!!
  6. Now THAT looks like a beautiful, healthy Reef!!
  7. Ammonia looks good to me.
  8. Excellent news!!!
  9. This looks great!!! Congrats on the engagement and all of the positive changes in your life.
  10. In addition to looking really cool, they are also good consumers of pest algae. They are a favorite of mine. I tend to use this approach as well on Nano Tanks. On my 1.7g Waterfall tank I change 100% of the water at a time, but this is my first time trying that.
  11. @Lisa166, here's the thread I mentioned, start reading on page 3 when he added the rock: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/169985-nrfs-simple-wonders-55/?page=3
  12. Well, if you have enough water to do it you could go ahead and do 100%, but 50% is enough. Yes keep doing it if the ammonia is above .5 ppm. I would expect it to be above that in the very beginning. Did I post the link for you of a tank thread from a friend of mine who did this, and that followed his results? Needreefunds? I thought I did but I'll go look for it again. I asked if nitrite or nitrate were showing up because if they are it means that bacterial populations are building and processing the waste, which is what you want. They are an indicator of how well and quickly things are progressing.