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  1. I won't be able to post any pics of them in the tank til tomorrow cause lights are off. Only pics I have now are of them in the bag. I got a bunch of really nice stuff tho, I'm super happy.
  2. Really beautiful. I love the decorator crabs. Is this fulfilling your expectations of what you wanted for this tank so far?
  3. They can mix, it's not a problem, not like with corals. Mine are here, they're floating now!!!!
  4. Yeah, I know, I'm just feeling slightly nervous about it cause of the timing and cause I use that Leather as my "indicator coral" to tell me if things are off balance in the tank, and it got all squinched up just hours before I'm supposed to add some really nice new Macros. And speaking of that....... I HAVE MACROS!!!! Lots and lots of beautiful new macros are floating in my tank right now, and it looks like there's a good chance I'll be able to offer some new stuff for sale a couple weeks down the road. Love Gulf Coast Ecosystems, he took good care of me, will post a review for them tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Hooray!!! I'm still waiting (impatiently) for mine to arrive.
  6. Will be starting tank off with 3 kinds of lighting: sunlight, T5HO and 70w Metal Halide. Will have 2 sections on a reverse light schedule. Very simply done with no plumbing and no sump. Starting with 2 different substrates, hope to experiment with more as this progresses.
  7. Been 2 weeks since I changed the carbon and 3 out of my 4 T5HO bulbs are old, so I doubt it's that. I changed the carbon, changed flow in the tank slightly but nothing blowing directly on the leather. Same amount of flow, just changed where it's coming from. Added small amount of the Alk part of ESV B-ionic but not enough to cause a big alk swing or anything. No WC, nothing else, Leather is all squinched up. Have new Macros arriving any minute and trying to decide if Leather is telling me something is momentarily "off" in the tank and I should put the Macros in my backup tank. It's kind of an overflow Macro nursery that is simple and small but stuff seems to be doing fine in it.
  8. This build is about Reefing while staying simple, flexible and having fun. It's about approaching Reefing creatively, with outside the box, innovative thinking that is able to change and adapt. Some of the inspiration: The Slinky, simple, flexible, puts a smile on your face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUe8CS-Ov7w MagGyver, science + creative thinking = genius solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtg0Dif5MNo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF6FUVxAVzI The tools I am starting with: Since adaptability is part of the story here, I'm keeping this open-ended as to the final result. However, I do have a starting point that I think is pretty cool. This tank will begin life as an Experimental Macroalgae tank. I want to experiment and explore and learn as much as possible about the best ways to keep as wide a variety of Macroalgaes as possible. I would like to get the tank to a state of lush, healthy balance and be full of microfauna. I'm thinking of experimenting with different substrates and having fish that you wouldn't normally see in a Reef Tank, as well as possibly ending up with a higher population of fish than you'd typically see in a Reef Tank. I think it would also be cool to get this tank to the point where I am able to keep corals and inverts that are considered "difficult" and have them thrive, all because of the type of mini ecosystem I hope this ends up being. I hope what I do here leads to good discussions in the community that will maybe even lead us to possible approaches to Reefing that haven't been considered before. I envision this tank opening up cool, creative possibilities for me, but I hope that also spills out into the community and gets us trying and creating new stuff.
  9. Quick question, is changing out carbon something that might typically irritate a Leather coral?
  10. A nanobox quad and low iron glass would reallllyyy add up.
  11. If you did do the 36" one, is there some reason you couldn't do a T5HO retro? That would be much less expensive, and you sound like you have no issues with building stuff so a canopy shouldn't be hard for you.
  12. This is interesting. Looking forward to seeing what results you get from dosing Acropower. What led you to choose that?
  13. I vote for Starry.
  14. Books are an awesome idea, not sure what your problem is. Cheez. And when I asked for interests I meant what does he LIKE?? As in, does he look quirky mustards? China figurines? Leather? I dunno.