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  1. This rock is absolutely amazing, I've seen it in person in a family member's tank. However, I would first let it cycle in a bucket or something of that nature before adding it to an established system. It's good stuff though.
  2. That's exactly what I have. You can get a tall Architect's Lamp off Amazon, it's working well for me.
  3. Nice, I really like the markings on your Clown!!
  4. So much THIS!!!! That's not a bad idea at all, makes good sense to me. Please don't quit, we LOOOOOOVE your tanks!!!!
  5. They'll be good, they're Miracle Polyps.
  6. Ok, thx. Believe it or not I've never used an ATO (other than myself, lol) before, so this helps me understand it better.
  7. I'm curious, why did you go with 2 float switches instead of one?
  8. Your tank is looking really gorgeous, I love it. It also looks like you've got the Bubble Coral in a really great spot, flow wise. Watching the video gives me a feeling of serenity, and it hope it does for you as well. I am sorry to hear about your Dad, I somehow missed that when you first posted it. I hope that this tank provides you with a positive and fulfilling outlet to balance out some of the difficult things in life right now.
  9. Yes, exactly!!!
  10. Yeah, there's really no guarantee at my local LFS. Caveat Emptor and all that, so I'm cautious buying from them.
  11. Sure, as long as you don't mind losing that stalk. Cut with an xacto knife or razor blade.
  12. Not the one by the Duncan, the ones on the other side of the tank that I sent you. Unless the lighting was just making them look paler in that pic or something.
  13. This looks okay to me. My tiny violin wasn't even necessary, happy for ya.