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Calvin415's LED lit 12 footer

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Hey Calvin, great thread...lots of cool stuff in here. I got through about page 24, and I didn't see it...what are you running for water movement? I saw the 4 reeflo pumps, but no plumbing. Is it a closed loops? I don't see any pipes. The only noticeable poowerheads are on the overflow.


I ask because I thought about doing a much smaller version of this build before I came across this. I want to have good water flow/surface agitation, but I'm not sure how to do it without ruining aesthetics of the tank. It would be 42" L x 8" (or 12, haven't decided yet), by 6" H (actual water volume).


Thanks in advanced. :)

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Have a look at my thread mate. Inspired by Calvins tank and may give you some ideas.

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Just commenting so I can come back and read this, I know it's not around anymore! 

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