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  1. Hey glenn! Awesome120!!! You always crank out some awesome stuff!!! How about lowering the surge outlets under water and angle them up at a 45 degree angle. Maybe that will help with the microbubbles? Cant wait to see more!! Btw rhe 40 is looking insane as always!
  2. 40 gallons of short n stout

    not much to update. just started taking the stand apart to rebuild it. gonna be making it bigger. want more room underneath. its ok if the stand is way bigger, im sure she will find pictures and crap to put around the tank
  3. Why doesnt this work with R.O. filters?

    why doesnt what work??? i dont understand? the float swith on your rodi? if so, then it could be the water pressure from your house is too strong for the float switch.
  4. Wholotta wawa - 180G Reef - Taste the Rainbow

    dude, just read through this thread, and wow, what a journey!!! looks awesome! great overall setup! cant wait to see more!!!
  5. How much do YOU dose?

    Coralline algae will not use up that much calcium in your system, most likely it won't ever, even if every surface was covered in it. thats what i was refering to. unless you just meant the live rock wont...
  6. How much do YOU dose?

    i usually does more calc than alk....just keep an eye on both when dosing more calc
  7. How much do YOU dose?

    wait?????? coraline algae "doesnt" use any calcium??? coraline algae feeds off of calcium as it main source, along with light. as stated get yourself a good calcium and alkalinity test kit (i use salifert) then start from there. until then i would not does anything until you have determnined your water params
  8. if you have cleaned everything else, then give the skimmer a shot. also check the return line going into the tank. some stuff may have passed thru the pump and got stuck inside.
  9. Cubepernicus

    wow! this ones gonna be saaaweeettt!!! looks great so far!!! glad you had that beer to keep your water making motivation! awesome equipment selection! btw where did u order the deep blue from??? one of their tanks caught my eye, the 48x24x16 rimless! look forward to seeing cubepernicus take off!
  10. Running 2 TLF 150 Reactors

    I have the same...and all i do is pull the rubber elbows off the top and leave the tubing connected
  11. Whats everyones thoughts on the reef octopus skimmers? Im still undecided which one, but leaning towards the 2000 external. Everything i read and watch shows it to be a good skimmer. One thing i did notice is that it has a humm to it from the recirc pump. Kind of need some input on this or suggestions for another skimmer. Thanks all!
  12. Newbie Looking for Skimmer

    I second Tunze 9002
  13. Zeovit

    if you download their pdf file, they explain the process very clearly. does not seem that confusing. just seems like a little bit more maintenance time. zeovit i am not using this, but i am considering it for my next build
  14. 40 gallons of short n stout

    it is indeed
  15. 40 gallons of short n stout

    my thoughts exactly spiro!!! that was my biggest peeve when i had all my other tanks setup, CLEANING!!! this should allow me to keep the tank pristine! should be pretty sweeet