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  1. Congrats! Well deserved!!! How high do you typically keep the bulb off the tank? Looking at doing a cookie jar setup with the ABI Tuna Blue but not sure how much room I need over the tank since I'm hoping to have it on a bookshelf...
  2. Yes, check out the SoCo club site for detail.
  3. Sorry guys... Hosting a reef club meeting on Saturday and following the meeting everything will be available. Corals first, then rock and fish. Once it's dry, all the equipment will be parted out.
  4. Selling everything off and taking it down... Just lost interest.
  5. Think we should all change our avatar to his for a week in his memory?
  6. Wow! I'll sell my Orange/Purple Scolly for half that! Hell, I'll sell all 4 for 700.
  7. Yeah that would only exacerbate it...
  8. Aquascape isn't enough of a build for me, not to mention the hassle... I hear ya bro, thinking about getting back into car polishing/detailing but haven't touched it in 10 years... Going to take some time and moolah...
  9. Yeah, bought a toy and the tank is on auto pilot, but just doesnt feel right... What would I do with rock and rod? Thinking about it... :/ Working on it... Just don't know if I care.
  10. Dont know what is up... I feel like if the right offer came along I'd dump the whole thing... :/ I hate feeling like this.
  11. Can't really describe it but just feeling bored with the hobby right now... Anyone else feeling this way????
  12. A couple from Kalani Corals and a couple from Austin Aqua Farms Skimmer is doing great! Total volume is probably around 25 gallons, because the water volume is so low I don't always have to clean the skimmer, but at least every 3 or 4 weeks it needs a good cleaning. I haven't noticed any issues with my acans, but my red scolly turned a little more orange and is now getting even lighter so it may not pull through... Not sure if it is the light or just the location, I've tried a number of places and just not happy... Although I have to admit, I have been once again neglecting my tank. My elegance is also not looking as bright as it once was. Just been so nice outside, and between that and a new car I'm just not going down to my basement but once or twice a week.