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This hobby may test us, but perseverance pays off! This month we're featuring community member Butchy21 and his 26gal bow-front nano reef aquarium, a beautiful 3.5 year old system that fought its way back from a devastating heater failure. Wait until you see it glow under actinic light!
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What are your favorite big public aquariums?
We’re discussing our favorite public aquariums on the forum today, stop by and share the best ones you have visited!
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Snow's Mantis Habitat - He's Gone.
Say hello to Morpheus, a G. platysoma Mantis Shrimp! Community member Snow_Phoenix begins the journey of crafting a nano reef for this special little guy, be sure to follow along in his aquarium journal: Morph the Coral Stealer!
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Start 2018 off with a sweet serving of aquatic eye candy featuring community member markalot's stunning 40 gallon nano reef aquarium! Learn all about this reef tank and what makes it tick in January's Featured Reef Profile!
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Throwback Thursday: August 2010 we featured community member Sushi's magnificently sculpted 20 gallon nano reef aquarium. If you're a zoanthid lover, you don't want to miss it!
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Flashback Friday: We're going all the way back to October 2003 with jdsabin1's 20 gallon nano reef, our very first featured aquarium profile! An early pioneer in nano reef keeping, jdsabin1's aquarium was lit by two metal halide bulbs and featured an external refugium for all natural filtration. Simple maintenance with weekly 3 gallon water changes was a key to success!
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Start your day off with a little tranquility. This December we're featuring community member KuruptPixel's 21 gallon Red Sea Reefer Nano that is jam packed with beautiful LPS coral and anemones. Don't miss the tank build day video and very clever water change system!
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How to Perform a Water Change on a Pico Jar
Do you have aquarium chores on your weekend to-do list? You won't believe the ease of maintenance on a 2 gallon pico reef jar, just replace all the water! Having a little reef aquarium at home doesn't have to be a big chore. Nano-Reef Community member Gena walks us through the ins and outs of utilizing 100% water changes to maintain small pico reef jars and vases. Maybe your home or office needs a pico jar too?
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Tidal wave!
Back in 2008 community member eklikewhoa started building a fascinating macro algae tidal wave aquarium that was absolutely jam-packed with life. Revisit this interesting saltwater aquarium journal and be sure not to miss the anglerfish videos!
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We're featuring community member xellos88 and his beautiful seven year old nano reef aquarium for November. A testament to their passion for this hobby, this little 12 gallon reef aquarium has been through a magnitude 7 earthquake and two typhoons! See how this nano tank evolved from the tide pools in xellos88's featured reef profile!
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Marine Depot Group Buy - 10/30 and 10/31 - BIG Deals, FREE Stuff!
Community sponsor Marine Depot is hosting a 2 Day Group Buy 10/30 and 10/31! Save 10% on 3,903 items at Marine Depot today 10/30 and tomorrow 10/31 with coupon code NANOREEF. Get all the details!
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Creative Container Pico Contest - Official Announcement
This is the last weekend to enter our Creative Container Pico Contest on Nano-Reef.com, don't miss out on the fun!
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How To Create A Pico Reef Jar
Are you considering joining in our Creative Container Pico Reef Contest? Learn the fundamentals of how to create a beautiful pico reef jar, vase, or bowl of your own, complete with coral and invertebrates. It's easier than you might think! Get the full scoop in the Nano-Reef.com Articles Library
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Brighten up your day with 25 gallons of underwater artwork! We’re featuring community member buddythelion and his stunning 25 gallon nano reef aquarium, the culmination of years of experience. Get some insight into how it’s done in October’s featured reef profile! ☀️🐠🖼
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Build A Saltwater Mixing & Water Change Station
It can be difficult to find enough space to store RO/DI filters, water containers, and saltwater mixing buckets for your aquarium, especially when you live in an apartment! In our latest DIY Project Guide, community member KuruptPixel has designed a clever water change station that's compact enough to hide inside a closet or cabinet. Check out his brilliant solution in our articles library!
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What do you do for RO/DI when you're a renter?
Nearly every reef aquarist will face this dilemma at some point in their quest for pure water. What do you do for RO/DI when you're a renter? Join in the discussion and share your plumbing solutions!
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How To DIY Insulated Shipping Pouches
How To DIY Insulated Coral Frag Shipping Pouches: Have you ever wanted to be able to ship frags to people, but not really known where to start? Don't miss this brilliant guide from community member Weetabix7 on her foolproof solution for flat rate mailers!
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In the temperate cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, life takes on a different pace. This month we're featuring community member Tamberav's 7 gallon cold water nano reef biotope, a truly unique refrigerated anemone showcase!
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Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes
Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes: Using composition, balance, color, and depth within your aquarium to create your dream reef scene. If you think you’re not capable of pulling off this effect in your tank, you are wrong! Once you understand the basics it will come natural to you. If you're setting up a new aquarium you don't want to miss this insightful article and discussion in our aquascaping forum!
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100 Days of Nanos Contest Final Results!
Today is the last day to submit your vote for the 100 Days of Nanos Contest Poll!

The 100 Day of Nanos Contest has officially come to a conclusion, thank you to everyone who has participated and followed along so far! Now that we've reached our 100 day mark, it's time for everyone in the community to submit your votes for the three best 100 Days of Nanos aquarium builds according to the following categories: Best Overall, Best Aquascape, and Most Frugal. Polls close at midnight and winners will be officially announced on Monday August 28th!
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The Burbon Glass Pico
The Burbon Glass Pico Reef. Yes, you read that correctly! This clever pico reef was created all the way back in 2005, an early pioneer in unconventional tanks. You won't believe how this one came together, learn how in community member dhoffroad's aquarium journal!
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NanoBox Photo Tutorial : How To Take Better Photos
The number one thing you hear about with LED's is how "impossible" they are to shoot photos or videos. This is true compared to other lighting options but is very possible with the correct tools. The royal blue, violet and any other "blueish" spectrum will toss your cameras sensor into LED hell. This guide is how I shoot. This will not be an overnight thing. You will need to practice and play with your camera.
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what symbiotic pairings are available for the nano reef?
For a baseline, let's consider livestock for tanks 30 gallons and below. 

I will update this list as realistic pairing examples are posted:
- clownfish & anemone (or frogsspawn)
- goby & pistol shrimp
- pom pom crab...
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An Acan Fragging Session
Remember the first time you fragged a coral? "An Acan Fragging Session: I just fragged an Acan for the first time with BibleSue, it was interesting and not all that difficult, although the real test will be how well the fragged pieces look tomorrow and the next day!" Don't miss community member Weetabix7's photo guide in our aquaculture forum!
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Alien creature from hell?
Had an alien encounter in your reef aquarium? Our ID forum can help, just share a photo of that strange thing!

"Alien creature from hell? Spotted this 2 days ago. I have no idea what it is. It moves around like a slug so I suspect it's something in that family."
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