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How To DIY Insulated Shipping Pouches
How To DIY Insulated Coral Frag Shipping Pouches: Have you ever wanted to be able to ship frags to people, but not really known where to start? Don't miss this brilliant guide from community member Weetabix7 on her foolproof solution for flat rate mailers!
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In the temperate cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, life takes on a different pace. This month we're featuring community member Tamberav's 7 gallon cold water nano reef biotope, a truly unique refrigerated anemone showcase!
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Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes
Tips and Tricks on Creating Amazing Aquascapes: Using composition, balance, color, and depth within your aquarium to create your dream reef scene. If you think you’re not capable of pulling off this effect in your tank, you are wrong! Once you understand the basics it will come natural to you. If you're setting up a new aquarium you don't want to miss this insightful article and discussion in our aquascaping forum!
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100 Days of Nanos Contest Final Results!
Today is the last day to submit your vote for the 100 Days of Nanos Contest Poll!

The 100 Day of Nanos Contest has officially come to a conclusion, thank you to everyone who has participated and followed along so far! Now that we've reached our 100 day mark, it's time for everyone in the community to submit your votes for the three best 100 Days of Nanos aquarium builds according to the following categories: Best Overall, Best Aquascape, and Most Frugal. Polls close at midnight and winners will be officially announced on Monday August 28th!
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The Burbon Glass Pico
The Burbon Glass Pico Reef. Yes, you read that correctly! This clever pico reef was created all the way back in 2005, an early pioneer in unconventional tanks. You won't believe how this one came together, learn how in community member dhoffroad's aquarium journal!
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NanoBox Photo Tutorial : How To Take Better Photos
The number one thing you hear about with LED's is how "impossible" they are to shoot photos or videos. This is true compared to other lighting options but is very possible with the correct tools. The royal blue, violet and any other "blueish" spectrum will toss your cameras sensor into LED hell. This guide is how I shoot. This will not be an overnight thing. You will need to practice and play with your camera.
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what symbiotic pairings are available for the nano reef?
For a baseline, let's consider livestock for tanks 30 gallons and below. 

I will update this list as realistic pairing examples are posted:
- clownfish & anemone (or frogsspawn)
- goby & pistol shrimp
- pom pom crab...
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An Acan Fragging Session
Remember the first time you fragged a coral? "An Acan Fragging Session: I just fragged an Acan for the first time with BibleSue, it was interesting and not all that difficult, although the real test will be how well the fragged pieces look tomorrow and the next day!" Don't miss community member Weetabix7's photo guide in our aquaculture forum!
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Alien creature from hell?
Had an alien encounter in your reef aquarium? Our ID forum can help, just share a photo of that strange thing!

"Alien creature from hell? Spotted this 2 days ago. I have no idea what it is. It moves around like a slug so I suspect it's something in that family."
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what is your quarantine process?
What is your quarantine process? Community members discuss their best methods to quarantine new fish and coral before introducing them into their nano reef aquariums. Join in the conversation!
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Rock flower grow out tank
Imagine if you had 100 mouths to feed every day! Check out this amazing Baby Rock Flower Anemone grow out tank project community member reefhound is working on and follow along with the progress!
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Nuvo 20 DIY Tank Canopy and Base
Looking for some motivation to tackle that new aquarium build? (Or maybe just that weekend project list?) Check out this custom wood canopy and pedestal built for an Innovative Marine Nuvo 20gal nano reef aquarium shared in our DIY Project forum!
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Yellow Finger Gorgonian Help
Any and all advice on your successful keeping of these corals would help! Especially what and how you feed.
Pictures are also great!
Thanks friends!
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What am I battling here?? Diatoms, Dinos.... Driving me bonkers
Nearly every aquarist will face this nuisance algae when first setting up a reef tank, learn how to fight it off in this great discussion: What am I battling here? Diatoms, Dinos.... Driving me bonkers!
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Power Inverter saved my tank some stress
If you've been an aquarium keeper for long, you've probably had to face a power outage or two. Often the outages are brief, but what happens if they're not? Community member burtbollinger shares a simple solution to power your reef tank from your car battery. Always be prepared!
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Reefing Tools
What tools do you use to maintain your reef aquarium and frag your corals? Show off your reef keeping tool set and share your best gear discoveries!


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LED Colors, And What They Are Used For
Researching LED lighting for your nano reef aquarium? Learn more about LED color spectrums and how they are used for reef keeping and growing coral. This awesome resource is one of many great discussions in our Lighting Forum!
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Don't miss August's featured reef aquarium, community member Jedimasterben's stunning 36 gallon nano reef! A forest of gorgonians and leather corals set the foundation for this incredibly diverse reef, all built upon simple maintenance principals. See how it's done in his featured reef profile!
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Fluconazole - Bryopsis Silver Bullet?
Fluconazole - Bryopsis Silver Bullet? Have you ever had to battle the evil pest Bryopsis, commonly known as hair algae, in your reef aquarium? Dozens of community members have found success with this new simple treatment, watch their progress and learn more about it, you'll want this tool in your arsenal!
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