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2.5g mini bow I bought about 2 hours ago from walmart at 3am. moved substrate, water, liverock and my bastard blue damsel over to it. The damsel isnt staying there, I just had to get him away from my pair of clowns who are about to mate, this will become a mantis tank (right on my desk)

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lol, thats awsome! def needs mor eLR though, but you knew that :) btw, NO PEACOCK! evil little demon chits, got my ring finger broke by one, *cringe* lol, get one of the lime green ones, they are cool looking! or better yet, keep the damsel, and see what happens!

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dont worry the damsel lived in a less than 2 gallon containment box at my LFS for 2 months while i was away, im pretty sure he can survive a week until he goes into a friends 120gallon, in which he will most likely become food for an eel. I decided against the mantis and got a sexyshrimp instead, and yes nanogal theres more liverock

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