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New Cube on the Block


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A few pepole have requested some picks of my Bio Cube. So here they are


I picked it up from a LFS about two weeks ago. All I've had time to do so far is a water check. I thought I had a crack when I unpacked it, but it turned out to just be a scratch on the bottom glass.


The tank measures 16" High (not including the canopy) 20" long and 21" wide. The filtering area in the back accounts for about 4" of the width. That accounts for roughly 5.5 gallons of the 29.


The stock lighting is two 38 watt Coralife compact flourescents. Not a lot but a start. I don't think any other lighting options are avaliable.


The filtration compartment is split up into three chambers. Its designed for a wet/dry system, but I think it will make a nice refugium system. The middle chamber is nise and wide. Should be able to get a good amount of live rock and Chaeto in there.


One thing I am PO'ed about though, the hood doesn't have hinges!! You have to lift it off and on if you really want to do anything to the tank. Oh it does have two nice sized access doors on it, but who wants to woork through that?







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I'll have to check back often br1910 as I ordered one today. I kinda feel like a pioneer since this is a new cube system. Any ideas for any mods?

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I'll have to check back often br1910 as I ordered one today. I kinda feel like a pioneer since this is a new cube system. Any ideas for any mods?


Hey there basser1,


I've kind of had the same feeling.

But I hink we can get a lots of good ideas fron the Nano and aquapod mods.


One thing I have done so far. The water enters the first chamber from two inlets, one high and one low. Then over flows in to the second chamber. The second and third chamber water level would be about 1/3 deep. I've widen the over flow opening into the second chamber and the water level in chambers 2 and 3 have risen to about 2/3 deep. I think the deeper water level will be needed for it to be used as a refugium chamber.


Oh one other thing. The tubing from the pump to the bulkhead connects to an elbo. Between the elbo and the tubing is a straight sleeve that slides in to both of them. Be careful!! its a loose fit! I got a 5 oclock shower while playing around in that chamber while the pump was runnig. After drying off out came the glue !!

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Just thought I would note that I have the 8. It does have a hinge for the hood. It does not have a seperate door for the filtration in back. Only one in front for feeding.

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So you going to tear apart that hood and document it for us ;)



Ummmm....... Yup! :D


Tonight I'm going to try and find a better camera. Those pictures were too grainy for my liking.


I have been Thinking on the lighting/heat issue. I ran the tank full with two powerheads and lighting on. And the temps when I got home each day were between 81.2 and 81.7. SO...... Time to start trying to get the temps down.


The hood only has two stock fans. One blowing into the lighting compartment, and one blowing out of the lighting compartment. No air movemant on the water to speak of. I was thinking of drilling a series of small holes across the front of the lighting compartment, into the tank area. Like maybe two dozen 1/8 diameter holes. Then turn both fans to blow out. I'm thinking this will pull air in from the back of the hood, across the water, to the front, up into the lighting compartment, acroos the lights and reflecter/shield, to the back of the lighting compartment, and out.


I'm also going to open up the grill work in front of the fans. it you can barely see through it.




Just thought I would note that I have the 8. It does have a hinge for the hood. It does not have a seperate door for the filtration in back. Only one in front for feeding.


Good to hear that Fishguy,

i have'nt seen the 8 yet. Was thinking about a small one for at work.

Are you going to keep the bio balls in?

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I am not going to do any mods for now. I am new to Saltwater so I want to keep it simple. I have the same basic fans lighting system as you. I have found that the tank runs cooler when the lights are on. This does not make sense to me because as you said the fans seem to only blow through the lighting unit and not on the water. I

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I have the 14 gal and it also has the hinged hood. I also did the same mod with opening up the flow into the second chamber. I completely got rid of the bioballs and now have live rock in there. Something to think about is replacing the stock pump. I have a maxijet 1200 in there with a hydro flo and it works great. Perfect fit!!! I do think there should be at least one more PC in the 14 and definitely in the 29.

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Hey br1910, how is the new tank going? My tank is in transit, hope it gets here in good shape. My local lfs doesn't stock the biocubes and have no intentions to do so, hence I ordered one on-line. How did you widen the second chamber? Are you happy with the stock pump, or do you think it needs to be up-graded? Is a hydor flo neccessary? Thanks, I'll stay in touch.

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To Basser1

I didn't widen the second chamber... I did widen the opening between the first and second chamber. This is where the water goes from the first to second chamber. I took a pair of sheet metal snips and make a cut straight down the wall next to the opening. I only went down as far as the opening. Then took an exacto knife and scribed a line (a deep scratch) where I wanted the bottom to be. And bent the plastic tab towards the first chamber. I was suprised at how easy it was to break. Just bend and thats it.

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Yes dismantle that hood and show us its entrails! ;)

I think that is going to be my at home tank i ask for this Christmas really liking the sturdy feel of the 29 and maybe by then they will have some decent stands for it

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Speaking of stands, I'm searching for a nice cabinet style stand for this (you know how wives can be). I like the stand that Oceanic has with this tank, but I can't seem to find any.

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tank is still to much of an infant i can not find much of anything for it.

I will say last time i checked the oceanic website it was a bit suspect hw they had nothing listed for it.

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I noticed that myself ENraged. Makes me wonder how much support Oceanic is going to give this new tank. Guess I'll keep my eyes open and keep searching.

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I have to agree with both of you. I have had mine now for about 3 weeks and I am starting to look for replacement media for the first chamber and I cannot find anyone that is carrying it. You would think that would be their bread and butter and I cannot find anything.

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Why do I keep feel like glass tank of Nanocube, Aquapod, and Bio Cube are all from same maker overseas? Maybe hood is manufactured by each respetive companies but tank? Again, I am prolly wrong as I always am!

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Purple llama) The Bio Cube Is glass. I believe 6 mm thick.


Lou576) I don't know if they are. But it did say made in China on the box :angry: I was told , initially that it was Made in USA. I'm not sure what to make out of it, in that respect. It says made for Oceanic Systems,and made in China ! Are Oceanic Systems aquariums made in china now?


Enraged) Fraid your going to have to wait on that hood adventure. I did some prioritizng, and I think I need to get any filter and interior tank mods done first. Then while the tank is cycling I can Take on the hood/lighting issues. And some where in there Make a stand for it.


To much to do and not enough time for what I want to do. Sound familar?


Basser1) Heres a pic of the now wider opening.



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Finally a thread with BioCube owners!!! I just got the 14 and am getting ready for my first mod. I'm going to pull out the bio balls and put in some chaeto. Any ideas on a good light for the fuge?


I can't wait to see what everyone does with their own!

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I am looking to venture into the 14 biocube. The crazy thing is I pretty much have a setup all ready to go with a 125 gallon, but have it as a freshwater currently. Since this would be my first sea water setup, I thought I would start small (besides, I don't have the heart to get rid of my freshwater fish just yet :P ).


I see most are replacing the filtration system. Are the bioballs that come with the biocube that bad? I think they work great on my wet/dry system. I don't think I am ready to start hacking up a new system unless it is really necessary. I will be watching this thread closely for any information that will be helpful.

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First things first.... :welcome: nice to have you on board Goatherder.


As far as the bioballs..... It really depends on what inhabitants your going to have in your tank. I have had 34 and 79 gallon tanks in the past with wet dry systems on them, and they ran great. But they were both set up as "fish" aquariums. The only thing Icould get to grow in them were mushrooms.


If I understand it right, your LPS's and SPS's are much much less tolerant of nitrates. Which is were the bioballs ended the break down of wastes. Live rock and macro algea remove these nitrates. I don't know what the byproduct is though...

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