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12 gallon nano- clams?


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Was wondering if it would be possible to keep a clam with 12 nano dx stock lighting. I was thinking about putting it on the top rock which is little over halfway up? didnt know if thatt would be sufficient lighting for a clam?


If so can you also glue the shell down?

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It will not do good at all and will die with the stock lighting. Clams need alot of light and they do there best under MH.

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Anyone have a nano 12 gallon with better lighting, how much do i need, where to get the lights from etc???

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no go

depending on the type of clam, you need at the very least 70watts - 150 watts of HQI (halides)

unless you want a lower light clam, then around 96+ watts of PCs are fine, but these clams will quickly outgrow your tank and suck up nutrients you will have to constantly test and dose for. (alkalinity, calcium are some to name)

so no is your answer.

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You could get a 70watt retro from www.illuning.com and mod it into the hood I think. For that size tank a 70watt would be fine to keep a clam with. I have the 70watt over my 10gal. and I have a gold maxima in mine that is doing very well. My clam will be moving soon to my 225 in about a month, he is starting to get way to big for my 10.

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whats the web site, tried going there, but page cannot be found.


So does it take alot to install it? will there be any other effects of more lighting? i assume more heat but will it help the other corals i have?

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no its www.llluming.com


im putting the 70w into my 12g nc rite now and i plan on getting a clam


I was dieing to get a clam as well but after seeing the size of the clam at my lfs i now see that i simply would not be able to keep them long in my 12 AP. I bet the one at my lfs is 10 pounds easy. i might add it is a lower light one as well.

If you do not have a larger reef tank or plans on getting one then you will be selling him back sooner or later.

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Maybe try a flame scallop instead. You may have some limited success with a small derasa, but this would be an undesireable situation. If you decide to go with halide lighting be very cautious of the heat with this small volume of water as well as the increase in evaporation.

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jane of baden

if i were you i would do a lot more reading about a clam before i even upgrade my lighting


-youre gonna have a problem with evaporation if you have a MH in a hood over your tank

-clams are sensitive to ph/salinity changes (you cant just pour in water when you compensate for evaporation... you shouldnt even HAVE to pour in that much RO/DI water)

-you asked if you could glue a clam down


it's possible, just read-read-read-read-read-think about consequences if it dies how bad youll feel for being responsible for the death of a beautiful life form-read-read-read-think of ways around any flaws with your current system, and finally: READ


Thats what i did and now I have a clam in my 10 AGA :)

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My first clam was a derasha kept it under 46w of pc lighting in a 5.5g tank have

pic in my gallery had for couplew of years

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Lighting is important with clams, but stability is just about as important. Even if you upgrade your lighting, you will still face somewhat of a problem with stability... pH, SG, temp, etc.


Do think it through and try to avoid Croceas for your first pick... even maximas are touchy.



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