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6.6g Desktop Reef


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:D Hi Ya'll. Well, here's my tank.


Birthday: 10-8-05

Name: FUNK


6.6g Bookshelf Aquarium (Petco)

65w PC 50/50

HOB filter w/ 1/2 bag of chemi-pure and poly-filter (that's all I need)

I used base rock and live sand


Params: (Honestly, I don't test that often)

pH: 8.2-8.3

Amm: 0


Nitrate: low >10


Rocks are green becuase of some sort of algae (no leafy thingys so its not bropsis or is it cyano). Anyways, I expected that since it's base rock and my tank is young...it's going to go through algae phase. However, I see spots of coralline here and there so hopefull it'll purple up soon.


Inhabitants and Corals:

Cleaner Shrimp


Red Open Brain

Leather Toadstool


Various Zoa's

Green Yumi Rics.

Red Florida Rics.

Rainbow Frogspawn

Xenias, elongata and pompoms

Red and Blue shrooms

Dwarf pink featherduster

Frag of red monti. digita (an experiment...save me the lecture :) lol....it was a donation)










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thx sabae, and pet doc

thx inu, you're not the first person that said that about the algae...I guess I'm just to use to seeing purple as a sign of good health

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Nice! I have the same tank also! Best PetCo bookshelf tank so far!

The Acrylic scratches easy though, what do you use to keep it clear?

Also interested in your weekly maint schedule!



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thx shiva, dough, accord and somoney. :) Kind words from a fellow reefer means a lot.

I do a gallon water change a week. I have about a gallon evap. a week so I have a gallon jug of make-up water that I add capful of Seachem Reef Complete Calcium (trying to raise my calcium level.) I have a super nimble magnet from c.jerome. Also, I'm very hands on, so I have a Kent Marine plastic scraper (small) that I use to scrape my tank clean. Other than that, I dont supplement or add anything else. Oh yeah, I use Oceanic salt.


Got bored so took some more pics :)






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thanks paul and vash


It's awesome to have a nano. The corals are so darn close to the acrylic, my cam doesnt even know there is a piece of plastic holding the water in....lol.

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That Canon PowerShot SD400 does some nice macro work. The feather duster being the best shot here imo.



I have a swinging power head on my 6.6 and was considering a smaller second for the other side of tank but didnt want to start a whirl pool in this little guy. Any Lessons learned from your 6.6g? Id like to avoid any mistakes if possible in mine...

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Alot of lessons learned lol.

First off, don't fill w/ water more than 3/4 inch from the top, anything after that and it will spill over the back of your tank, in my experience. The black top (rim) for the tank traps the water sometimes and drips as you apply pressure to the tank walls (the plastic is a bit flimsy). So, if you see salt creeps in the back of your tank. It might be coming from that.


Second off, watch the temp. I have to have a fan in the summer blowing on the tank (haven't figured out how to add a chiller yet).


Third, about flow which was your main question. I found that having 1 powerhead was difficult to move the water evenly. That's why I have two small Rios (the smallest I could find) with the check valve attachment to limit the flow. I found it hard to move the water across horizontally (the long way) without causing a tornado somewhere in the middle region. That's why I finally settled on facing it forwards against the front wall, that way the flow can be diverted from blowing on any corals directly. Blowing the water forwards also allow for surface agitation, something I found hard to achieve with the powerheads blowing horizonttally at each other. Even if you choose to do this, you might have a hard time keeping corals in the middle of the tank that doesn't like direct flow (i.e, xenias for me).


Placement of rocks and corals are also important, I make sure to have ample room for my hand and scraper to scrub the glass without crushing the corals in the process.


Also, I never have to use a heater. With the powerheads and the lights, it keeps my tank a balmy 78-81 range. I have it running on a night schedule since I dont get home from work/shcool until evening time. So lights turn on at 4 and off at 12. That way, the lights keep the tank warm during the cold nights :).


Besides that I don't really have anything else.


Best of Luck to ya'lls with 6.6g. Mine is still young and there's a lot of learning. Let me know of any lessons, suggestions ya'll might have! :)


And yes Shaq, I used the SD400 to take the pics. I really like the dwarf featherduster pic a lot too.

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Thanks semi and danskin

Do you mean the xenia up top?

The tank kit was about $30, I changed the lights and filtration stuff. I also took out the bottom plastic cover so more of the sandbed is exposed.

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i like the green look too. i agree with inu's comment on the contrasting look. it doesn't look like most rock-boring algae i've seen (it's more vibrantly green imo). interesting look.


i like the duster too. the rob looks great too!


watch out for the carpet surfing firefish. is there a cover?


looks great overall! B)

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