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AI Prime Light Setting for 5g tank


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Hello Everyone!


I have just started a 5-gallon tank. It is still in the cycling process. As of now, the lights are switched off but I do plan to start the lights after some time.

I already have a Prime16 HD Reef light which I would like to use for this tank but I am not sure about the light configuration on this tank. I can use some preconfigured settings from https://www.aquaillumination.com/signature_series/ but I need to know about the intensity of the lights that I should use for this tank. Also, wanted to know about the total photoperiod and ramp up/down time. (Bulk Reef Supply recommended: 12 hours total time which has 5 hours of photoperiod)


Here are some of the details :

Light : Prime16 HD Reef

Light Mount Distance From Top Of Tank: 12 inches

Tank Dimensions : Length: 15.74", Width: 7.87", Height: 9.84"

Corals To Be Added: Zoas


Let me know if any other information is required.




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I've  had good luck on my 3.5 gallon with a 8 hour light cycle at about 8-9 watts total with the usual spectrum.


I ran mostly blues for the first 3-6 months and after it was well established I started to add more white. 


My light is only about 6 inches over the tank, and there is a glass lid. 


If you look at my build thread I posted the xml file that drives the prime with specifics, that was how it was set, of course, at the time of the posting.

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