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  1. Tetra1

    Nano Lighting

    Hey everyone, while I'm not new to reef keeping, I have been out of the hobby for a few years now. I am in need of suggestions for LED lighting on an 8 gallon nano tank that will grow corals. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  2. chaostactics

    ISO: Help with PAR readings

    I think I'm doing it wrong? Using an Apogee MQ510 in perfect condition as far as I know. Also is there a template or program out there to grid your tank in 3D to record readings on? I'm testing my lights Radion XR30pro G4 WITH Radion diffusers on RMS mounts (about 7" above tank+ 2.5" rim to waterline) and about a 10-15 degree tilt toward the back of the tank due to the weight of the XR30 or "design" of the RMS I've attached a diagram of the lighting and tank. Sand bed is black and about 2" deep. Tank is 24" x 32" x 24" LxWxD. Lights are about 3" from each left and right edges and about 4.5" back from front edge. Also attached is the lighting scheme. I was running the preloaded radiant color scheme at 59%. Anyway took some measurements figured I was doing it wrong and gave up. Dead center in my tank left to right, top to bottom, front to back I got ~315 PAR (took the measurements at 57% not full 59%) and all the way down on the sand bed approx 1" from the glass and approx 7" I was getting ~330 PAR. Also of note I'm just remembering I had forgotten to shut off my pumps. So I'm guessing the par may be higher and I can't recall if I scraped the glass first. I realize 2 x XR30PRO are big for this tank but I was truely caught off guard by the readings. Is it possible I'm getting it right before I go though and do a ton of readings? (With the pump off) And adjust my lights to desired PAR 70-150 or so. TIA
  3. Ok this may be a strange thing to ask, but is there something thin I can put under a light to reduce intensity and mimic deeper water? I can't raise the lights because it will glare on the glass lid (they have to sit right on the lid). I don't want to get a different light because I had such good luck with this cheap one and know what likes it and thrives well in relation to how many inches from the surface. My old build was a 20 g bio cube and I'm gonna try a cheap 10 g for ULM tank. So what I was thinking was putting some sort of filter under half the lights on one side of the tank so I could grow mushrooms and stuff and have the unfiltered side for sps and lps. Thoughts? Was gonna try cutting a piece of emergency thermal blanket. But thought I'd ask around if anyone has ever tried this.
  4. yavaar19

    Need help with torch corals!

    Hey guys!...I need some help with experienced reefers...the 2 torch that I have all have their tentacles retracted and it’s been like that for over a week now....for the past month, everything I add in a torch, for the first few days their tentacles extends very well but after a few days it stays retracted and never fully extend and I can’t figure out why...any help would be appreciated....I have tried reducing the light intensity and all but still can’t fix the problem... Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 50 Phosphate: 0.02 PH: 8 Alkalinity: 8 Calcium: 450 Mag: 1440 Temperature: 78.4
  5. BabyBorbonius

    Amazon T5 lighting fixture

    I'm planning my first tank and currently sitting in shock at the absurd lighting fixture prices. I wanted to do t5 lighting and saw these fixtures on amazon. Does anyone have any experience with them? Will they work? I wanted 6 bulbs because I was planning a 25 gallon cube which measures 18 * 18 * 18 roughly. I could only find these 4 bulb and 8 bulb fixtures. https://www.amazon.com/T5-Grow-Light-Fluorescent-Hydroponic/dp/B00NMX5EGC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=t5+2ft+6+bulbs&qid=1610760867&s=lawn-garden&sr=1-3 https://www.amazon.com/Light-4lamps-DL824-Fluorescent-Hydroponic/dp/B009GU4RMC/ref=psdc_14252961_t1_B00NMX5EGC
  6. I have inherited a tank which I want to make as much good with as I can. So far I have been changing the water as well as setup an auto-top up. I have been measuring the No3, Po4, Ca, Mg, Alk, and salinity as well as ensuring that temperature is at 25 using the heater that was with the tank. - The tank is a shallow reef of 85x35x20cm which the last 10cm of it is allocated to the filteration. There is no sump or skimmer, etc. - The light is a maxspect r420r 70w (nano). with 120 degree lens - There are two clown fish (the most common ones) - total of 5 snails - one hermit crab Following are the coral fragments that I want to make some placement for them without losing more of. I think my Milka colony is already dead as I have not seen any polyp on it (which makes me very sad if it is really dead). Caulastraea toxic green green star polyp green mushrooms pink sinularia Euphyllior Seriatopora Caliendrum Montipora fire forest Green Stylophora small Montipora plate Stylophora milka Montipora plating ultra green Setosa Green leather coral I attached photos of the tank and I wanted to get any advice anyone has on how to arrange them on the two rocks that I have. I have already moved the rocks with GSP to the back and the rock with mushroom as far from the rest as possible since I read they are invasive. Any comment on placement and arrangement is very much welcome. PS: I found two crab shells and dropped them for the hermit that is there, he didnt like them and left them after trying them for a bit. It was amazing to watch him/her move so close to the new shell and arrange the entrance and move into the new one. Worth all the time I have spent with the tank so far. Thank you.
  7. William Ashley-Matthews

    Fluval Evo 13.5 Lighting

    Hi all, I have had this Fluval setup now for about 6 months. I started with everything standard but really didn’t like the stock light effect. I have since installed a Razor Nano and was wondering if anyone else has used this light on this tank and how they got on. I have tried various light combinations but don’t seem to be getting the growth. I have the following corals that are opening up well but not growing\spreading, Duncan, leather toadstool, Kenya tree, leather finger, green star polyps, and a couple of mushrooms. The parameters are all good and I do a 10 litre water change per week. I have tested the RO at 0ppm and does Salifert All In One once a week and Salifert Coral Food every other day. Any ideas? Many Thanks Will
  8. I've finally got my 10g saltwater tank set up and I plan on getting a pair of clownfish and I've seen conflicting statements on if other fish are possible Also if anyone sees this what inverts yall would recomend I'm very excited about starting saltwater
  9. ColtonDaBest

    20g Lighting ideas?

    I'm in need of lighting suggestions so I made another topic
  10. Hi All, I may be criticized for my methods here but I really need some help. I came over from freshwater tanks in the fall to start my first 10g nanoreef (approx. 9 months ago). It's had it's ups and downs, but I really like it and want to upgrade. My current setup is: 10g aqeon tank HOB Seachem Tidal 55 (with sponge, matrix, and phosguard pad) AI Prime 50w heater Hydor Koralia powehead (240gph) Cobalt Micro UV sterlilizer I want to upgrade to an IM 20 Fusion Pro but I have yet to master the 10g tank. I seem to have a constant battle with algae that never ends. Once a week a spend 1-2 hours with a turkey baster blowing off purple algae (cyano?) and sucking it off the sand bed (with some sand too) during my 30% water changes. I also have to constantly blow off my GSP (which is recovering from a temperature/equipment failure) maybe twice a week. I'm learning a lot as I go and it's been a little rocky since I jumped head first but 4 weeks ago I switched to RODI but no improvements, it still seems to be the same issue. My current parameters are: PH: 8.4 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate .25 Ammonia 420 Calc 6 Alk (low, I know. I can't get it to stay higher for some reason) Phosphates: 0 1.027 salinity 77 degree water AI Prime running for approx. 11 hours. 3 of which are at its max for the day. Posting pic of schedule below. The levels are what it looks like during peak hours. High Range PH, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia all measured using API Freshwater Master Kit. Other measurements are using API kits as well. If I move to the 20g I would think about seeding dry rock with the rock I have now, but I don't want to "infect" the new tank with the algae and problems I have now. Any advice? I'm thinking the HOB filter is causing issues with the sponge catching detritus but nitrates are reading 0 so I'm not entirely sure that's the issue. I completely washout the sponge and filter every 3 weeks or so (future tank I plan on filter floss so I can just replace easily every week). Thanks in advanced.
  11. Crass

    Need a big favour

    Hi everyone! Was hoping an AI prime 16HD user could help me test par. I know it's a big ask but I cant find somewhere in montreal to rent a PAR meter. Would be much appreciated! It's a 13" deep tank, nuvo 10 Gallon Current max peak (all i need tested) Blue - 100 Violet - 100 UV - 75 V - 75 Red - 5 Green - 5 White - 15 Looking for par from sandbed to surface Light is 8 inches above surface Thank you!
  12. mynewtank

    Wrong fish ?

    My tank is about 6 months old with a sump and a big plastic tank next to it that feeds RO into it. The light is LED that goes across the top of the tank and all of the parameters are normal and kept that way by the guys from the store that are doing this until I can. I bought another yellow tang after the last one died because the salt was too high. Then I find out (on this site) that yellow tangs do not belong in a 35 gallon tank. I also bought a hammer coral and it's not looking well. I have a Coral Beauty Angelfish and a female clownfish in there for about 5 months and they've been doing well despite my fumbling around trying to figure this out. Here's the thing. These guys maintain my tank. I'm in constant communication with them because I rarely know what I'm doing. - Half the time I don't even know what some of this equipment is called and these guys sold me the yellow tang. Anyway, here's the question: Going forward, what kind and how many fish would be best.
  13. Hey guys! So I've dipped into getting some beginner softie and lps corals and I'm a complete noob to all this lighting jargon and was wondering what y'all would reccomend. As the title says I have an orbit marine IC Loop lighting fixture (this guy right here: https://www.amazon.com/Current-USA-Marine-Aquarium-60-Inch/dp/B00GFTNG3S?th=1). I'm aware it can keep softies lps and some lower light heartier sps if placed at the top, however what exactly should I keep the lighting at. It has a standard mode with the RGB that has everything at 100% which is super bright and white, and I like it for the most part but the corals don't really pop. I tried a setting with 70% blue and 70% red and it makes a really nice purple color that make the corals look awesome and fluoresce. I would like to keep this kind of lighting all the time so the corals always look that good, right now I've just been switching to the purple color at nighttime. My question is if I leave it at the purple color 24/7 is that enough light for the corals to grow? I'm a little confused about how the par works in with this light. Current USA (the company) has a diagram giving general par at certain depths, but they don't say how much light is being put out. Am I to assume that just means the light has to be on full power with all led colors maxed out to get those outputs, or could I receive the same par if I just did all blues? Anyways if anyone could help clear some of this up and suggest led percentage combinations that would be great! Thanks!
  14. Will 6500k LEDs Grow Coral? What do you Guys think?
  15. adam_ducote

    lighting for budget reef

    Hey guys, someone gave me a 10 gallon long rimless tank. I have an established nuvo 20 that is about a year and a half old with two AI Primes on it. For the tank I was given I'm thinking about looking into budget lights as it will be mainly a softy tank with a few acans and maybe a frog spawn or two. I love my ai primes but was wondering if you guys had any recommendations before I spent the money on another ai prime. I've been looking into black boxes but hear mixed reviews. Thanks! Picture of my nuvo 20
  16. elimohrland@gmail.com

    Nano reef lighting and wavemaker

    Hi guys first post here and my first reef tank is in the mail. I had some hardware questions and I was hoping I could get some ideas here. I ordered the waterbox 20 and was hoping to start with clowns and soft corals but I would like to purchase lighting capable of 200+ par for SPS corals at least in the top third of the tank. I also was curious if anyone had suggestions for a wavemaker for a 20 gallon cube that could provide enough flow for some harder corals and an anemone eventually. I've already committed to a very patient approach for my first attempt but ultimately I would like to be able to grow anything that will fit in my tank. I'd like to spend as little as possible obviously but I'm open to higher end products if you think they are worth the price. I appreciate anyone taking time out of their day to offer help!
  17. Nathans_Reef

    Reef lighting under £150?

    Hello everybody, i am going to set up a 40 gallon lionfish tank and i would like to grow macro algea, zoanthids and mabye an anemone. I like the Twinstar 600 but it is a planted tank light, it is full spectrum, 7050k and about 30w, would this be bright enough for at least macro algea? If not does anybody know of any lighting for under £150 that will be good for a 80cm tank? Thanks
  18. A few weeks ago I picked up a good deal on a three gallon MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium. Plan to use it as a quarantine or frag tank depending on what I need at the time. Could be keeping soft, hard or LPS in it. For lighting I have been looking at two sub $70 units on Amazon. Have seen a few mentions on NR.com about them but not a lot of feedback. There are quite a few reviews of both on amazon. Hoping to collect additional thoughts or personal experience which will help me and others who might be looking at these. Welcome your thoughts. Lominie LED Aquarium Light Pixie 30 Central light source could be better for my squarish tank no fan customize the spectrum can adjust intensity HIPARGERO LED Has a fan only blue/white adjustment can adjust intensity Lomine on left Hipargero on right.
  19. Hello there new aquarium friends. I’m totally new to this whole world of aquariums. I’ve never really had a cool setup like I’ve received from my gfs father. He gave me a bunch of awesome tools to make an epic aquarium. I have been wanting to make an awesome aquarium for my home for some time now. But it’s such a costly but well worth it kind of hobby. I have been given a 14 gallon Oceanic bio cube. Also there is a new light that he added from stevesled. I need to figure out the configuration of the plugins to the lights. Also learning how to setup the timing for all the light. Also have no idea what cycles to set up the timers on. He suggested some things to get started: 10 lbs of live sand carribsea arag-Alice aquarium sand. 3 x 5 galling imagitarium Pacific Ocean water 5-10 pounds of live rock If any of you have any good starter tips or and any information on the light setups and timers please feel free to help.
  20. Hello Nano Reefers! I am in the process of updating my lights for my IM 20 nano reef with 2 Skkye 18w lights. I am running a LPS / Softy tank. I might decide to insert low light SPS in the future. I was leaning toward purchasing an AI Prime HD. The light has been well received and Jake from Reef Builders has previously raved about the light. I also consider a Kessil or Nanobox, but they are currently out of the budget at this time. I recently stumbled across a little-known LED fixture that appears to be somewhat promising. I am talking about the Coral Box Moon. I am now trying to decide between a Coral Box Moon or an AI Prime HD. I am interested in the Coral Box because it is slightly cheaper, comes with a mount, and has comparable specs. Does anyone on this forum have experience with both of these lights? I would like to hear from a few Coral Box owners. There are enough AI Prime owners that have provided glowing reviews, and I am open to hearing more reviews. Any suggestions? Coral Box Specs: WIDE MORE! COVER MORE PLACE! LED MORE! COLD MORE! To Come First Circle LED, up to 175mm x 175mm Cover all area on your tank, still thinner as 34mm 6.89" x 6.89" x 3.4" inch LED up to 59Watt 18 LED Chips Centralised Cross LED Wide Enough Lumen on Tank Moon LED using Aluminium with Plastic Cover Fast Cooling on the LED! No Burn smell with harmful in your home ENJOY 2 TYPES OF LENS Our Crystal Ultra Lens Maximum on your Lighting Range 90 Degree Lens strength Lighting on small tank without over burn of coral 120 Degree Lens Wide More for 24" inch Tank CROSS POWER SUPPLY 1 Power supply for 2 LED. Minimum on your power source SIZE Length 6.89in. (17.5cm) Width 6.89in. (17.5cm) Height 1.34in. (3.4cm) LED SPECIFICATION Channel 1 White: CREE XTE 5W 7000-8300K 4pcs Channel 2 Blue: CREE XPE 3W Royal Blue 450-465mm 5pcs Channel 3 :Epileds Purple 3535 420-430nm 3W 1PCS + Deep Ocean Blue 445-450nm 3W 1 PCS Channel 4 Moonlight Blue: CREE XPE 3W 465-485nm 2pcs Channel 5 Green: CREE XPE 3W 520-535nm 1pcs + Philips 3W Cyan 490-515nm Channel 6 Red: CREE XPE 3W 620-630nm 1pcs + Cree Amber 585-595nm 1pcs 3W
  21. I have an opportunity to snag 3 kessil a150w deep blue spectrum lights for 150.00. The deal is nice but is it dumb to buy discontinued fixtures? Will I be able to get any parts if needed? Thanks
  22. Kurtz74

    Kessel A80 Tuna Settings

    I have a Waterbox AIO 15 Nano Tank with a Kessel A80 Tuna Blue light and controller. Currently, I followed the BRS lighting schedule that I found in a video, but ideally I would like a bit more blue throughout the day. Any suggestions on how I can adjust this? I currently just have two fish and some Zoas. I assume I would need to adjust the "color" setting up some to get more blue? If this is not ideal for the tank/corals I will just leave it. Just wanted to see what everyone thoughts. Current Schedule: 6:00 - Color 0, Intensity 10 9:00 - Color 30, Intensity 40 11:00 - Color 60, Intensity 70 12:00 - Color 80, Intensity 100 15:00 - Color 40, Intensity 50 18:00 - Color 0, Intensity 0
  23. cmedlock

    15 gallon column

    Hello! I'm new to reefing and i have an aqueon 15 gallon column and I'm struggling to find a good and affordable LED light for my tank. I have two clowns and I'm looking to add corals but cant find a light to fit my dimensions 13.5 '' length and width and it's 25'' deep. I'm open to pretty much any form of lighting, but if it needs to be hung whats a good hanging kit? thank you!
  24. NaniNano27

    Lighting for my Nano tank

    Hi Friend, Im Nani, I had so many questions but I figured out most of it from YouTube... except one question..I'm new to this hobby please don't mind me if my questions are stupid..I have almost 7 freshwater fish tanks currently...I wanted to try marine for the first time ..I was little scared and since I'm just student with little stipend Soo... So coming to my question....I recently bought one secondhand tank which is 80cm length 30cm width and 30cm depth ...I feel this is unusual tank dimensions ...I'm not able to figure out the lighting options for this shallow tank ... Please help me out...my budget will be max 100$ ...if couple of dollars are missing for good options I can try bit more ...but I want to know ...does any of you guys have such unusual tank ?
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