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Arag-Alive Hawaiian black sand


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I was thinking of using this as a substrate in the new 20 Gal Long, but have read some reviews from 8-10 years ago on other forums, about it containing iron due to being part volcanic rock. Seems it can scratch glass when using mag cleaner, others have talked about alk issues, etc. Has any of that changed over the years? Anyone use this brand specifically? Issues? Likes?

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I’ve never used it, but I’d imagine it’d be a nightmare to try and keep clean, unless you don’t run any whites. 

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@Morpheus77 @joshthebox is correct. It's not difficult and yes, some indeed have ferrite in them. I would caution though on the tank if it doesn't have enough flow as it's difficult to gauge how healthy the bed is. I would not opt for a deep bed with this for these reasons.

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