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William’s Red Sea Max Nano


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This aquarium is an evolution of my previous Innovative Marine 14 gallon peninsula. All of the Inhabitants of the Peninsula have been moved to the new Aquarium.  



As seen in my previous aquarium, the inhabitants of this system are not typical or recommend for most setups. The oldest inhabitant of the system is a Neogonodactylus curacaoensis,

Mantis shrimp, which I acquired in April/May of 2020. During this time He/She has grown considerably. The second oldest Inhabitant is a female “Spotcinctus” clownfish, who has hosted in the numerous rainbow bubbletip anemones this system has supported. I have never seen aggression between the mantis and this clownfish to date. 


In June of 2022 I purchased a red Haddoni carpet anemone for the clownfish, and the anemone that arrived was much larger than expected. A few weeks later I purchased a small Spotcinctus clownfish and an aptasia eating filefish. Both new additions have done well. The aquarium did well but the anemone took up all of the real estate. While searching the “for sale” section on my local reef forum, I saw a post for a gently used Red Sea Max Nano, which I promptly purchased. 


  • Aquarium and Stand: Red Sea Max Nano, Black stand 
  • Return: Stock Red Sea pump 
  • Filtration: Stock filter socks 
  • Skimmer: Tunze 9001 (stock skimmer created a ton of micro bubbles) 
  • Light: Kessil A360x Tuna blue with narrow angle reflector 
  • Wavemaker: Nero 5 (I am currently looking for a Nero 3)
  • Temperature control: Inkbird controlling heater and fan
  • ATO: XP Aqua duetto 
  • System controller: Apex EL with PH, Temp, and Trident 
  • Ph Control: Milwaukee Instruments PH controller and doser - saturated Kalk dosing at night (as needed)
  • Additional doser: Kamoer x1
  • Rock: Unique Corals Australian live rock 
  • Substrate: Two Little Fishies “Reborn” calcium reactor media 
  • Salt: Tropic Marin Pro reef salt. 
  • General Ca/Alk/trace management: Tropic Marin “All-4-Reef” 
  • Supplemental Ca/Alk/Ph: Saturated Kalkwasser. 
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