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Found 13 results

  1. Hey, im looking to get a cooling fan for my Redsea 75 max nano, i have a DD dual temp controller to control it. I need something that i could easily attach to the tank and that isn't overly large. Price is not really an issue just looking for good reliable brands.
  2. Hello Nano-Reef! I've been waiting a while to get back into the hobby after breaking down this pico reef build due to frequent moves for school and work. Now that we're more settled in one place, my wife and I decided to start up a new reef and bought ourselves a Red Sea Max Nano. We had initially planned for a mixed SPS/LPS tank but things change over the years and now it has a bit of everything. FTS: 2/1/21 Table of Contents: 7/24/19 - First FTS 9/18/19 - September FTS 10/14/19 - October FTS 11/12/19 - November FTS 12/21/19 - December FTS 1/25/20 - January FTS (6 months) 2/1/21 - 1.5 year update Equipment: Tank: 20G Red Sea Max Nano Lighting: AI Prime HD x2 Filtration: stock protein skimmer Heater: 75W Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm, Inkbird Temperature Controller Flow: MP10, stock return pump ATO: Tunze Osmolator Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro Media: BRS carbon and GFO Rock & Substrate: ~15lb BRS Reef Saver Rock, ~3lb KP Aquatics Uncured Live Rock 15lb Caribsea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand Maintenance: 10 gallon water change every 2 weeks Replace filter floss every 2 weeks Replace carbon/GFO monthly ESV 2-Part ESV magnesium Feeding: Hikari pellets daily Reef Roids twice weekly Frozen mysis weekly Fish: Black and orange ocellaris clownfish pair Royal gramma Invertebrates: Cerith and dwarf cerith snails Nerite snails Nassarius snails Banded trochus snails Scarlet cleaner shrimp Rockflower anemones Corals: SPS Red montipora capricornis Red montipora setosa Montipora undata LPS Fluorescent tip purple torch Peach/pink hammer Purple tip green frogspawn Green duncan Various acan/micromussa colonies Neon green candycane Red/green blastomusa Softies Various zoanthids Waving hand anthelia Clove polyps Superman mushroom
  3. Ocean_dreamer89

    Ocean_dreamer89's Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hello! About a year and a half ago, I started my first reef aquarium which was a BioCube 16. Even though I had been told nano tanks can be hard to maintain due to the small water volume, I had a great time with that tank and learned a TON. For me, it worked very well to "get my feet wet" in the reefing world. The small size and (relatively) cheaper cost, allowed me to get started and find out if I really enjoyed it and would stick with it. I always knew that if I did really enjoy reefing, that I would eventually upgrade to a larger aquarium. I had originally wanted to go with a RedSea Reefer 425XL, but a friend of a friend decided to sell his RSR 250 and it was a deal that I could not pass up! The tank had been up and running for about six months before he took it down and it is in near perfect condition. I bought the tank back in August 2020 and today (2/5/21), I am finally adding water to it. I'll add more details in subsequent posts, but just wanted to get this thread started and say Hello! As this thread continues, I'll try to keep this first post updated with the latest equipment and livestock. Tank: RedSea Reefer 250 Salt: Fritz RPM Aquascape: About 50 lbs CaribSea Life Rock (40 lbs regular rock/10 lbs arches) Sand: 20 lbs CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Live Sand (about 1 inch deep) Lighting: RedSea ReefLED 90W x2 Return Pump: Octopus Varios-6 Powerhead: Ecotech Vortech MP40wQD Skimmer: Nyos Quantum 160 Algae Turf Scrubber: IceCap 20W Heater: Finnex 150W Heater with Inkbird WiFi controller Chemical Filtration: TBD Mechanical Filtration: RedSea Filter Cups filled with matrix and topped with filter floss ATO: TBD, Innovative Marine HydroFill Reservoir 15 Gal Tank Modifiations: Removed stock plumbing and replaced with custom plumbing P.S. I love hearing other people’s opinions and suggestions! Please comment all you want!!! Edited: 3/2/21 Livestock: TBD Will be transferring over 2x Ocellaris Clownfish and 1x Blood Fire Shrimp 1x Melanurus Wrasse in QT Corals: TBD - will be transferring: Duncan 1x Green/Purple Hammer 1x Toxic Green Hammer 2x Ricordea Florida (orange and green) Ultra Orange Rhodactis Mushroom Blastomussa merletti (I believe, could be wellsi) Green star polyp Frogspawn Candy Cane Plating red Montipora Solid pink Scoly Meteor Shower Cyphastrea JF Burning Banana Stylocoeniella Encrusting white/green Montipora Neon Green Cabbage Leather Rainbow Trachyphyllia
  4. So I got an email this morning from Red Sea saying the reef waves where now available and I have been waiting a long time for them to finally release. Contacted the biggest LFS in my area and they actually had them. It feels really good and is seems solid built. I won’t install it until tomorrow but I can’t wait to see how it performs in my reefer 170 🤓
  5. pokerdobe

    Mochi's Sushi Tank 750XXL

    Updated 1-29-2020. So much has happened. Marriage, new jobs, etc. Reef wise, the tank made a sudden and unexpected upgrade to the Reefer 750XXL about half a year ago. Instead of making a new thread, I'll continue to post in this one. So in light of all that, here's an updated FTS and Mochi picture. FTS Current FTS as of 12.2020 Doggo
  6. Aquascaping_Nature.be

    Reproducing Reefled 50 spectrum to AI Prime 16HD

    Hi all, Maybe a more advanced question, but does anyone know if its possible to reproduce the redsea reefled spectrum for 15, 20 and 23000 Kelvin to an AI prime 16HD? The app suggest 15000 Kelvin (100% blue and 100% white)... (what does this mean if we bring this over to the AI light settings? Same for 20 and 23000K What intensity for white, royalblue, red, green, UV, etc....? Huge thanks if anyone might know this ✌️
  7. dropped

    Dropped's Reef

    End up moving house, no real place for a tank during the move so shut the tank down. A shame really as the tank was mature and hitting its stride, was easy to maintain and fairly bullet proof. Tank dimensions are: 1000x550x600 with a total display volume of 330L October 30th 2018 Top down view pre shutdown as i moved house September 2017 FTS - 1 year old September 2016 FTS New VS Old Last FTS before the upgrade FTS 1 Year old FTS 10 Months So after 10 months in the fresh water side of this hobby i thought i would try my hand at a reef. I already had a custom 600x450x450 low iron tank for my fresh water tank, so i though i would make an exact copy for my nano reef, this would mean i can have them sitting side by side sort of like twins. I placed the order for my new custom tank, 600x450x450 low iron glass, but this time with black silicone, the only issue was i forgot to tell the builder to polish the edges.... so at some point before i fill it with water i need to pull it apart and send the glass away to have the edges polished which is fine as i'm in not rush. Not polished edges, will get these polished and the rear of the tank drilled for the over flow at the same time. The new soon to be reef tank And my fresh water tank which will sit beside the reef. Ive also started to build two stands, one for each of the tanks, once again these will be identical. Here is my progress so far... Picked up the wood for both of the stands. Bottom bracing Top bracing with mid support for the tank First side panel screwed on Last side screwed on Left and right panels on, so far everything is square so pretty happy Starting to install the front panels, top and bottom panels installed, still need to buy some hinges to install the door Turns out i messed up the measurement for the rear panel so ill need to get that recut which sucks as i could have finished the stand this weekend!!! Test fit of the tank sitting on the stand, super happy how it has turned out so far. No door on Door sitting there, just so i can see how it looks Screw holes all filled, learnt a good lesson here.... dont use heaps, or before its set slice the extra off with a knife Magnet latch on Door hinges on The twins filled and sanded screw holes, hope these come out ok.... first coat of stain
  8. BoredNuke

    BoredNukes Reef Rebuild

    Wife decide she want the tank to go from okay to as good as I can make it. A challenge I happily accepted. Tank is a Redsea Reefer XL425. Goals for this project is to better(fully) automate & failsafe the system as I travel 28 days at a time for work. Secondary goal is turning the wiring and controls from embarassing chaos to display quality. Current Equipment: 2 kessill 360s, 1 Mp40, Knockoff DC return pump, Semi ATO (kalk on a timer + redsea internal ATO tank), JBJ 1/10hp nano Chiller. Heater of some wattage (forgot but works) Ancient salt ruined ReefKeeper that is limping (shuts down if bumped at all). 2 crappy small bottom fed bio pellet, carbon(GFO) reactors. Incoming Equipment: Apex + Trident, Apex ATK,Break out Box and DOS, PM1, Apex COR15, 2 aquamax reactors, 1 aquamax Bioppellet reactor, Clarisee Auto Roller SK 3000 Aquamax Ctech t1 Calcium reactor. A bunch of plumbing material (pipe,Valves etc.), Home depot wood and (plexi)glass for controls cabinet, cheap periastic pump (CaRx feed potentially temporary ). Makeup water container TBD based off available room in control stand. and Redsea cover to keep jawfish from becoming dog food. Current Inhabitants: 2 warrior baby clowns (ocellaris) (RIP Death and Destuction) Lawn mower blenny Leopard wrasse Coral Beauty 2 pajama cardinals Aiptasia eating File fish (name is alie) Brittle star 1 Urchin All the Aipatsia. and 4 lost apparently on strike berghias. CUC: Snails,hermits, 2 RBTA Down the road Plans: Add backlight to controls display that changes color based on Apex error alerts, Webcam to apex fusion feed phyto farm in garage Phyto chiller/doser Actual Continous duty periastatic. Full water chem tests (ICP or equivalent) Blue Spotted Jawfish Purple dartfish Buy more(all the) Frags 🙂
  9. DailynJ

    Which tank to choose?

    Hi all! I'm new to saltwater aquariums but not new to freshwater. I've been keeping freshwater all of my life, from 150gals to having 10 tanks at once. Now I live on the third floor of an apartment complex with a 20gal long planted tank filled with shrimp and a betta. Basically I'm trying to say I have a good amount of knowledge on basic stuff. I've been trying to decide on what aquarium I should get for saltwater reefing. I've been looking at the Coralife Biocube 32, as I found a kit that comes with an ATO, protein skimmer, and wavemaker, all for around $700. So this would still allow me to buy all the other essentials like heater and ro/di system on my budget, and possibly upgrade the light if need be. But I have been told it's not the best tank because of the curved glass, which often cracks. I've been recommended innovative marine tanks and red sea tanks. The innovative marine tank that is 30 gallons is a lot longer than what I was wanting, and it with a stand costs as much as the biocube kit. So I would still need to get the protein skimmer and all of that. Now the Red Sea Max E-170 is absolutely gorgeous. It comes with a built in protein skimmer, and comes with amazing lights. It has two filter outputs, so I don't think I would need a wavemaker. But the tank and stand is $1,365, which is WAY more than I was planning on spending for the tank alone. So my dilemma is: is the biocube good enough? Should I save up for the innovative marine or red sea tank instead? Do any of you have experience with these tanks: good or bad? I would love to hear any opinions or advice. Thank you so much, Dailyn
  10. patback

    Patbacks RSR170

    See bottom of post for most recent pics Updated fts 9/16/18 What was there... What will be there.... In the process... A dilemma I ran into... Coming together.... Updated fts 11/12/18 Updated fts 3/13/19
  11. Alright everyone! Here is a start to a new beginning, I recently shut down a nuvo fusion 10g (wee tanked) as well as a rimless 70 gallon which I did not post on here before in order to set up a Red Sea Reefer 170!!! I tried my my best to go with top notch equipment and so far I think I've done pretty well! So on to the specs thus far and then some pictures! Tank : Red Sea Reefer 170 Return pump : Ecotech Vectra M1 Powerhead : Ecotech Mp40w Quiet Drive Skimmer : Reef Octopus 110sss Light : Ai Hydra26HD ato: tunze nano ato Salt: DD H2Ocean pro+ mods: stock ato to refugium mod (sicce 1.0 for pump) filter sock changed to shaker cup mod for filter floss Current livestock: Gladiator clownfish pair Leopard wrasse Full moon goby 5x sexy shrimp 3x peppermint shrimp designer zoa/palys torches leathers Bluespot clam Anemones sps And now onto the pictures! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  12. Hello all, I am new on this forum and this is the journal of my tank - RedSea Reefer 350
  13. This came up in a PM suggestion for wider exposure, and including a download link as I had forgotten to reference the hosted STL's in my build thread. Anyone that has done testing with Red Sea or Hanna checkers will know what a pain drying out the cuvettes is. I've almost broke some a few times, and recently got a 3D printer.. so I designed and printed these: cuvette_holder2 by Kyl, on Flickr cuvette_holders by Kyl, on Flickr The STL files for both the Hanna and Red Sea versions (along with sizing test prints) are available to download on Thingiverse. One thing to note is that I'll be revising designs slightly when some more time becomes available. Temporary cap storage while drying will likely be included in a v2, but these currently work quite well for the main goal - securing the cuvettes while they dry out instead of falling and breaking. Happy printing and reefing!
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