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Porcelain crab behavior.


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I got one a few days ago missing a claw and part of a leg. It wasnt particularly active untill it got in the tank then it promptly ran off and blundered straight into a rfa and almost got eaten...I saved it and it started hosting the toadstool then disapeared. Found it again this morning in a weird place its hanging on the back wall hiding in my gsp face pointed downward right up at the water line with it's back end slightly sticking out of the water.

I put the powdered food in that I give my gorgs and what not it started fanning and feeding so I guess shes ok. Ive never tried to keep one of these The crab is hanging out in a realy weird spot with its butt sticking g out the water so I thought I would ask of this is normal behavior.

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They do lots of weird things. I’m assuming looking for the best places to fan for food.

FYI - They will live in anemones. Don’t be scared if it ends up back by/in one. 

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Ok wasnt sure it looks prety weird especialy with it's back end out the water it's not even a high flow spot.


Eh thats what I thought too but the rfa grabbed it and was rapidly pulling it into its mouth with its lips all puckered out for a bite sooooo... yea... 🤨 I have a shrimp inthe other tank that hosts rfa they dont even react to it.ive seen lots of pics of them hosting rfa spesificly so I know they can...weird...

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I wouldn't worry too much about the crab with any anemone. Mine lives in my 6 in wide maxi mini carpet which has already killed at least one fish. It's literally a personal pan pizza of death. This nem is super sticky, everything avoids it except for the porcelain crab. He can sit right on the mouth and the nem won't even react. I also have around 7 rock flower anemones which he will host if there's food in the area. I'm sure he's got an eye on taking over my bubble tip anemone but my clowns won't let him. 



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