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Does my new clown have a parasite?

Alyson White

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Alyson White

Today I finally got my first fish in my 10g (true percula clown) from LFS. Not long after I brought him home, I noticed some stringy white poop hanging from him. After some quick research, I found that this could be a parasite. Also, his face is slightly pale (still orange but not quite as vibrant as rest of body). Do you think this is a parasite? LFS said they feed the clowns mysis shrimp a few times a week which I know can produce similar white poop. However, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Don’t know if this is related or just due to stress from a new tank, but I fed him soon after adding to the tank. He didn’t rush up to the surface and eat a ton of food, but rather nipped at some of it as it sunk. Anyways, if it is a parasite, how should I treat it? I have a trochus snail in the tank as well but that’s all. Is something like prazi safe for a display tank/the snail? Any help will be appreciated, I’m new to the hobby and want the best for this new fish of mine

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Prazipro is fine in the display tank, but I’m guessing the poop was just because of the mysis. I’d just monitor your clown for a few days and see how he acts. 

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Alyson White

I really hope it’s just the mysis. If he did have a parasite, would it be fatal? If so, how long would it take to kill him? And any ideas on why his face is pale? I attached a picture that kind of shows the lack of color:



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If they are not sick fish can often also get pale from stress could be from being an a new enviroment they color up when they feel more comfortable.


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