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Hi there!


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Hi there,


my name is Stefan, I'm from Germany and are running a nano-reef with 80 Liter (aprox 17,5 gal) since about 10 years.


Currently I'm experimenting with growing a mangrove right out of the tank, which seems to work out so far. I will add a recently taken picture of my small reef soon (currently it's too dark 11pm now in Germany 😉 ). I'm looking forward to read here about reefers experience on nano-reefs.


You know Mr. Gibs from Navy NCIS? I liked him for working on a boat in his cellar. I did something similar, i.e. working on a semi-science project in the afterwork hours besides family and job, started in 2015. It's about collecting measurement data from our reefs, to apply business intelligence methods on top of it to see if we can gain insights around our reefs.


If you curious about this, you may have a look on the project description here: https://github.com/StefanSchubert/sabi#readme (it's an open source project). Or if you like to participate, you can just share your measurement data by register here: https://sabi-project.net (to the forum admins, this will never be another forum - it is just a semi-scientific tool required to collect empiric data) - please notice: because of the low budget start (just softlaunched) it's only reachable through the IPV6 subuniverse of the internet.  

Project participants you will be able to access charts on your measurements, such that you can easily keeping track on some values.


That's all for now. CU and greetings from Germany (near Cologne).



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welcome, and yes I saw those episodes of him sanding down that boat lol I always wondered how he was going to get it out/I stopped watching to get to see that part

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