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Level of PH

David Reef

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See I have been researching the whole.point of "if we should even care" see my thread below. 


How ever from every thing I have read and if indeed we do actually care (which I still don't  know, alkalinity on the other hand seems to be a universal YES) it's a pH of 8.3 



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Like Murphy said, around 8.3! +/- 

Most salts self buffer, in my experience monitoring your salinity is more important. Your ph will fluctuate depending on what time of day you are checking, so best to do it always at the same time. 

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12 hours ago, David Reef said:

What is the recommended PH level on reef 

(For lps) ?

The recommended pH is whatever level your tank naturally settles at....which is based on the alkalinity level in the salt and the amount of CO2 in the air where the tank is.


(You generally don't want to mess with pH directly.)

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On 11/25/2021 at 12:34 AM, SantaMonica said:

Maximum coral calcification has been shown to occur at 8.4 

I'm curious about the experimental circumstances...is there anything published you could point me to?

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And most important is stability. The polyps adapt themselves to the current pH, and maximize their ability to function there. If pH swings too much non-naturally, the polyps can't deal with it as well.

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