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Found 9 results

  1. Cy_Borg_Monk

    Help! Purple up Dropped my PH!!

    hello all, I'm new to this site so please be easy on me lol. I've been in the hobby for about 8 years now. I recently started my 10gallon Nano tank (3 months ago) its doing average I would say. the corals are growing, not fast but pretty well. I don't have much coralline algae growing so I wanted to try purple up. well I did that last night with a ph of about 8.14 and I woke up to a ton of notifications from my APEX saying it was 6.0!! I'm planning on doing a water change immediately but curious to why it dropped so much. I have a 10 gallon sump/refugium too so my water volume is around 18 gallons with all my live rock and sand.
  2. Only used for testing Steves leds hurricane x controller with all wire headers $40 Pinpoint ph meter no probe included $30 Prices include standard shipping
  3. I have had my Biocube 32 running for five days with dry rock, live rock, and live sand, I did one ghost feeding, but other than that haven't added anything. I just did my first set of water tests, here are the results. Temperature: 77.3 F Specific gravity: 1.025 pH: 8.2/8.3 Ammonia: 0.2/0.3 Nitrite: 0.0 Nitrate: Didn't test, but I assume it has to be 0.0 Other tank conditions: No visible algae growth, though there are many small hyrdroids on the glass, a small number of copepods, tiny feather duster worms, a few Aiptasia and Asterina starfish, plus some other unidentified hitchhikers. I know i'm still at an obviously very early stage, but does everything seem "normal" so far?
  4. EvilFish

    Low pH 7.6

    I have Fluval 13.5G. Water: 26-27c 1.024 kH around 8 The pH is very low - 7.6 and day (even with the open windows the pH say same) and 7.5 at night. I have a skimmer and fuge with chaeto on a reverse time cycle. I also run a carbon. Salt was Reef Crystal, but I switched to Coral Pro Salt (changed maybe 20% of water). Any idea why it low and do I need to rise it? (kalk?)
  5. I had been trying to get some level of ammonia into my tank with fish food for a while. Nothing. Undetectable. So I resorted to dosing ammonia. Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride isn't available in Italy. Instead I bought a bottle of pure janitorial ammonia, the bottle says "classic ammonia". No bubbles whatsoever. (The same brand had "classic ammonia" and "perfumed ammonia" so I'd assume the one I got has to pure ammonia) After dosing for a while, I finally got a good ammonia reading 1.5. I'm testing with salifert. Great. HOWEVER, my pH got up to 8.6 IN THE MEANWHILE. Anybody knows what is going on and how I can lower my pH? Cycle: Ammonia 1.5 Nitrite: 0.5 - 1 Nitrate 25-50 PH 8.6 !?!?
  6. Hello I've just done a set of test crica. 30 mins after a 10% water change, and plan to do one every day until my next change (1 week) to see if there's anything I can spot that could be causing my algae issues, as well as try to find out why my Duncan is sulking (has been for about 2 weeks). Ammonia - 0 Nitrate - 20 Nitrite 0 pH - 7.6 Alkalinity - 9 As you can see, my nitrate levels are slightly high, which could be causing my algae issues. I will try to stick to feeding every other day, and skimming slightly wetter to see if that helps. The main issue however is my pH and alkalinity. These are clearly slightly lower than would be considered ideal. How might I go about bringing them up a touch? I'll continue to test for a week and see if instability could be the cause of my Duncan issues. Any advice I'd be grateful of!
  7. Hi All, I had a viewer write in asking me what an Ideal PH range is for a reef and how he could go about raising his PH. PH is one of those funny thing not many test unless they have a controller.. then some seem to obsess over it (i used to!). I ended up making a video for the guy and figured i would share it as i kind of did a brain dump on everything PH. hopefully it helps some of you guys out.
  8. lonewonderer

    Water changes

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and to this saltwater hobby. I have a 24g jbj nano cube with 1 blue damsel 4 turbo and 6 hermit crabs. It's been running for 2 weeks now and the Nitrites are high. I wanted to do water change on it to help lower the nitrites. I add seachem safe ever 24hrs. How much water change do you recommend for this 24 gallon tank? when I'm mixing salt , do i have to match the actual salinity in the tank or it needs to be within the range from the hydrometer? and does the PH matter every time i do WC? any recommendation on how to do it step by step? thank you guys!
  9. fot80

    Sudden PH crash

    Hi guys, my 2 yellow clown gobies and 2 green gobies are dead overnight and so are a few crabs. obviously something is wrong. I tested everything. Nitrates and nitrites are the lowest I've ever had them, somehow nitrates are reading 0. Phosphate at .03. 78.6 Fahrenheit. 0 Ammonia. I was shocked to see my PH at 7.6! I've never had this happen until now. I blame this for the deaths, but I'm not sure. This is despite having a 385 calcium and 9dkH. Any ideas? I overfed my fish yesterday, but water is clear. What makes it all the more confusing is my coral looks awesome. My only though of what caused the ph crash was lack of water agitation and thus low oxygen/high carbon dioxide. Thanks -I forgot to mention that during my water change, I overfilled a little more than usual so the water in the chambers wasn't as turbulent.
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