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Newish to the hobby; IM 20g Peninsula

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Hey Everyone !


Newish to the hobby here , have set up a few pico tanks prior to this one , one 5 gallon and one 2.5 gallon . I figured now I would upgrade to the IM 20g peninsula ūüėć


Got a great deal on this used tank my LFS had just taken in off trade, came home cleaned it up made it look brand new! 

Now finally I’ve gotten around to setting up the tank after the holidays. 


What I have so far :

IM 20g peninsula 

MightyJet 326 gph return pump 

Cobalt 75w Heater 

Current USA Orbit Dual pro IC LED bluetooth 

Current USA 660 wave pump 
Live rock 

Fiji pink substrate 


Now to wait for the tank to cycle .. trying to cycle naturally with the live rock. Any suggestions on if this is the best way? If not what are best products to use to speed up the process ?


Also wanted suggestions/ feedback on what everyone thought about the rock work ?











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Beautiful tank for sure. Would love to set that one up and eliminate my wifes 13.5 evo...

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