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Found 8 results

  1. FTS - 06.15.16 Hi All, After lurking…er researching for several months, I’ve finally started my first saltwater aquarium. I’m hoping to do things right the first time so I’ve upgrade certain items to begin with rather than doing it later down the line. I’ve really noticed the helpfulness of this community and I welcome the feedback. I started the tank on Wed., Feb. 11. I added a piece of raw shrimp the next day, reduced the size of it to less than ¼” and dosed the tank with ProDibio START UP.
  2. SliceGolfer

    SliceGolfer's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    FTS March, 2020: Hey Reefers! Super excited to be sharing my new build here at Nano-Reef. I’m a long-time follower of this community and have been a saltwater and reef hobbyist for over 30 years. With family, life, and career, I have been waiting for the right time to start a new tank build. My last tank was way back in 2005, with a JBJ NanoCube 12dx, from NanoTuners. Here’s a pic of 12 gallons of Softy Glory, all that it was: Fast forward to 2018. I’ve been fighting the reef bug for 3 years, and I just couldn’t shake it. Work relocated me and the fam to the great state of Minnesota, and I visited some of the LFS’s in the area. I was immediately hooked. I knew I had to have a tank. My supporting wife says, “You work so hard, you deserve this!” That’s all I needed to hear. So, what does a recovering reefer 13 years sober do? Scour the forums, learn what’s hot ‘n not, and then shoot on over to BRS and pickup a car full of reefing gear. BRS is 20 minutes from my house, and that’s just too darn convenient. Enough with the backstory blah blah, here’s my build: Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 Stand: Bush Furniture computer armoire matching my office furniture Lights: (2) Aqua Illumination AI Prime HDs with rigid mounts, running BRS AB+ spectrum Reef Breeders 24” Photon V2+ Return Pump: Innovative Marine MightyJet AIO Pump 538gph Heater: Cobalt 75w NeoTherm Control: Ink Bird ITC-308 ATO: AutoAqua AWC Auto Water Changer Plus ATO ATO Reservoir: Innovative Marine 5 Gallon Hydrofill Flow: (2) EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10WQD paired in Tidal Swell Mode (TSM) Filtration: (2) InTank Media Baskets, filter pads, and a bag of MarinePure Gems for biological Nutrient Export: AquaMaxx Media Reactor converted into DIY Cheato reactor and Cheato Testing: Hanna, Red Sea, Salifert Dosing: (2) Jebao DP4 Dosers BRS Soda Ash BRS Calcium Chloride BRS Magnesium GLA KN03 GLA K2S04 Quantum Bio-Enhance Quantum Bio-Kalium Quantum Bio-Gen Quantum Bio-Metals Fish & Invertebrates: Two Black Ocellaris Clowns - "Ace & Gary" Three Gold Ring Cowries Six Banded Trochus Snails SPS Corals: Green Spongodes Montipora Bubble Gum Digitata Montipora Tubbs Stellata Montipora Red Encrusting Montipora Red Setosa Green Birdsnest Teal Blue Stag Palmer’s Blue Millepora Yellow Tip Acropora Tri Color Valida Nana Acropora Blue Tenuis Green Sarmentosa Acropora Unknown Acropora LPS Corals: Duncan Orange Crush Echinata Dragon Soul Favia Ice Blue Leptastrea Honeycomb Leptastrea Bizzarro Cyphastrea Pink Goniopora Ultron Favia Wolverine Favia Zoas: Nuclear Green Dragon Eyes Rastas Halle Berry Black Hornets Red Hornets Eagle Eye Armor of the Gods Everlasting Gobstoppers Sunny D Blond Blue Eye Agent Orange Rainbow Infusion History: The tank was assembled over Christmas, 2018. Water was added 01/01/2019, all gear tested and configured. Water was brought to temp (78F), specific gravity set at 35ppt. Live rock was added 01/03/2019, and the tank was fishless cycled with Dr Tim’s One and Only and ammonium chloride. The cycle finished in two weeks, which I attribute to the rock and the bottled bacteria. Once the tank could process 2ppm of ammonia in 24 hours, it was time for a 75% water change. Nitrates were floating around 50ppm at this point, so I was happy to oblige. Knowing I was a day or so from adding my first occupants to the tank fueled the water change excitement. Future: My plan moving forward is patience. There are lessons I learned on my own, and from those who post journals here. My hope is to avoid failures, mistakes, or overlooking something obvious. I’m targeting mostly SPS in this build, but I’m sure Acans and Zoas will work their way into the tank along this journey. Current water parameters: 03-09-2020 Temp: 77.8F Specific Gravity: 35ppt Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 5ppm Phosphate: .06ppm Alkalinity: 8.0 DKH Calcium: 425ppm Magnesium: 1325ppm FTS February, 2019: FTS January, 2019: Setup: Live rock added and start of cycle: AquaMaxx Chaeto Reactor: Water Station & RODI: There’s a lot I’ve learned from this community. I want to start by saying thank you, seriously. Without your commitment to this hobby, and sharing information or lessons learned, there would not be this database of knowledge one can so easily tap into to build their vision of a perfect reef. Until next time!
  3. New project! After being out of the hobby for close to a decade, I came back in recently to participate in the current Pico Reef Contest with my volcano pico. I was actually also working on a custom 20g project at that time, which led me back to nano-reef.com in the first place, but that project never came to fruition and I ended up focusing all my efforts on my contest entry. If you want to check that out, here's my thread: Volcano Pico Thread. Anyway, my son has been asking for "Nemo" fish for quite some time now, so I thought this set-up would be another good project for us to work on together. Details: Tank: Innovative Marine Fusion Nuvo Pro 20g Peninsula (30" x 11.8" x 13") Stand: West Elm Buffet (40" x 19" x 27") Return Pump: MightyJet 326 gph w/ Controller (came stock with the tank) Circulation: 2 x Aqamai KPS Heater: Cobalt Neotherm 75w Lights: NanoBox Duo Plus M - Side Mounted (ordered) Some initial thoughts: 1. The IM tank is pretty sweet. This new version of the peninsula now comes with an upgraded pump and filter caddy, and it's great that it comes with a mesh lid and magnet cleaner. The manufacturer is local to me, so I just put in the order and picked it up yesterday. IM's customer service and responsiveness have been top-notch as well. 2. The West Elm stand is great because it fits with the rest of my home and it is the perfect height for my son. It's short enough for him to see everything in the tank. But still debating whether I need to reinforce it to support the tank (though it is super solid and made of real wood). 3. Not sure if I should do fuge or skimmer for the middle chamber of the tank. It's pretty small so not sure if a fuge is worth it. Theme: Minimalist and Sparkly Clean. I've always been a fan of super clean-looking and minimalist tanks, and I plan to keep it that way for this one (maybe even more so this time around). Probably keep the scape pretty minimal as well. Current Stocking Plans: 2 percs or ocellaris (haven't decided yet) and oodles and oodles of bounce and jawbreaker mushrooms. I want em all! Just kidding. TBD, but likely keeping my stocking pretty light as well. Also, everyone seems to have a BTA nowadays, so why not me? Feedback welcome. Thanks for stopping by!
  4. Theshivinator

    Newish to the hobby; IM 20g Peninsula

    Hey Everyone ! Newish to the hobby here , have set up a few pico tanks prior to this one , one 5 gallon and one 2.5 gallon . I figured now I would upgrade to the IM 20g peninsula 😍 Got a great deal on this used tank my LFS had just taken in off trade, came home cleaned it up made it look brand new! Now finally I’ve gotten around to setting up the tank after the holidays. What I have so far : IM 20g peninsula MightyJet 326 gph return pump Cobalt 75w Heater Current USA Orbit Dual pro IC LED bluetooth Current USA 660 wave pump Live rock Fiji pink substrate Now to wait for the tank to cycle .. trying to cycle naturally with the live rock. Any suggestions on if this is the best way? If not what are best products to use to speed up the process ? Also wanted suggestions/ feedback on what everyone thought about the rock work ?
  5. Hi All This is a Thread Dedicated to a Middle School Reef Club tank here in St. Louis. So Please watch language 🙂 Back Story, I setup a Saltwater tank at my house last year (3 years ago now) and would show students pictures of my tank and they were jealous we did not have a tank at school. So I said Why not? There is an amazing LFS owner here in St. Louis and he got me an amazing deal on a Used IM 20 Fusion (now my personal tank at home.) He Loves teachers and especially those that want to teach more about the Hobby, so he has helped me out quite a bit with getting things going and has an extremely flexible thing with me on the tank, because we will not be here over they summer the tank will broken down and reset back up for the new club comers each year. Alright onto the Details... Setup: IM Nuvo 20 Fusion with Stock Pumps 20 Gallon Long ($1 per Gallon Sale) Lighting - Marineland LED Reef Light with Built-in Timer 18-24inch (Will Switch over to two Par38s soon) Hydor Koralia 425 Cheapo 100W Heater that was gonna be used in my Person QT tank 200W Chinese Heater that was a gift from a teacher 10 - 20 lbs of Live Sand was in tank when I got it. 16 20ish Lbs of Live Rock and probably another couple lbs of Rubble Rock in chamber and on the sand bed Filtration: Aquaclear AC70 Sponge in the Left Media Basket Will be switching to Filter Floss, may add Carbon as needed Poli-Fil in the Right Chamber MacroAlgae in the Display Rubble Rock in the chamber where Skimmer would go - This was how it was setup when I got the tank day after it was broken down. Fish: 1 - Ocellaris Clownfish - Passed Away over Christmas Break when they cut off the Furnaces Fish Ideas are being tossed around 3 - Sexy Anemone Shrimp Want to add one or two more - was told could we have ~4 (LFS said I can get some Fish on a "Loaner" type program and bring them in for like a week or so and bring them back so the students can see more things) 2 Blue/Green Chromis Corals - All Bought as Frags (Students Looked them up, because we were given a "Grab Bag" assortment) Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral X2 Rock Flower Anemone (Decided to suck himself in between two rocks, hoping he will come out more) - RIP 😞 Candy Cap Coral - Was Pretty Bleached out when we got it - RIP 😞 Fluorescent Mushrooms X3 (anyone know how to get them to stay put?) - Wondered off somewhere and disappeared Glove Polyps Green Polyps Brown Palys Kenya Tree Zoas Hammer Pulsing Xenia CUC: 3 - Nassarius Snails (bought 2, only 1 Survived :-() 2 - Trochus Snail 2 - Turbo Snails 1 - Hermit Crab - Blue Legs 6-8 - Asteriniid Starfish (Hitchhiker) 1 - Brittle Starfish (Hitchhiker) Now what you all want, Pictures!!!!! Current FTS 5-15-18 FTS 1-10-18 FTS 10-3-17 FTS With My Classroom Desk Right after being Setup 9-11-17 I'll Add a Few More Pics below, can only add 6 mbs at a time
  6. October 2018 FTS Well, here goes! After having been out of the reefing world since 2007, this past December I decided to start up a simple 10g tank... a few fish, some corals, nothing fancy. Of course I underestimated how much I love this hobby and couldn't resist the urge for something just a little bigger with a few more bells and whistles. Enter the IM 20 Fusion... the box was bigger than expected upon arrival, pretty sure the UPS man was cursing me while hauling it out of the truck at 830pm. Equipment - 20 gallon Innovative Marine Fusion (Actual volume ~14 gallons) - Stock return pump Since 1.5 Return Pump - Hydor Koralia 240 Powerhead x2 - Aqamai KPS powerhead - Finnex HMO 50W Heater - Smart Micro ATO - Nanobox Duo Plus - Apex Jr. - 2x BRS 1.1mL/min dosing pumps - Dosing BRS 2-part Filtration - Innovative Marine 200 micron filter sock (left chamber) - IM media caddy with filter floss and chemipure blue - Chaeto reactor - ~15lbs live rock - ~20lbs aragalive live sand Stocking - True Percula Clown x2 - Sixline Wrasse - High Fin Red-Banded Goby - Yellow watchman goby - Jawfish - tailspot blenny - Randalli Goby Not gonna fit down the hallway like this BRS did a great job with the exterior packaging and the tank itself was well secured within the interior box. Looks great on the stand I debated doing a full tank switch in one day, but opted for patience and decided to allow the 20g to cycle using water from the 10g and some of the established sandbed. The 20g is going where the 10 is currently sitting, going to have to perform some delicate moving to make room... With some help from the fiance' we got both tanks moved, now I just have to level up the stand and get some water in this thing, then going hunting for some additional live rock! Right now, everything is still stock on the IM20, debating upgrading the return pump for a little more flow any and all suggestions are welcome!
  7. Hi All, Well, after over a year of research and jealously following along others, I have decided it is time for me to wade into Reef Keeping, although my knowledge to date suggests me physically entering a tank may stress out my inhabitants. My setup plan at the moment is as follows: Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 20 - Best tank EVER... out of the 1 tank i have tried. Kessil A80 Tuna Blue LED - CuhRazy supplied it, works awesome, thank you again! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Accu-therm 75w - cheaper, more readily available, works great Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 Return Pump/Powerhead - No powerhead needed, used this as return pump, loving it A bunch of rock and sand - Going to head down to the Dundas/Tomken area of Mississauga, 4 LFS in 2 blocks, I am sure I will find something decent I actually got my rock from J&L Aquatics, they provided my tank as well, and to date have been AMAZING, fellow Canadians, look into them. Sand was Arag-alive Fiji Pink, The Coral Reef Shop in Burlington ordered it for me. Again, GTA people, when you read all these Americans talking about their LFS, Coral Reef Shop in Burlington is the epitome of what they are describing, Red (the owner) has been amazing so far, and I will be buying probably ALL my livestock from him. Anyways, 15lbs of both rock and sand. My livestock will be as follows: 2 occy clownfish 1 Firefish 1 Shrimp/Goby combo 1 Porcelain Crab 1 Blood Shrimp Frogspawn Gorg Hammer Dragon's Breath Macro Chaeto in the back (will do the light cutout thing and just have a regular bulb) Plus any easy coral I find. I have one question to get this all started. With the above mentioned stocking goals, if I get two of the IM SpinStreams, should I use the MJ1200 as a powerhead, or will I have enough flow just replacing the stock return pump with it, allowing me to use the stock pump in a QT or mixing station? Pictures will follow once I have actual saltwater in the tank Wish me luck! Ceres
  8. My IM20: Who needs friends when you can have Anemones? I started my saltwater aquarium in June 2011 with a thirty gallon breeder and equipment that I bought second hand from a Kijiji advertisement. I have made a lot of mistakes over the years; the largest one has been allowing apathy takeover the maintenance of the system. In the fall of 2016, I decided that once my YWG passed on I was going to downsize my aquarium to either an IM10 or IM20 and dedicate it to the only thing really thriving in the aquarium – bubble tip anemones. People will tell you that BTAs need pristine water and no fluctuations in various levels to survive. Empirical evidence suggests that it isn’t necessarily true since my BTAs are thriving where other coral have not with nearly no water changes or testing. In regards to levels, I can’t tell you any specifics other than I always mixed my new water at a temperature of 26’C and to a specific gravity of 1.025. All of my test kits had expired even by fall of 2016 which might make you infer to the frequency their use. In setting up my new tank, I am using Seachem’s Ammonia Alert device, but eventually, I had to go buy an Ammonia test kit too. Sometime in January, I noticed that my YWG was no longer coming out during feeding time. He usually greeted me when I would walk up the aquarium. His face wore a grumpy scowl often mirroring my own which is something I always found endearing. After a few weeks of not seeing him at all, I figured he had passed on. It wasn’t a fantastic feeling realising he was gone, but I know he was an old fish. He was three inches when I acquired him so nearly grown then. He was my first saltwater fish and I had him since July 2011. I believe that is a fairly long time for that species. I ordered an IM10 and when it arrived, I got about getting it cycled. I had decided to use dry rock in this system again so I started out dosing ammonium chloride and MicroBacter7. When I was setting up the thirty gallon breeder, I ordered fifty pounds of Marco Rock from BRS. I wanted variety and since I live in Canada, I didn’t want to order twice. This left me with a lot of leftover rock sitting in a tote someplace in the basement. For this project, I ended up breaking up a bunch of the larger pieces to get a pile of rock that I was still not overly impressed with. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard if not impossible to get pukani reef rock here so I am just going with what I have. I really like the look of the rock in RockRynos tank as well. This thread is about my IM20, so why am I talking about the IM10? Well, I started the cycling process with the IM10 on the 1st of February but when I began toying with the aquascape; I realised the aquarium wasn’t going to be big enough for two clownfish and about twenty-four-ish anemones. Additionally, I came to the realisation that I don’t care for cube shaped aquariums. I decided to order the IM20 about a week later. I left the IM10 running thinking that the sand and water can still keep growing bacteria in the mean time. On the 25th of February, I transferred the sand and water from the IM10 to the IM20 and topped it up with saltwater. During this time I kept up with dosing MicroBacter7 and ammonium chloride to build up the bacteria in the sand and water. I also moved the filter floss from the IM10 to the IM20 for this purpose. Starting on the 13th of March, I began to add Seachem Stability as well. I am not sure if the tank was nearly cycled or that Stability works really well but by the 17th of March, ammonia was being processed very quickly. And by the 19th of March the tank was completely cycled. I had been soaking the Marco Rock that I planned to use in RODI water. I changed the water often thinking it would help leach out any Nitrates or Phosphates in the rock. On the 23rd of March I added the rock I plan to use in order for it to establish a bacterial film. This tank is going to focus primarily on symbiotic relationships with anemones but I will be keeping a few corals from my current setup. I am aware that the general theme and stocking list are not going to be accurate in terms of species which cohabitate in the wild. I had considered a biotope of the specific region where my BTAs would have been collected from but I have since passed on that idea. I am also considering expanding the fish selection to include a goby/pistol pair or a blenny. I have some barnacles that bought a few years ago which I could mount to the back wall. In that case, I would look for a small blenny that would occupy them. I will need to add more sand for the goby/pistol pair though. As for the corals, I have made a list below. I’m guessing on the Gorgonian identification but I am pretty confident that one is a purple brush gorgonian. Equipment: Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20 Innovative Marine Custom Caddy Fusion 20 (x2) Innovative Marine FishGuard (x2) Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 50W heater (sized for the IM10... so we shall see about this) Ink Bird ITC-308C temperature controller with removable probe CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Reef Sand – 10 lb Marco Rock – some amount AquaForest Reef Salt Salifert NH3 ammonia test kit Seachem Ammonia Alert badge Dr. Tims Ammonium Chloride Brightwell MicroBacter7 Seachem Stability Livestock: Amphiprion ocellaris (captive bread) – QTY 2 (a male and female pair) Entacmaea quadricolor (All green with purple tips) – QTY 22+ Entacmaea quadricolor (Green and indigo base, red tentacles with orange-yellow tips) – QTY 6 Entacmaea quadricolor (Neon green base with white stripes, orange-yellow tentacles and with purple tips) – QTY 1 Tubastraea micrantha (Black Sun Coral – NPS) Pseudopterogorgia Sp. (Purple Willow Gorgonian)? Muriceopsis flavida (Purple Brush Gorgonian)? Favia Sp. (Christmas Favia) Snails? Crabs? Future stocking possibilities: Ancylomenes pedersoni (Pederson Cleaner Shrimp) Anclyomenes venustus (Venus Anemone shrimp) Periclimenes brevicarpalis (White Spot Anemone Shrimp) Neopetrolisthes ohshimai (Porcelain Anemone Crab) Pistol/goby pair or small blenny It is my hope that with twenty-five plus anemones, the clownfish won’t push the shrimp or crabs out. The female is quite aggressive so this will be a possibility; in that case, I will be sure to have some caves available.
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