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Dueling nanos.


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Original post

First tank is 20g. It’s all lps and soft coral. Both tanks are meant to be ULM. 

Fish stock-

True percula 

Five Two green banded gobies

Green dragonette

Orange molly



Aussie Yellow toadstool

Indo Green toadstool

Pulsating pink sinularia 

White polyp toadstool

Long polyp green toadstool

ORA Neon green sinularia 


Purple tip hammer

Splatter Yellow green hammer

Gold hammer 

Green hammer

Indo gold hammer

Aussie yellow hammer

Aussie Blue white hammer

Indo green frammer 

Pink and purple frogspawn 

Green marbled tip frogspawn 

Rainbow red lords

Blue rim lords 

Green and purple Micromussa Amakusensis

Green pipe/star polyps

Blue anthelia?

Green polyp toadstool

Indo Green devils hand leather

Pink devils hand leather

Rainbow gold cristata 

Red/blue white/yellow Lobopyhillia

Neon green nephthea 

Purple plume gorgonian









Cristata- lost some color in qt



2016 Back when it was just standard 10g. 





This was before I was forced to change the aqua scape because I broke the rocks accidentally during a wc. All mushrooms have been removed from the tank, they always detached and grew where I didn’t want to grow, often covering up zoas. 



10g ULM Mushroom dominated BB 

This tank I plan on growing zoas on cutting board agronite tiles bb and maybe the back wall. 

Fish stock-




Interstellar mushroom 

“Japanese” green toadstool

Aussie Yellow toadstool 

Superman rhodactis

Green rhodactis

Jawbreaker disco

Florida ricordea- green, orange/blue 

Blue dot purple disco

Pink devils hand

Green devils hand 

Rainbow yuma

ORA Lemon lime yuma

Indo orange yuma

Indo red mushroom 

Indo orange mushroom 




King Midas


Purple hornets

Many unnamed ones



Two Rose bta
















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Some corals I want for the tanks are-

Yellow/green/orange cristata 

Maybe og bounce

some more bright zoas

Green lords 


I’m in no rush to get any of these though but if I see that cristata at the right price I won’t be able to click buy fast enough. 

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27 minutes ago, debbeach13 said:

That 20 looks sweet. Long time no update!

I was battling dinos than cyano. So the tank was looking like a mess for awhile. 

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1 hour ago, A.m.P said:

Yellow leathers can be hard to find, such a cool coral.

Yes they are, sadly the first one I got melted. I have a Aussie one now which appears to be hardier so far.

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I haven’t been satisfied with my nano in awhile, I usually like a minimal type bommie aquascape but I don’t know what I like any more. The tank is a euphyllia and leather dominated tank with some zoas and other lps here and there, half of my corals are in another tank right now. Some goals for the tank are to have soft ball sized coral colonys. I’ll post some pics of some possible aquascapes with some commentary, let me know what you think.

Aquascape 1 - This is the first aquascape, bommie style. This is my least favorite one, it has the least amount of surface area and hiding places for my fish.


Same aquascape with extra rock.


No middle rock, my micro lords instead.



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Aquascape 2 - There’s room behind the rock structures to put some leathers on the bottom of the tank.


Angle 2


Aquascape 3 - This is like the classic rock walls I use to see and do when I first start reefing. It has the most hiding spots for my fish. It feels a little cramped with rock but also has the most reef like look and feel to me. As corals grow rock may have to be removed.


Angle 2


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Aquascape 4 - There is some room behind the hammers to fit some leather corals to grow in the negative space. I struggled to find spots for some coral with this scape though. 


Angle 2


Aquascape 5 - This is how the tank currently looks. It’s aquascape 2 with an extra rock, I’d ultimately put a yellow toadstool on that rock. There is room behind all the rocks to put taller leather on the bottom.



Angle 2




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Current fts of the 20g, the leathers are bit closed since they are winding down for the night.

I’m thinking about switching the hammers to where the leathers are in the top of the tank so the leathers have more room to grow vertically sitting on the bottom.


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