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  1. Stomatella snail. Good guy.
  2. Go with percula, they stay smaller the occellaris.
  3. Some times you can just peel them off the rock as well. Ive done that before.
  4. Do you have any pics of the snails you can share?
  5. Some thing like this but the inside part cut out, it would kinda be like how the sunpod MH legs worked.
  6. I just added a larger grained sand to my 25g and i like it. I used dry sand that was full of dust, i ran hose through it until was clear. Then i mistaken added some uncleaned sand and it was dusty/cloudy for two days. I turned my pumps off and ran HOB with a lots of filter material to clear up the water. It looks really nice now. I see it as area where lots of critters can live and feed the tank. BB felt pretty sterile in that sense, I dont even have any more bristle worms.
  7. Greyyyyyyyyy. Or wood.
  8. I like your shelves and the arch. I think I want to make a pillar like that with mushrooms. After it grows in you wouldnt see the flat surfaces.
  9. Awesome.
  10. When the LFS gets two of these I'm going to get them.
  11. But does it swim like a ballon molly? Do da waddle?
  12. I imagine every time it breaths out it says "derp" I bet it swims like a balloon molly?
  13. Did you cut the rock to get it flat like that?
  14. Amazing.
  15. Is it a chili pepper monti? I think I see reddish colored polyps on the green one? It pretty awesome either way. My pico is dominated by monitpora.