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  1. Langer6's 2.5 Gallon Desktop Pico

    Stomatella snail. Good guy.
  2. Go with percula, they stay smaller the occellaris.
  3. Best method for Zoanthid removal?

    Some times you can just peel them off the rock as well. Ive done that before.
  4. Margarita snails breeding in my tank

    Do you have any pics of the snails you can share?
  5. Nano Box Metal Tank Mount : Ideas/Opinions

    Some thing like this but the inside part cut out, it would kinda be like how the sunpod MH legs worked.
  6. I just added a larger grained sand to my 25g and i like it. I used dry sand that was full of dust, i ran hose through it until was clear. Then i mistaken added some uncleaned sand and it was dusty/cloudy for two days. I turned my pumps off and ran HOB with a lots of filter material to clear up the water. It looks really nice now. I see it as area where lots of critters can live and feed the tank. BB felt pretty sterile in that sense, I dont even have any more bristle worms.
  7. FREE NanoBox Reef Mini Tide : Contest Time!

    Greyyyyyyyyy. Or wood.
  8. ####### Fatass Challenge

    I cooked mine on stovetop since I dont have a pressure cooker. I also used skinless thighs and chicken breast. I served mine over rice as well. I might try the using oven next time.
  9. ####### Fatass Challenge

    Im skinny fat, I tried bulking up for the gym but all that did was make me fat. Since i stopped eating everything in sight ive lost 2% BF. I finally put on enough muscle to look like the average person instead of a skeleton. Still have a belly thouh, probably wont go away until i get down to 10% BF. Any ways, i just made this- Chicken and Chickpea Masala it was really good. Edit- Oh yeah I had high blood pressure but since i changed my diet and started doing cardio Im all in the healthy ranges.
  10. ####### Fatass Challenge

    10 Diet myths I try to eat a small meal for breakfast around100-300 calories and eat 1-2 larger meals later in the day. Depends on if Im exercising. The more bored I am though the harder it is to only eat only one meal. (I tried to link another article but it didnt work for some reason)
  11. My clownfish purposely lets the powerhead hold onto her. Gives me a heart attack every time. Your fish was probably not at it's healthiest form, which is not unusual for clown gobies.
  12. ####### Fatass Challenge

    Pretty sure this is accurate but I can't remember though because I read it awhile ago. Starvation mode myth
  13. What coral is this?

    Mushrooms can look like carpet nems, especially ricordea. They can safely host clowns but the mushrooms wont be as large a nem.
  14. Pico Reef in a semi truck. I need help

    For the aquascape you could use concrete/foam and rocks.
  15. Texas Jetty collecting(biotope)

    So to better visualize my idea, I made a super mini practice jetty. Tiny tiny boulders measuring 0.5 inch to 1.5 inches. My idea would be to create these around 3-5 inches then pile them up like you were looking directly down the end of the jetty. It's not an exact replica of the jetty since the rocks are made from old LR instead of the granite type boulders that are used but the rocks will change colors and grow algae any ways. Here is link to google maps image of the actual jetty I was on. Link Ive been back in PA for a few days now, but I did use that guide while down there. Some things I found weren't listed and there were things on the guide I didn't find. Thanks though. The barnacles are nice but I don't feel like there is surface area to get a good amount of algae growth. I'm also using a 5.5 gallon tank now instead of a 2 gallon. They are vicious creatures. So far they have devoured every type of food Ive given them . If I ever try corals they will certainly be disposable.