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Finally got a few shots of Illaron this morning. Been a while since I took pics of him:










Poseidon & Orion: 💦




Poseidon in the shadows:




The Big Guy:




The pearl bubble polyps popped up again...and was on my pink yuma & stinging it. 😕


Moved it away with a chopstick, but maybe I should slot it in a rock crevice and see if it can take root there (?) 🤔

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Mornin'. 😊


Watermelon discosoma & orange rhodactis on Mushroom Mountain:






Illaron on the prowl for pods:




Poseidon-heavy update incoming! 😊


A close up:




He was very active around Mushroom Mountain today morning:







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I managed to quickly grab several decent pics of his dorsal view today: 🥰








Also took some vertical shots for a change: 






Loved the little side-eyed glance he gave me: 😅




Quite happy with his progress. Tomorrow marks his first year of being a part of my aquarium. 🥰💦

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1 hour ago, Snow_Phoenix said:

Happy Valentine's/Belated Valentine's Day everyone. 💦




All four of my dragonets having dinner together yesterday:



Happy Valentines 😇

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Morning. 💦


Cubert the conch on patrol:




Leopold on the lookout for worms and pods to eat:




I think I'll work towards getting a proper camera in the future. There are a lot of details that my phone's camera misses out on, and the zoom function makes pics blurry. 🤔


Would like to get clear close ups of my dragonets - especially Illaron in his breeding colors (his face is ringed by luminescent purple specks, and my phone's camera can't capture this). Would be nice to frame a few good pics of the fish and hang it up in my bedroom too. 😊


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Pics of Poseidon taken exactly a year ago from today:






Can you see the faint shadow of his lateral line back then? I didn't realize he used to be thin until these pics bounced up my newsfeed in my SM platform today. 😨


I'm so glad he has come a long way since then, and has gained weight, overall length/size and shown an increase in color over a year. 😊


Takes a lot to keep him chunky, but it's worth it. 👍

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I managed to make a comparison pic of Poseidon's growth & change(s) in a year. Here he is, one year earlier (top frame) and last week (lower frame) :




This fish gives me hope that I might be able to train more dragonets in the future & keep them long-term successfully. I think Illaron, my male scooter, has changed & grown quite a fair bit too. 💦

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Picked up an extra large bag of mixed macro to replenish the fuge with microfauna today: 




Also picked up a very small, 3" sandsifting star: 




Which immediately went into my sandbed, and was never seen again. :ninja:

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30 minutes ago, debbeach13 said:

Nice video's. Patrick looks super.

Thanks! My sandbed is full of detritus and living things - I hope he lives long and thrives in this tank. All the other starfish-types (eg. fromias, linkias etc.) can't survive long-term in a system this small. I remember keeping two beautiful double tile stars and failed to keep them beyond 8 months. 😢 


They were gorgeous and amazing to watch/document though. 

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  • Snow_Phoenix changed the title to Snow's 60G Secret Predatory Sanctum 🐲🐉

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