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Just another Nuvo 10: The Fallow Phase

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I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but metronidazole (e.g. Seachem Metroplex) also treats brook.


However, being metro can be slow acting I would give the affected fish either a 5 min FW dip or a 90 min bath in Ruby Reef Rally for temporary relief. There is even anecdotal evidence that a single Rally bath will sometimes knock brook out.

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With the recent unpleasantness behind us, the tank has been doing great. Parameters are all stable, zoas and hammer are growing great. No nuissance algae (yet). I also got a clearview classic acrylic lid. Really makes the tank a lot nicer. The lid fits better and passes a lot more light through the mesh and rim. After the upcoming holidays I'm going to make another trek to WWC to get a few more corals. Thinking an acan and a duncan or torch.





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Updated pictures. Good coral growth, new heads on both zoas. The hammer coral continues to grow and now appears to be in the early stages of splitting. I should have two hammer coral heads soon. Parameters all good, just continuing on with the 2 gallon weekly water changes. Last week I had a little diatom bloom, changed out my chemipure and its all gone. That was right at the 2 month mark, so I think the two small packets are good for a month and a half or so.


Been a little too busy to get any new frags, but hopefully will do in the next couple weeks.



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