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  1. Caribsea pink Fiji for the sand. The rock is brs reef saver, smashed up and epoxied together.
  2. Happy to report that things are going very well. Mounted my favia and chalice. Plate coral is doing great, has found himself a spot wedged between a rock and the front of the glass. Zoas are growing and so is the hammer. I'll probably be going for another set of clowns in the next couple weeks. My PTSD from the previous events is wearing off. Again, all I've been doing is weekly 2 gallon water changes with Reef Crystals. ATO has 1/2 tsp of KALK +2 per gallon. Media rack has filter floss (changed weekly), and 2 bags of chemipure nano (changed every 2-2.5 months). I feed the tank daily to every other day with either pellets or flakes. Every other week or so I'll give it a shot of reef roids.
  3. Signs of life! Lights don't come on till later, but I can see little tentacle sprouts now. He's a very tender hearted little plate coral.
  4. I'm hoping it's just super pissed. It still has color and nothing's been sloughing off, no slime or anything. Today's my regular water change day, so I'll just do that and hold the course. Maybe dip it tomorrow if it doesn't look better.
  5. Yeah, can alk and mag are 460/8.4/1450 as they always are. I make my own rodi and test before mixing. 0 TDS. Salinity is 1.025. nitrates register as 0. And yes, the shrimp. Not the wife. 😂
  6. Anyone know what's going on with my fungia? Today is the second day it's been pissed off and retracted like this. Water params are fine and stable, regular weekly 2 gallon changes. I have a camera on the tank and two days ago it was fine, then the cleaner shrimp jumped on top of it and maybe picked at it for 5 seconds and it's been retracted since then. Is this normal for plates to be pissed for this long? before After
  7. Tank Update: Went to WWC today, got three new corals. Also got 2 nerite snails and 2 blue legged hermits. Tank has been great. Currently at week 7 of 8 Fallow. - Key Lime chalice - Green Fungia - Forget its name Favia Full tank: thinking the chalice and the Favia will live on the two top ledges. Plate will continue on in the sand.
  8. Updated pictures. Good coral growth, new heads on both zoas. The hammer coral continues to grow and now appears to be in the early stages of splitting. I should have two hammer coral heads soon. Parameters all good, just continuing on with the 2 gallon weekly water changes. Last week I had a little diatom bloom, changed out my chemipure and its all gone. That was right at the 2 month mark, so I think the two small packets are good for a month and a half or so. Been a little too busy to get any new frags, but hopefully will do in the next couple weeks.
  9. With the recent unpleasantness behind us, the tank has been doing great. Parameters are all stable, zoas and hammer are growing great. No nuissance algae (yet). I also got a clearview classic acrylic lid. Really makes the tank a lot nicer. The lid fits better and passes a lot more light through the mesh and rim. After the upcoming holidays I'm going to make another trek to WWC to get a few more corals. Thinking an acan and a duncan or torch.
  10. Thanks you guys. I'm still shocked about how quickly it all happened. Literally at noon that day I fed them and there were no signs of disease at all. At 6 pm one was dead and the other was severely affected by Brook. I'm sure this will be controversial but how do you guys feel about doing a prophylactic treatment with mardel qc during the quarantine process for new fish? I was thinking about doing a 3 day treatment of the quarantine tank after I was sure the fish had been eating and doing well in there. I really want to minimize the risk of this happening again.
  11. I'm definitely leaving the DT fallow for 8 weeks. I'm going to use 4 weeks as my quarantine length for new fish. Thanks!
  12. Sorry to report the little guy didnt make it. It blows my mind how quickly brooklynella can take over. These fish had no symptoms yesterday at noon when I fed them. One died around 5-6pm and the other last night in the hospital tank. To use this as a learning experience for myself, I will always be quarantining fish for 4 weeks and doing prophylactic treatments to the QT. I'm not interested in getting into a debate or arguing with anyone, so please just let it go.
  13. Hey please don't take offense. I'm sure there are multiple ways to treat these things. I had to make a decision on what to do and I took the advice from a guy who was standing in front of me. I don't think it'll matter though, he's looking pretty rough and laying at the bottom of the Qt.