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IceCap gyre 1k or 3k?


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I currently have a 28 gal JBJ nano cube, and am possibly looking to upgrade to a Red Sea Reefer 170 soon.  I debated on the Reefer Nano, but want more room by the sump since that's where I store my stuff, and bigger wouldn't hurt haha.


Anyways, I'm leaning more strongly for the 3k, but does anyone have experience with it in a tank of this size?  In my JBJ, I'd have to mount it on the side horizontal, because vertical it will almost be in my sand bed.  The 1k I think I could mount either way, but it seems for the way I want it to flow, the horizontal may just be better.  I am currently running 2 Koralia Nano 525 and just can't get them setup worth a crap to give good flow all over the tank.  Been battling cyano over a month now.


As for the flow percentage, I've heard these are noisy, but running them at a low power 'should' cut down on noise, as well as help the longevity of the pump I'd imagine.  Any thoughts on this?

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I have the Canadian version of the icecap 1k (Glamorca GP02) and I use it in my Lagoon 25 along with an upgraded sicce 1.5 return pump and this combo gives amazing flow in the tank. I have the return dialed back abit as well as the gyre, which is also dialed back to 20% on random flow. The laminar flow from the Glam is fantastic and there are no dead spots. As for noise I cant complain as both are very quiet.  You can also remove one arm from the gyre and cap it off if you decide to.  

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I run a 1k on a Nuvo 30L and it works great.  I run it up to 70% on random mode but I have it about 1 inch under the water level.  Its pretty powerful esp if you leave it on a more consistent mode.

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I have the 3K in my 40 breeder, I only run it at about 30% with occasional 40% to stir up detritus but I only have softies and a few LPS. I’m not sure what the dims are on the 170, but I’d say 3K if it’s more than 2 feet long. 

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1k for sure. I just picked one up for my 29 biocube and it moves plenty of water. So far I have it only up to 40% placed on the back wall. When I placed it on the top side I was getting sand dunes. It's also fairly large so I'd say the 3k probably would look goofy in a small tank.


So far I really like it. I miss the cool wave effect from the Jebaeo/MP type wave makers but this water movement seems better for actually moving water around the tank.

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