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Uchiha's Nano-Cube


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Hey all, i never posted pix about my cube cuz i think it looked like crap. over the week i kinda re-aquascaped so it "kind of" looks better. i've had the tank for over 2 months now, and i've got 88w under the hood, did the overflow mod & added 1 fan for cooling. i've also got some moonlights hooked up and everything in the tank seems OK... just kinda letting the dust settle after aquascaping :)


let me know what you think! i'll update w/more livestock pictures later on...


here are some before & after pictures

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here are some specs:

- 2x32w CSL Retrofits

- 1x24w Original JBJ Lighting

- DIY moonlights

- 50w visitherm heater

- minijet 606

- overflow mod

- 1x60mm? computer fan

- surface skimming mod (overflow thing)

- 1 fan blowing in for cooling

- couple frags of red sea xenia? (the pulsing ones)

- couple frags of mushrooms (yuma's i believe)

- couple frags of GSP

- couple small colonies of zoanthids

- clump of chaeto (tennis ball sized)

- 10lbs LS?

- 15lbs LR? + Extra LR rubble in back chambers

- various hermits

- 4 Cerith snails, 3 Nass. snails

- 1 Blood Fire Shrimp

- 1 Ocellaris Clown-Fish

- 1 Firefish Goby


*using 100% scripps ocean water with ro/di as top-off*

call it: the invasion of PODS at night! ... i'll never go back to mixing salt again

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Haha, at first I thought the first picture was the new setup... I thought I was going to have to bite my tongue. I have to say, the new setup is an incredible improvement! I don't mean to insult your first one (however you said it yourself), but the new one is really nice! It looks much more solid and the way it curves around creating a "cave" is cool too.


Did you get different rock too? It doesn't even look like the same stuff. Anyway... good job, looks good!

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thanks for all the comments :D


i did get new rock. i bought about 7 lbs of fiji premium from my LFS and let it cure in a 5gal bucket for ~3 weeks (by that time the rock had already cured in the bucket)... after the bucket phase, i added it into the tank


i've been checking my levels since i was afraid the newly added rock would have an effect on the tank, but after doin some tests my ammonia/pH/nitrite/nitrates all came out good :) i'll be constantly checking levels throughout the week just in case levels do start rising though... better to be safe than sorry :)

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here's a pic of the blood fire shrimp...


for the 1st week he'd hide but still poke his head out for food, but after he got used to the tank, he'd run out and clean my hand whenever i had it in the water ... it's not as shy as i thought it would have been :)

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and finally a full tank shot w/fish... sorry for the blurry clownfish, he just doesn't like to stay still X)

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GSP on the back wall...


i superglued it on the back a while ago, and after about ~2 weeks i can see noticeable "attachment" on the back... the mat seems to be spreading and the polyps are out 24/7 (unless there's some disturbance)

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Nice tank! I like your lights too. What are the dimensions? Maybe I could put that on my 3g Eclips. I'm trying to figure out how to get more blue light into the tank.

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looks great with the new aquascaping! lol...i think that you may have just a smidge too many xenia. you should start selling them back to your lfs...up here some places sell small 1-2 inch pulsing xenia for like 30bucks...wayyy overpriced for a 'weed-like' coral. anyhow, keep it up and add more zoos!! =)

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i'm in the process of finding zoo's that i like... but it's hard! the xenia is already fragged in 3 places, i'm going to keep 1 frag and i'm probably gona sell the 2 smaller frags when i can...


3geclipseguy: i'm using two 32w CSL's + one 24w PC lamp from the original lighting... the 32w CSL's are: 14" x 3" x 2.2"...as for 24w lamp it's just SLIGHTLY smaller... maybe a couple millimeters on each side.

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yeah id agree with revance

i thought the first pick was the new tank but the new aquascaping looks great

lol the lights look a little crowded there and soon enough the xenia is gunna flood your tank :o)

question though...what kind of filtration you got?

all-in-all great tank


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i agree the lights are crowded, fortunately, i've had no heat problems with the tank... the fan helps A LOT. it does however run SLIGHTLY hotter than i would like it to be. temperature always stays around 79-80.. but when the weather gets hot, the tank will reach ~82 and i'll have to open the hood and let the tank cool down a bit...


as for filtration, i have chemipure in the 1st chamber, LR rubble in the 2nd & 3rd chamber, and in the 4th chamber i have a mini-jet 606 & visitherm heater. i also have a fist sized ball of chaeto stuffed towards the rear of the tank, but i'm contemplating if i should toss a bit of chaeto in the sump of the 1st chamber, i'd have no way of lighting it ... so i'm not sure if it'd just die back there

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I have the same light mod as you uchiha, and the light does reach back there into the sump, so you may be good. :)


Nice work on everything, post a photo of your moon lights on only. I would liek to see that. I am now contemplating on wheather I should do that mod or not. If I do do it, I will post a DIY on it on my website for all Jbj nano cubers.

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