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DbA's Nano Box lit Fusion 20: Broken Down & New Pup


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Quick Background: I have had a BioCube going for about 3 years now. I have been interested in reef tanks for YEARS but never moved forward until I came across a guy selling his setup. I quickly started upgrading via suggestions on this site which included tossing in a inTank basket and took the top off for an AI Nano. Now I am wanting to builder a sleeker / visually attractive setup while slightly going larger. So that will be broken down and sold or any other possible way to get rid of it.


Out with the Old and in with the new: I got the tank in Dec but my indecisiveness has slowed me down. I am still not 100% sold on the stand I picked up but I am happy with it. Now the Nano Box is ordered, I have to decide on much more $$$ I want to throw in...Apex...Vortech.. etc


I have time before the light is completed, so I will take my time with the dark cycle and buying more goodies.


Tank: IM Fusion 20

Stand: TopFin (snagged from local Pet Smart)

Pumps: Stock & MJ1200 powering Spinstream

Powerhead: Mp10WS

Controller: Apex Light w/ Breakout & Ph

Light: Nano Box Duo w/ Bluefish Mini

Rock: Base Rock from LFS

Sand: Black Hawaiian (20#)


Sunday, Feb 15th - It's Wet (and...yes that is a Lagavulin box. I love my scotch :) )




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Nice! Hoping to set one of these up myself in the next month or two!


Yea, I am really excited to get everything moved over from my BioCube


Looks good man!


Thank you!


Now I must wait.....




Black Duo


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Nice! I see you went with the Black Hawaiian sand. I was debating on the same one but ultimately went with the special grade white. I started my cycle last Wednesday so am following along.

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Nice! I see you went with the Black Hawaiian sand. I was debating on the same one but ultimately went with the special grade white. I started my cycle last Wednesday so am following along.


That decision was pushed by my girlfriend..I had a debate for what felt like forever.


Cant wait to see this thing under a dou! im debating getting one myself!


You can't wait..how do you think I feel?! ;):D


So...still getting goodies in and ordered more stuff of course. Ordered two media baskets and a Vortech MP10W from inTank. Now while I wait for my Duo, debating on a controller... Apparently I HATE having money. :angry:



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What are your stocking plans?


Currently I just plan on transferring what little I do have from the BioCube. Which is a pair of clowns, Blue Damsel, and a frag here and there.


Not much for updates...water parameters haven't changed much. Even in Dallas the weather is crazy...which doesn't look like it's delayed my goodies. inTank Media Basket and the MP10w will be here by Weds.


Meanwhile... qdNRLGq.jpg

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Coming along nice. That light will be awesome over the fusion 20. Oh and I'm diggin your scape!

Thank you. The only progress I've made is spending money. I should have the inTank baskets and MP10 no later than Thursday. The water parameters haven't changed but that's ok since I have time before the light comes. So once there is movement from Dave, I can start the hard cycle process, probably with Dr Tims or something.

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You'll be lucky if your things aren't delayed, UPS's website says to expect delays in parts of Texas.


Everything is looking good so far, what made you choose black sand?

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Yesterday evening was a good time of racing to the apartment office before they closed, so I can get my packages.




Then racing to meet friends for happy hour




Then came home to opens my toys!






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Just got word the light is estianlly done, just waiting on the Bluefish Mini. I may pick up some Dr Tim's to kick start a cycle.. Thoughts?

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Made an impulse purchase at the LFS. They had a "used" Apex for $50 off. I am currently trying to update it.



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Poured in a whole bottle of Dr Tims yesterday.. still waiting for that cycle and Bluefish mini. This process is like watching paint dry


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I just used bio-spira on mine, I dosed Ammonia though.


Why are you continuing to test Phosphate?

I test everything my API kit can. Now you have me wondering, is testing PH not needed?

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Nice start to the tank!


If you're using RODI from a reliable source, phosphates shouldn't be an issue. With regard to pH, I test mine every time I test for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate just to make sure I'm falling in line.

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Phosphate is PO4


pH is power of hydrogen


I wouldn't test PO4 unless you don't trust your RO/DI or your base rock. I'd start testing it with live rock, any kind of die off, and after you begin feeding livestock. pH I would test everytime you do your usual parameters check since it is an important parameter (Ca, Alk, Mg, etc.)

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