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Cswan's Spec V | Get Rid of the Shrimp?


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Here are some shots I took of my wrasse with my Nikon. I had the shutter speed at 1/250 and my ISO was at 400. I couldn't turn my shutter speed up any higher without compensating by raising my iso and when I did that I got quite a bit of noise. Although I feel as though these pictures still have a lot of noise as well.


Feedback is welcome:










I don;t know how to have a high enough shutter speed without having to raise the iso in order to keep it form being so dark.

HAHA in the background it looks like you fragged a turbo snail!! Snail on a plug, lol. Otherwise lookin killer love the new additions

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HAHA in the background it looks like you fragged a turbo snail!! Snail on a plug, lol. Otherwise lookin killer love the new additions

Haha yeah I did! lol I wish it worked that way, free snails! haha


haha damn I meant dosing* anything! oops

Ah, I gotcha. Yeah that makes more sense. Currently I am not dosing anything because I doing weekly water changes so my trace elements are usually replenished that way.

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Hey guys! Its been a busy last few weeks, my 13 yr old lab was going into liver failure. I got him as a puppy and I have had him since I was just a kid. After many vet visits, a strict diet and some medications he is doing a lot better. I have another vet visit tomor morning to get some more lab tests done and see how he is recovering. Hoping all goes well. I also leave tomorrow for a month to see my family! My sister will be watching over my tank again just like last year. I am a bit nervous about leaving it as it has alot more corals and livestock in it than it did before. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

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Update - July 26, 2014


Hey guys, I have been massively neglecting both my tank and my thread.... sorry about that. Been busy. Mostly been busy with traveling. Ive had an amazing opportunity of being able to take some time off from work and travel around while I'm off of college for the summer. Both my sister and mom have been caring for my tank and have been doing a great job. I have one trip left coming up next week but then I will be home for some time and will be able to focus more on my tank. Overall, the tank is doing well. Some things are bleached since our A/C went out a while ago and the house got up to about 90 degrees which raised the tank temp pretty high within 24 hours. So hopefully things will color back up soon. I have also lost some ricordeas due to my pistol shrimp pulling them in his cave. So I only have one left. So I guess I need to start collecting them again huh? lol


I also finally got a DSLR camera. It is a Nikon D5200. I just got it a few days ago and I am still learning about it (there is soooo much to learn). I have the regular 18 - 55mm kit lens that came with the body as well as a 55mm - 200mm lens. I used to to take the following shots of my tank. They are not very good as I really have no clue how to use this camera yet... lol. Sometimes it says the "subject is too dark" and won't let me take the picture. Any way to change this? Also, what lenses do you guys use to photograph your tanks? Please, if you don't mind leave some feedback on my shots to help me improve. Any tips are appreciated.


Just some acans:








Loki the sixline:




Yes, I know there is aiptasia. I've got some aiptasia x and plan to kill it off tomor after I unpack and settle in from my trip. Also, going to do a big tank cleaning and water change as well.


Plate Coral:




Need to trim these cheap paly's and xenia they are taking over my nice ones. Any tips on that?




(dirty) FTS July 26, 2015




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tank looks great! i am surprised u r able to get such great close up shots with just the kit lens! way to go!


Thanks ninja!! I appreciate that! I think I am going to try my hand at reverse mount macro shots. I ordered a reverse mounting kit for like $3 so we will see how it goes :)

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Update: 8/2/15


I think I am getting the hang of the new camera. I still have a lot of room for improvement but I feel like I'm progressing on getting close up shots. I used my kit lens (18 - 55mm) for the FTS and my 55 - 200mm lens with 10X macro filter attached for the close up shots. If you have any tips, feel free to share them. Tank is still a bit dirty, just got back from the Keys last night and now headed to work. I probably won't have time to really clean the tank until maybe Thursday.


















Accidentally got some aiptaisa x in the mouth of this acan and of course it ate it... its been on the decline since. Hopefully it will turn around.










Trumpet/Candy cane: (some weird white sponge growing on it... should I try and remove it.




Green Plate Coral:




My "trial" piece of acropora. Got it for free from LFS to see if my tank could sustain it. So far so good, seems to be starting to encrust over my rock.






GSP, xenia and cheap palys that need to be trimmed and fragged. Will probably do that on Thursday as well.










Loki the Sixline:






Tiny Little Blue Leg: (Any one know what kind of algae that is and how to get rid of it? Its awful...




A couple of top down shots:






(Still dirty...) FTS: August 2, 2015





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those are some happy acans!


Thanks ninja! no matter how much I feed them they still ask for more ...pigs! haha I have the most luck with acans, they are by far my favorites in the tank.

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The Spec V looks great and everything is very happy. Should get this thread moved into the members aquariums. : )

Thanks for the kind words! :) I think you are right. How would I move it? Or is that something the mods have to do?

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Update: 8/5/15


I fragged the xenia and cheap palys/zoas yesterday that were taking over. I don't think I rinsed the fragged xenia well enough because my tank had a bad reaction and that is the only thing I could think of that would cause it. My acans started to spill their guts and everything was very closed up. I did a big 50% water change and turned my lights down.


Heres some pics








After: (might take off all of the cheap zoas/palys)




Before fragging:




After fragging:












Picked up some new stuff the other day, I got everything for $10 total. Not bad.


SPS (testing how well I can keep them)


Got this birds nest and within 24 hrs it started becoming necrotic. I think it was due to the issue with the xenia and the fact that my powerhead was aimed right at it. After the WC and moving my powerhead it hasn't done it anymore. Seems to be doing fine now.




Also got this stuff, not sure what it is. The girl at the LFS did not know either. It is doing really well so far though. Nice long polyp extension. Hopefully it colors up more as its a bit plain and boring, but hey its just for trial purposes lol




Acro is still doing well




I also picked up these clove polyps and gobstopper palys as well as
"mystery" green zoas.










Other random pictures:


my last lone ricordea:












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Update: August 12, 2015


Got my reverse mount ring. So I tried it out, it works pretty well although I will have to play with it some more to get better at macro.


Here are some of the shots:


Acans have fully recovered from the xenia fragging and are doing great:
















Plate Coral:




Birdsnest is doing great! Awesome polyp extension and the "necrosis" (I think was caused by the xenia fragging toxins) is repairing itself and its just doing really well. Very happy:








Loki the Sixline:


This dude is super colorful. These photos are unedited except for bringing the brightness up a bit to compensate for the darkness from the reverse mounting. Let me tell you a fast fish is hard to get macro shots of... lol












My favorite one:












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Thinking about getting a nano box to replace my current USA then I will move my orbit light onto my majano tank (which I haven't done anything with cause i need to save money for school). Those who have a nano box on their specs what do you like about it and what do you not like about it? Still trying to decide.

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Just finished reading your thread, Everything looks great, how did you beat the dinos?

Also, where did you get the fan that's cooling the tank?

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Cswan... Ahh.. Your tank is just looking so great. Love the macro shots,

Thank you spencer!!! that means so much coming from you! more pics to come soon


Just finished reading your thread, Everything looks great, how did you beat the dinos?

Also, where did you get the fan that's cooling the tank?

Ah the dinos..... not a good time for the reef. I did a big tank cleaning and tried to pull out as much as I could manually and then kept up with water changes. I also used my turkey baster everyday to blow all the detritus from the rocks, corals and sand and have it get sucked down the overflow. I also changed the media and filter floss often and I ran some phosguard (changing frequently) for a while. The last (and I believe most helpful thing) I did was set the whites on my lights to almost 0% and left my blues up at 100% for a few days and I threw about 25 small blue leg hermits in the tank to clean up the algae as it died.


Planning on posting some progression shots of my tank pretty soon. Its crazy to see how much it changed through the past months...

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I need your opinions!! My shrimp is very cool but has been wrecking my reef... I have lost every. single. one. of my ricordeas to him. I'm thinking about giving him up to my LFS. He would hopefully go to a bigger tank and maybe would have more to build a burrow with than corals. Then I would possibly get a blenny or some type of goby for the tank that would still make use of the burrow. What do you think?

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I need your opinions!! My shrimp is very cool but has been wrecking my reef... I have lost every. single. one. of my ricordeas to him. I'm thinking about giving him up to my LFS. He would hopefully go to a bigger tank and maybe would have more to build a burrow with than corals. Then I would possibly get a blenny or some type of goby for the tank that would still make use of the burrow. What do you think?


I'd say go for it - Change is a good thing in most cases. When I got my Spec back into the swing of things, I contemplated another pistol.. even today I still contemplate having one to go with my Watcheman Goby... the goby is a very boring fish without a shrimp I see :(


I have learned from experience though and I remember the days coming home finding a full hammer coral branch pulled beneath the sand/burrow by the shrimp LOL. Don't want that again, I have a few corals in the sand now too so I don't want a shrimp to destroy them.. so I'm not going to.



Blenny's are cool fish, I have the bi-color guy ... who has lost his second color for some reason. Very healthy though, but.. they're damn aggressive. I've had mine for several months now and still see aggression from time to time. If I put my finger on the glass, he will go head first towards it trying to get it. (Although he's scared to death when I put my hand in the tank lol). I don't think I could keep another baby clownfish in here simply out of fear that the Blenny would probably go for him.. He's gone after the emerald crab, and just recently killed a peppermint shrimp I added only hours after introducing to the tank :(


I want clownfish back, they were very entertaining and I loved their dance.. Don't think I'll do it though in the Spec V again :(

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