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HecticDialectic's ADA 10G


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i was going to take a pic of my DAS-EX1 recirculating skimmer in my sump but i couldnt even get it to fit :lol:


lol, wtf is hole rock?



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im going to film the drilling of my ADA. it will either be successful and a useful tutorial or it will asplode and be caught on tape for lulz

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Are you gonna make a sump/fuge? Or just a sump?


Probably just a sump. I plan on this tank mainly being SPS, so if anything I'll add a skimmer in a few months if my filter sock idea doesn't pan out well for nutrient control.


sweet! i cant wait. when i move, i will definitely be drilling my tank!


awesome! definitely the only way to roll imo

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ADA... ain't she purty?





Markin' the holes





Finished! Bulkheads installed...





Cameo by Marvin the Masticator





Tank drilling!


So I made a video of me drilling the tank. I kept messing up so it's a great example of what to watch out for. The basics: you want to start off with the bit moving at a decent pace, then slowly lower it to the glass at an angle to set the edge into the glass. Then you start to level out the drill till it's perpendicular to the glass. That keeps the drill bit from walking all over the glass and scratching up your tank. It took me around 3 minutes to drill the first hole... 2 minutes to drill the second once I got the water spray thing under control lol. Don't put pressure on the drill. Just use the drill's weight to push through the glass, or you'll risk cracking the tank.


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Those holes aren't too far from the rim of the tank? How big is your overflow box going to be? Or..


Nope, I'm doing a herbie drain, but I didn't want to drill the bottom cause I just plan on setting the tank on the corner of my desk. One will be the main drain and the other the backup.


There will be a full size overflow

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You made that look so easy, nice. If I ever try anything like this, I will start drilling the bottom hole and forgo the electric drill.


Yeah it was very easy. Literally around 6:45 for the entire video. Never drilled my own tank before. Would definitely do again.


you really have a lizard!!!




he's something like 5 years old. got another 10 years to take up living room space

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