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Beeker's 200DD Par38 Reef-New Pics 3-10-11!


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just move the front 2 tracks up another 2 inches, it seems the bulbs are now a 33 inches from the sandbed, the last pics i took were with the lights at around 31 inches, now it has a little more spread and looks like Evilc's tank


although my clam keeps failing over night after night and it's completely ####### me off, i really wish it would attach it's ####ing self already! #### like this is so ####ing annoying to me


Sometimes i hate clams

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Pardon my ignorance here but is the clam on the bare bottom glass? Do you really want it to attach there?


My favorite shot here. Love the shadows, the back wall, the bridges etc. Looks so life like. Well done.




I wonder if anyone will ever get to the point that "real" pictures are possible with LED lighting????

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actually i kindof do want the clams to attach to the glass, they'll be easier to razorblade off of it when i have to move them, plus i wanted to give them time to adjust to the intensity of the lights and didn't want to place them up higher right now


i really only want sps on the rock structure though i'm going to have to figure out a way to get the clams to stay upright, i might attach some putty to the clams shell just so it doesen't tip over to give it time to attach


I didn't get to try all my camera's setting's but taking a FTS shot proves hard since the white balance gets blown out of proportion, the pics i took above are the best representation of what it actually looks like in person though it still looks better when you see it up close

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Just a suggestion, can you get a clam - oyster shell just big enough to fit the clam into? Would allow it to attach to something other that the glass and also provide some stability to it. I would not try to attach any part of the clam via glue, putty etc. If it wants to move and cannot it may get stressed out enough to cause some damage.


Just sayin..........

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Mix a entire stick of aquamend into a potato, katate chop potato half way down and flatten bottom of putty potato.... BB clam mount complete!

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Don't have any shells big enough for him to sit in sadly and too bad i only have 1/4 stick of putty at my disposal, lol


plus the damn jacks aquarium is a 20 minute drive from me so it makes in inconvienant to get more putty during the work week, but i might just have to try that out, i think i'll change the flow a little bit and see if that doesen't keep him from rolling over, it just sucks cause he will sit there upright and fine for 2+ hours and then i walk away for 30-40 minutes and come back to find him on his damn side again, it's just really annoying

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Did somebody say secrets???


Sorry to hijack. Your tank looks great! One thing I think about when I see par38 (spotlight in general) lit tanks, is how natural it looks.


In the ocean, there are forests of rock, seaweeds & coral structures that light must get through. When it gets through, it looks dramatic & you can imagine what it must look like IRL.



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Not sure what camera you have beeker, but if there is an adjustment for exposure compensation, turn it down a few notches. It helps take out the blowouts on the FTS. Believe me, you will learn a lot about your camera now that you have LEDs. They aren't easy to photograph well.


The natural look is what has completely enthralled me for the last 8 months. Everyone that has seen my tank says the same thing, and I'm sure you will get more of the same comments too beeker. Once you break the habbits of traditional lighting for an aquarium, it opens up so much more. You can now actually create a sense of depth in the tank depending on how you light it.

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Moana kekoa
nanotuners.com is where i got mine


OK thanks....what combo did you go with 2 white/3 blue or the 3 blue/2 whites...

is there enough color pop with these that you dont need supplemental actinics, etc to get the best color effects?


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I'm a huge fan of these lights after seeing them in person, my pheonix 14k 150w doesen't even compare to the beauty of these, like i said on reef central it is honestly like i have 8 250w MH's over my tank




i raised the front 2 lights over the clams another 2 inches last night and measured from the water to the bulb and i'm at 6 inches off the water, so 33 off the bottom exactly where your lights are at evil i seem to be getting some nice shimmer as well


have you tryed any clams in your setup?


mine seemed to react a little better to the raised height but i'll have to watch them again tonight and see how they look this will only be the 3rd day under the lighting, still running a 6 hour photoperiod on the tank, so far things look good, moved 2 clams my duncan, orange hammer and my aussie elegance over to the 200g


Mona- i went with 12k PAR38's with 40 degree optics


IMO they don't need to be supplemented with anything, my favorite bulb was a radium 20k and these aren't as blue but the color they put out is honestly eye pleasing, in other words it looks natural and perfect, the right amount of white with the right amount of blue


the only thing i'd add to my tank now is some moon lights and that would be it, if you are using 4 bulbs you could go with 2 12k's and 2 20k's


i might add some 20k's to the setup evntually, i still have another 8 bulbs to add and then i might even get 4 more, PAR readings will tell me what direction to go in next

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No clams yet. The system is certainly mature enough for it, but I have been a little nervous to pull the trigger. Need to learn more about them first.


Don't forget that you can use the 80 degree lamps for an area color wash to tweak the color a little.

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clams are easy, just set them in and forget them unless they fall over mainly just watch them be perty, lol


keep alk/calc and mag good and wc's as usual and clams are a piece of cake


if they are under 3 inches you might have to dose pytho plankton to keep em happy though but bigger ones just grow from the 3 part and light

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Forgive my ignorance, but we know each other? I have no problem giving details to those who ask. Neither myself or Chris (Nanocustoms, who I work for) are one for keeping secrets, especially Chris <_<

hey Chris told me your pico lamp was super top secret!











(I think he was being sarcastic)

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Nice tank beeker!


Anyways, the tank dimensions are awesome I can't wait to see where this goes.


I'm assuming you've thought about/tried this, but you should angle the lights on their tracks as well, to mix up the patterns a little, depending on where you stick corals.

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I'll mess with the angle more after i figure out the intensity of these lights, seems that i'm getting as much light if not a little more than a 150w MH at the bottom of the tank with the lights 6 inches off the water, 33 inches from the bottom of the tank


I'm still waiting to see how my Sps frag on the bottom is going to do in the next 3-4 weeks before i start messing around with the lighting more


have to find out the tolerances i can get away with first and that might take me a few more months to figure out but it should be interesting


So far my Gold maxima is the only thing that is reacting badly to the 200g, not sure if it's due to the tank being new or due to the lighting being too intense for it, but my other 2 clams are reacting perfectly fine under the lights, the gold maxima is around 3 inches though so it might just need a little more time in my 29g to grow some so it isn't as pytho dependant and relies more on the light

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Red planet and purple acro (been there for 4 day so far)



My Beautiful elegance coral seems to be loving the LED's it's been in the tank since saturday












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Orange hammer







My tiny elegance next to the big one this tiny one has been thru hell but it's looking a ton better under the led's than it ever did under my MH, i've had this one for 3 months or so and it's been under the leds for about 7 days now


Tiny elegance again





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