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yes, I am eying a small metallic GSP frag at my LFS. I hope they still have it when I go back in there this week :)


Now I hope I found real Blasto at my LFS and not a single head of Favia or another Acan coral. I think one variety of acan is enough in a small tank like this...


I'll post up a pic of this "Blasto" if and when I get it so that someone on here can help ID it for what it really is ;)


Also I'm thinking of a small margarita snail...but do these knock over frags? and will they just eat all the algae in my tank in a week and then starve out everything else in the tank including themselves?

cuz the only thing I'm feeding right now is my Nassarius since that doesn't eat algae...

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very nice! i dont know why your jealous of my paly's when you have ALL of THOSE zoa's and that acan! Honestly i think i have a total of only 10 polyps in my tank.

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lol I fed my palys today so hopefully they will recover and grow to be less shabby looking :P


Today marked the first day that I fed my corals. I have to say it was an interesting experience. the feeding with plankton part was really boring, but everything got really fun when I got to feeding all the big polyps frozen brine shrimp. BTW I could not find any form of mysis shrimp in my LFS so I went with the frozen brine that I already had.


All the acan polyps ate a shrimp, the bigger polyps actually wanted second helpings.

The neon green ricordea ate a shrimp

One random zoa I picked started eating a shrimp, idk when it will finish lol!

Each of my Palythoa polyps got one shrimp .

The rhodactis shroom proved inept at guiding the shrimp toward its mouth, so it failed to eat...

I obviously didn't feed my zoas (aside from that one) with the shrimp cuz there are just too many.



I will try to feed the acan with brine every 2-3 days now since it's so fun :)

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Pics will be up this Saturday/Sunday. I'm also thinking of getting a small margarita or turbo snail....idk which one yet


Actually I'll just throw in a blurry night-time pic. the camera makes the moonlight seem much brighter than it is.


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Tested the tank today before the weekly water change.


Temperature - 80F

pH - 8.3

Specific Gravity - 1.025

Ammonia - 0

Nitrite - 0

Nitrate - 0


Everything looked good so I'm going to get that Blasto, GSP corals and a small turbo snail tomorrow!

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lol, I think this tank had finished it's cycle after 2 weeks since I set it all up :) It has been stable now for 3 weeks, so hopefully it can handle some more livestock.

And you bet I'll post pics when everything is settled (Sunday)!

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lol I hope so too :)


Now the FTS before the additions:





The acan hasn't lost much blue color, but it did become more silvery I think....



And a wacky pic with Flash:



Yesterday I added a bright red/teal Blasto and a frag of GSP. I was also sold an Astrea Snail for the price of a turbo (99c) She is cleaning up the glass from brown diatoms. I wish she would get to the hair algae on the rocks soon...

I'm probably going to feed my acan today with brine shrimp again. and I'll try to get a new FTS up later tonight :)

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FTS had been updated.

This is everything after the additions yesterday:







Also can someone confirm if this is an Astrea tecta ?



I've been wondering this for a while, is there anything wrong with these zoas?


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The FTS was updated with a clearer pic...


Attack of the Astrea!



LOL! thats so awesome. you zoa, well in the picture it looks a bit white at the rim, maybe its just the photo

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lol thanks guys!

naw I wasn't referring to the white rim. but what I was referring to seems to have been just some white debris on the zoas near the mouths, that I mistook to be white splotches. all is good now :)


I believe now I am DONE with new additions. I have added so much stuff so fast that I think it's definitely not safe. So I will wait for a long while now, feed everything, do water changes and see how things grow!


Thank you everyone for your support!

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I fed everything today with brine shrimp (and a shrimp pellet for Nas snail) and took some pics. Sorry I cant take good macro of anything with my camera.









Also I might not be done stocking it after all...there was just this one leather coral that I had to have in this tank :slap:

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